Floating Dog Ramp for Pontoon Boat

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Floating Dog Ramp for Pontoon Boat
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When you and your family go out swimming but your dog cannot, it feels heartbroken. So you must bring them. But dogs can face difficulties when they climb up from the lake or pool for their slippery wet paw. Dogs are intelligent enough to overcome these challenges on their way. To feel the real comfort of climbing up from the pool, we humans introduce a floating dog ramp.

A floating dog ramp is a straight plastic or aluminum structure with rubber ridge or meshes netting for the ultimate gripping solution for wet paws. Ramps are very convenient with your boat and side of the pool. There are different kinds of floating dog ramps for pontoon boats according to size and built quality. Most of the dog ladders for pontoon boats are very durable and rust-free.

There is a different color combination of the ramp according to your choice. Folding features and compact design make it portable. You can also store it in a small space. The ramp is also suitable for around the 200-600lbs weight of your dog. Providing your dog some comfort for climbing up from the pool or lake is no alternative to a Floating dog ramp.

In this context, we discuss the five best floating dog ramps for pontoon boats. We also guided you on how to choose and buy a dog ladder for a pontoon boat. So, let’s start the journey.

5 Best Floating Dog Ramp for Pontoon Boat Review

1. Great Day Load-A-Pup Pet-Loading Platform

Best Choice for Light-Weight with Gripping Ridges

Floating Dog Ramp - Great Day Load-A-Pup Pet-Loading Platform

Load-A-Pup is renowned for its lightweight and aluminum construction. You don’t need to leave your dog at home all alone. Because Load-A-Pup gives you ultimate support for a dog’s driving, this ramp comes with gripping ridges. It helps dogs climb back into the boats from the water efficiently.

The load-A-Pup ramp is straightforward to install any boat with a boarding ladder. It has security straps that help to dog for gripping. Security straps are straightforward to install. You can fold the ramp for its compact design anywhere in your house. The dimension is a generous 14″ X 20″ platform. It produces enough space for your dog. Your canine can appreciate all the fun of recreational drifting with you. Just snare the Load-A-Pup to your boat’s boarding stepping stool, and you are good to go.

In general, it’s what you were searching for to enable your canines to get back in the boat. Enhancements are added to a more modest stage on their progression to get their feet on. Your dog can leave and reappear on the boat smoothly.

The incredible thing is, this ramp does it with no assistance! No additionally bowing, pulling, or stressing on a wet wad of the hide that makes it your topmost priority.

Great Day Load-A-Pup is lighter than the Beavertail Folding Dog Ladder. The estimated weight is only 7 pounds, which is easy for carrying. The most important fact is it can be fitted with any boat which has a comfortable Boarding Ladder. As a result, It’s the best dog ramp for the lake.


  • You and your dog are enjoying the best experience for the Load-A-Pup ramp. The platform of the ram is extensively ideal for the easy climb for a dog.
  • You can manage this ramp very easily. Hook the ramp with your Boat’s Boarding ladder, and you’re ready for action.
  • The body of the ramp is made from Aircraft aluminum. It’s effortless to carry anywhere. A stainless-steel finish gives it a rust-free body for many years.
  • Load-A-Pup is included with a gripping ridge. Gripping ridge grips the dog’s paw evenly.
  • Stainless steel finishing gives it a premium finishing. The design of the ramp is very compact and making it the best for portability.


  • Easy Installation
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Ideal for any boat with a boarding ladder


  • Not working well for extra-large pups
petstep folding pet ramp

2. Petstep folding pet ramp

The unique soft non-slip rubberized walking surface

Pet Step Folding Pet Ramp comes with almost all kinds of features for a user. The ramp is made from plastic with fiber material. It makes the ramp more durable and rust-free.

I recommend this ramp. Last summer I bought it from amazon, and you know what? The performance is beyond expectations. I hooked my dog to a boat pontoon ladder. It will work amazingly. Took your dog to some friendly place, and however, he can jump on a boat without assistance now. It is one of the most portable dog ramps for pontoon boats.

soft non-slip ridged rubber surface provides an extreme grip with the surface. The weight of the Pet Step Folding Pet Ramp is only 18.5lbs. There are cut-out handles for ease of transport. Anyone can wash this ramp easily with soap and water. For all-around performances, we choose the best dog boat ramps from our list.


  • The walking surface of the ramp is very soft with rubberized. There is no sandpaper or carpet to absorb water from the dogs’ wet bodies.
  • Universal non-slip grip is very convenient for all kinds of vehicles, especially pontoon boats.
  • You can fold this ramp in equal half for better portability. You can travel with it to any place for your lovely dog.
  • The advanced built quality of the ramp can hold up to 500lbs. The ramp is made from composite plastic.
  • Very easy to clean the ramp with soap and water. It also reduces the arthritis and dysplasia of your dog.


  • Safety rails for both sides
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Very durable
  • Bi-fold design for easy storage


  • Rubber coating peel off often
  • Little bit expensive

3. Skamper Ramp Super


Skamper Ramp Super

Skamper Ramp Super is specially made for small dogs for driving at the pool or lake. It’s a perfect ramp for your pet to fall into your pool or lake accidentally. This ramp helps to climb up your pet from the pool very quickly without hurting itself. It is one of the best dog boat ramps on amazon.

The Skamper Ramp Super is made from blow-molded polyethylene. It is very much durable with lightweight. There is one major drawback of this dog ramp. The lightweight characteristics can cause a small problem. When the massive dogs jump on the surface of this boat, it can be a big problem. So if your dog weight is heavy, then choose some other strong and bit heavy ramp.

Polyethylene is UV-protected. That’s why the ramp will not yellow over time. All the accessories are included in the ramp package. The ribbed plastic floats for a long time until needed. We choose the best floating dog ramp on our list as a dog ramp for the lake or pool for its floating ability.


  • Before we said that, this ramp is made for small dogs. It helps pups in and out of the pool. You can easily set up the ramp side of the pool with a rope.
  • The installation of the ramp is effortless. All the accessories like nuts, bolts, ropes, wing strips are included with the package.
  • You can keep your pets very safe on this ramp. A variety of steel, braided with tie-out cables and stakes for leashes, give your ultimate pet safety.
  • A unique feature of this ramp is GAMMA2 Pet safety. GAMMA2 provides excellent safety from accidental falls in the pool of your pet. If they fall in the pool, they can swim and go off from the pool by using Skamper Ramp.
  • Skamper Ramp is not only for dogs. You can use it for other pets in your house.


  • Safe for vinyl pool liner
  • Quick assemble and installation
  • Very easy to flip out and flip back
  • Made from blow-molded polyethylene


  • The surface is minimal
Floating Dog Ramp - Floating Dog Ramp for Pontoon Boat - Drifter Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder

4. Drifter Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder

Anodized-aluminum construction, extremely strong

Drifter Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder is very convenient for your pets to get back from the pool after swimming. This ramp is very innovative for its construction. The main feature of this ramp is folding and adjustable. Adjustable legs can standoffs any situation.

If we compare the Drifter Marine Dog Boat Boarding to the other dog ladder for a pontoon boat, the fundamental difference is interior construction. You can’t get any other convenient ramp-like Marine, which got a four-legged companion.

The 4-legged companion gets back after swimming. The other excellent feature of Drifter is Mesh netting. This technology is introduced for premium brands.  Modern technology offers an extra grip on the upper surface. It provides a slip-proof surface for your dog.

Rubber guards on the hooks reduce the ladder from scratches. The ramp is made from anodized aluminum. It makes the ramp corrosion-free and durable. The mesh netting finish of the ramp gives the best support for the dog’s safeness. The slip-proof surface gives excellent friction to the pet’s paw.


  • The dimension of this ladder is a 39″ x16″ surface. The maximum weight of your pet under 125 lbs. can handle easily by Drifter Marine Dog Ladder.
  • Anodized aluminum makes the body of the ladder. It makes the construction extremely strong and rust-free.
  • Mesh netting finishing on the stair gives extreme gripping with the dog’s paw. Very safe and convenient.
  • Adjustable ladder hooks can quickly fix with boat walls. But it’s not suitable for docks.
  • You can fold the arms and climbing the platform easily of the ladder. The compact design of the ladder gives you easy storage.


  • Anodized-aluminum built
  • Extremely strong and rust-proof
  • Mesh netting finishing on the surface
  • Compact design and folding feature
  • Rubber guard protection


  • Mesh may be peeled off often

5. Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder

ultra-strong two-way adjustable ladder

Floating Dog Ramp - Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder

Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog ladder is very durable for its built quality. This ramp provides a four-legged hunting companion with an easy way to enter and exit from your boat.

Rubber arms give your pet the ultimate gripping experience. It prevents scratches and unwanted noise from your ladder. Those features suggest that it is the inflatable dog ramp for the lake.

Due to rubber arms, Beavertail reducing scratches and unwanted noises. The item dimension is cool and about   24 x 13 x 8 inches. It is also a lightweight product that needs to be mentioned. The weight is around 9.9 pounds, which is moderate for the ramp boats for dogs. You can carry it from one place to another easily.

Beavertail is a custom boat ramp that is considered a standard one compared to low profile aluminum boat. Only one color is available for this brand, which is Olive Drab Green. I can suggest you this brand if you like Folding up a boat for easy storage.

The ladder is made from aluminum and stainless steel. A compact design and rubbered stairs make it the best dog boat ladder on our list. The width of the stepping stool is 11 inches. So as long as your pontoon ladder is more extensive than 11 inches, it can be easy to fit it onto the ladder. In a word, this is an excellent bargain as the price of this ramp is not that high.


  • The ladder is made from aluminum with stainless steel. It makes the ladder very durable and rust-free.
  • An adjustable ladder with a four-legged hunting companion gives you a convenient way to enter and exit from your boat.
  • Stainless steel finish makes the ladder glossy and rust-free. Olive drab color makes it very attractive for outdoor hanging.
  • Rubber arms easily adjust to your boat. It provides excellent gripping for your pets.


  • Ultra-strong
  • Adjustable ladder
  • Rubber arms
  • Great gripping


  • Some buyer claims that this ladder has a fabrication issue

How to Choose Best Floating Dog Ramp for Pontoon Boat

Here are the best features and characteristics should look at when you are selecting a floating dog ramp:

Waterproof finish

The dog boat ramp should have a waterproof feature. This feature prevents corrosion and rusting. It would help if you looked for ABS plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel-made boat ramp. You can say this is the compulsory and biggest reason for choosing a ramp. The surface needs to be waterproof first, and then we can further ahead with other features.

Stable surface with High Traction

For preventing injuries, the ramp must have an excellent gripping surface. The wet paws of your dog are very slippery. Make sure that the ramp provides ultimate traction and a stable surface for a good grip.

Features of Safeness

Some dog ladder for pontoon boat has side railing both sides to prevent the dog from falling. The rubber ridge on the ramp surface is not too sharp. It can injure your dog’s paw. Make sure that all the edges are with smooth finishing to avoid the injury of the dog.

Easy Installation and Portability

Ramps come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These versatile designs make your ramp easy to set up. Compact design and folding features help to set up the ramp in a minute and enhance portability. Make sure that you can easily attach or remove the ramp from any surface.


Things to Consider When Buying Dog Boat Ramps

Buying a ramp is not a simple process. You have to think of different variables at the same time. If you want a floating dog ramp for a pontoon boat, you have to consider this factor:

Consider the Ramp with Dog’s Feature

Before buying a ramp, you must consider your dog’s actual size and weight because ramps come in different shapes and sizes according to your dog’s shapes and size.

The Place where Ramp will Use

Now your second consideration comes. To place a ramp in your pool, you should not take much space. The ramp can be folded in and fold-out frequently for user demands.

Easy Installation

Some dog ladder for pontoon boat is tough to installation. You have to choose a ramp which can be installed easily. It saves you time, and you can enjoy it limitlessly.

Smooth Edges

Smooth edges save your dog from injuries. It takes time to learn how to walk on the ramp for a dog. So, it can slip away a couple of times. A smooth edge prevents injuries from falling on the ramp.

Easy Transportation

If you are a traveler and go out for hanging frequently, a ramp should have a comfortable transportation feature. The folding and compact design feature makes a ramp to carry effortlessly.

Medium Weight

It is not mandatory a Floating Dog Ramp needs to be lightweight. The heavy dog can face huge problems for this. So the weight measurement should be at the medium level. Don’t buy too heavy or too lightweight a dog ladder for a pontoon boat.

Standard Dimension

The dimension of the pontoon boat needs to be flexible and standard. The average dimension should be 14″ by 20″ platform. This site is not that wide but a standard one.



Does it waterproofed?

Yes. Everything around the lake or pool should be waterproof. All ramps are made from plastic, aluminum with stainless steel coating for water protective coating.

Is it easy to install?

The installation of a ramp depends on the model and type. If you need to install the boat or lake's ramp side, you have to choose an easy installation option.

Is it easy to transport?

Most of the dog ladder for pontoon boat are made from plastic or aircraft aluminum. So, they are very light in weight and give you an excellent portability option.

Does all ramps are suitable for all sizes of dogs?

Different ramps have different specifications. According to specification, ramps have limitations for carrying weight. Choose a robust construction of ramp or steps for a big canine.


Final Verdict

Dogs are the best friend of humanity. Climbing up from the lake or pontoon boat after swimming is complicated for your four-legged pets. A floating dog ladder for a pontoon boat is the only choice to solve this problem. There are different kinds of floating dog ramps for pontoon boats on our list. They are exceptional for different features. Choose your ultimate dog ramp according to your demand.

We choose the Pet Step Folding Pet Ramp as the best dog boat ramp on our list. Exclusive paw-friendly rubberized surface, industry-leading weight capacity, folding and compact design, ultimate safe for a pet, mat finished surface make it is the best of the best from other competitive ramps.


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