Say “Meowy Christmas” with These Purrfect Presents

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Say “Meowy Christmas” with These Purrfect Presents
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The holiday season is a time for families, and for many families, that includes our cats! According to a 2021-2022 survey by the American Pet Products Association, nearly 80% of pet parents buy their pets gifts, with the majority being during the holidays. While we think 80% is pretty solid, we can all probably agree that all pets deserve awesome gifts! This Christmas, make sure even the furriest of your children are included in the fun – here are some ideas to get you started.

3 Stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers

Stockings have always been a fun part of Christmas. Typically, they’re filled with inexpensive goodies and knick-knacks to enjoy once the party has ended. They’re also great for gifts for cats and you can find them shaped like cute paws so they stand out. When it comes to your cat’s stocking stuffers, some of our favorites are yummy treats and small toys.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a cat’s love, then you know they’re not the easiest creatures to please. Cats have unique personalities, and they don’t always like the same treats. There are some common favorites like catnip and canned tuna, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and your cat’s favorite treat might be waiting to be discovered!

We recommend trying new and exciting textures to keep your kitty guessing—some cats love crunchy treats, while others prefer soft ones, and some like theirs to be pure liquid. Some pet brands offer unique treats, such as Vitakraft which creates lots of different consistencies and flavors so you can find your cat’s perfect match. Whatever treat you choose, make sure it’s healthy for your cat, such as including real meat. And remember, cats are finicky—just because they don’t like one treat doesn’t mean they won’t love the next one!

Also great for stocking is an old-school favorite that you’ve definitely seen if you’ve had a cat before or knew anyone who did. Whether you know them as jingle balls, whiffle toys, or just jingling cat toys, we all know those plastic slotted balls with bells inside that cats love to bat around on the floor. They tend to come in bright colors and make a great, inexpensive stocking stuffer. Plus as a bonus, you’ll be able to watch your cat light up before they even know what’s inside with a little shake of the stocking.

And finally, we all know those little fuzzy mouse toys that cats have been enjoying for what seems like forever. They enable your furry friend’s instincts, but without putting any critters in harm. Just like the jingle balls, these mouse toys tend to be super inexpensive, so you can grab a 3-pack or more for just a few bucks!

2 for under the tree

Christmas-Gifts-for-Cats-stocking-stuffersChristmas can sometimes bring out the wild side of our cats. Cats love Christmas trees and if yours is adventurous enough, they might try to treat it like a kitty jungle gym, with branches to climb and ornaments to swat. They can also get chaotic with the sparkly lights, trying to tangle them up. This year, give them a new (and less destructive) way to enjoy the tree by laying out a soft tree skirt for them to sleep on and putting a couple of great presents down there while you’re at it.

When your cat isn’t running around in excitement or eating, what are they usually doing? Chances are you said sleeping—cats love sleeping almost as much as they love pushing things off counters and shelves. If your cat is constantly dashing off to find a quiet place to curl up and catch some Z’s, why not give them a cat bed for Christmas? You’ll be surprised at how much your cat will appreciate having a place of its own to take a nap. And if you want to really spoil them this Christmas, get them something fancy like a heated cat bed—only the best for our pets, right?

On a different note, a scratching post is an amazing gift for under the tree. It’s not just a fun toy to keep your cat entertained—it helps them stay healthy too! A post keeps your cat’s claws healthy and the plus side for you is that your cat won’t destroy your couch while they’re scratching the post. Scratching posts also help cats to stretch out, and the act of scratching or kneading can help them relieve stress. That’s a lot of benefits for one simple toy, we say!

and 1 for free

stocking-stuffersIf you’re on a tight budget this holiday season, don’t worry—you’re not alone. And the even better news is that one of the cats’ favorite presents costs no money at all! If there’s one thing cats, as well as the rest of our pets, need for the holidays and every day, it’s affection. They’re people, too, you know. They need attention and affection just like us! Whether you’re sitting on the couch watching Charlie Brown for the 20th Christmas in a row or you’re checking into bed for the night, one gift you can’t buy at the store is a nice cuddle with your four-legged friends.

Not to mention, it’s a little bit of a gift to yourself as well! Our pets are great at making us feel better when we’re feeling down or stressed out. Just having them around can help us relax and find peace, which is why we’re so lucky to have them! After a long day of Christmas fun and food, mellow out for the night with a kitty cuddle.


Meowy Christmas to you and yours!

We hope you found something here to make your search a little easier, if not to help you think outside of the box to get your cat a gift that’s original, fun, and meaningful. So if you’re shopping for your feline friends, we welcome you to the 80% of awesome pet parents! And above all,  make sure you’re enjoying your time with your sweet cats and kittens. The season of giving should be one filled with joy—for humans and non-humans alike!

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