Is a Bengal cat right for me?

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Is a Bengal cat right for me?
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Bengal cats are quickly becoming one of the most popular cat breeds. The origin of the development of this type of cat was that they would display the physical markings of having a light colored abdominal area, large and unique spots and stripes, as well as a variety of rosettes.

This particular cat exhibits the appearance of an animal that one may find in the wild, particularly the leopard cat that originated in Asia, but has the personality of a gentle disposition, like the basic domestic house cat. Here, you will learn a number of interesting facts regarding the cat that is considered to be Bengal.

Many individuals believe that the cat which is considered to be Bengal has a linkage to the Bengal Tiger. This is false. This particular type of cat is not related to the Bengal Tiger in any way whatsoever. This cat’s name originated from the name scientific classification name that was issued to the cat that is called the “Asian Leopard”.

This animal is actually a direct hybrid of this type of wild animal. In the year of 1983, this cat was inducted into the Cat Association that is considered to be International for the registry. While this cat type is recognized by most associations that monitor felines, there is one that still refuses to recognize it, and that is the CFA, or “Cat Fanciers Association“.

Bengal cats are considered to be small to medium-sized. The female generally weighs around ten pounds, maybe a bit less. The male cat normally averages around fifteen pounds. When looking at the physical appearance of the cat, you will normally discover that the body of the animal is marked with noticeable spots.

The area of the legs, and most of the time, the tail has stripes. These stripes are normally symmetrical. On the facial area, there are usually stripes that are horizontal in nature. These normally run from the nose area along the back to the neck area. The eyes will have a “mascara” appearance to them as well.

Is a Bengal cat right for me
These types of cats are considered to be very intelligent creatures. They are naturally extremely curious about their surroundings. They have also been found to display high levels of energy. These types of cats demand a lot of attention from their owners.

They have been found to enjoy lots of play and interaction, but their demeanor does not constitute the type of cat that enjoys being held for long periods of time. Many pet owners have worked with their Bengal breed of cat and have been successful in encouraging the animal to be held, but there are only a few exceptions to this personality trait.

Many owners of this type of cat have found that these creatures enjoy interacting with other animals, but they are easily angered if they feel as if that other animal is gaining more attention and love. These types of cats are particularly honored to have an owner that spends a great deal of time with them.

However, they can get easily bored and frustrated if left alone for long periods of time. When this occurs, destruction may be exhibited. They have been noted in being quite mischievous. If you purchase a Bengal cat and you have to work or spend time away from home, you may consider purchasing two of these animals.

Cats that are the Bengal breed are typically able to learn a number of tricks and games that set them apart from typical cat breeds. It is not uncommon for a Bengal owner to teach the pet how to “sit”, walk on a leash, or even shake hands with people.

Many owners have even enjoyed a quick game of “fetch” with their feline pets! This makes owning this animal a very interesting feat and experience! It has also been determined that these cats, unlike others, seem to thoroughly enjoy the water. There seems to be a general fascination with this natural substance.

Breeders are consistently striving to create new breeds from the Bengal. These include that of the Serengeti and the Cheetah. The Serengeti cat is one that will be bred using the Bengal and an oriental type cat. The Cheetah is a cat that will be bred implementing the traits of a basic spotted cat with a Bengal. These breeds are expected to resemble various types of wild feline types, without the basic instinct and drive for actually displaying a “wild” personality type.

There are many new discoveries being made consistently when it comes to cats that are considered to be Bengal. If you are a person who would like to acquire a Bengal cat for a pet, it is important to learn as much as you possibly can about this creature.

You must be willing to devote your time and energy to ensure that this animal is satisfied and that you understand the specific needs that this animal has – both physically and mentally. By doing so, you will be an ideal owner that can help to provide this animal with the quality of life that want and deserve.

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