The average cost of kitten insurance in the UK

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The average cost of kitten insurance in the UK
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If you’ve recently welcomed a kitten into your home, congratulations! Getting a new kitten is an exciting time, but the costs of pet food, equipment, toys, insurance and routine vaccinations can all add up very quickly. Read on to learn more about some of the factors that contribute to kitten insurance and the average cost of kitten insurance in the UK.

Why should I consider getting my kitten some kind of pet insurance?

There are a few compelling arguments in favour of buying pet insurance for your cats while they are still young.

What do Pet Insurance providers commit to?

The average cost of kitten insurance in the UK

Support people who need to claim

Despite the challenging times we have experienced over the last few years with the pandemic across the globe, pet insurers have committed to supporting those people who genuinely need to claim on their pet insurance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their beloved pets. They will continue to handle claims and provide support to their customers in these times of need.

Work with Vets

During Covid-19 lockdowns, access to many vets has been limited which in some cases would mean any insurance that is already in place, could be invalid. However, the insurance providers have vowed to ensure that this will not stop them from paying out any insurance settlements. They have also vowed that whilst many veterinary practices are closed, they will continue to ensure that pets will be treated when necessary.

Support with Covid-19

Insurance providers have also guaranteed the delivery of all necessary covid-19 related information to all customers so that any changes to the policy or the way in which pets are treated is readily available. This is key to ensuring that everyone understands how they can continue to benefit from the insurance provided.

Vaccination Support

In many cases, an insurance policy is not valid when a pet has not been vaccinated with all up-to-date vaccinations. However, during the pandemic many insurance providers have decided to be more flexible with this point as many owners have been unable to book pets in for vaccinations during the pandemic.

Most Common Reasons to get Kitten Insurance

Live near a busy road

A major reason for you to purchase kitten insurance is because you may live near a busy road or junction. This is a huge cause of cat related injuries in the UK and in many circumstances can’t be helped unless you keep your cats inside. Insurance can provide you a certain level of peace of mind in the instance that your cat is involved in a motor accident.

Neighbours’ own cats

As you know, cats are territorial animals and when new cats are added to the mix, there can be fights that lead to serious injury. If you have cats in your neighbourhood, insurance is a fantastic way to ensure that you are able to pay for treatments & surgeries.

Health Conditions

Sometimes your kitten may already have a health condition that effects the way in which they live their life. When this is apparent, insurance can provide you with the means to support that health condition moving forward and providing the cat with the best life possible.

The average cost of kitten insurance

The average cost of kitten insurance in the UKIf your kitten gets into an accident and needs to go to the vet for treatment, you might end up having to pay for expensive procedures that can easily run into hundreds of pounds. A lot of people struggle to afford unplanned treatments, so being prepared is vital to ensure your cat can lead a long and healthy life.

In the UK, the base premium for a comprehensive lifetime insurance policy for cats is typically around £125. The annual premium for a cat that is younger than five years old is around £116.

Types of kitten insurance plans

What factors contribute to the cost of cat insurance?

For more information about kitten insurance, go through the quote process and explore different options.

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