Best chew toys for golden retriever puppies

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Best chew toys for golden retriever puppies
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Dogs have a natural instinct to chew. Even though you try to curb this behavior, you cannot manage to stop it since chewing is part of being a dog. Hence, rather than trying to stop your pooch from chewing anything that comes along the way, you will make the best decision when you decide to buy some pet chew toys.

Dog chew toys are designed for dogs to chew and play with, preventing them from chewing your shoes, furniture, bedding, or electric cables.

Having in mind that not all toys are safe and fun to play with, we have together a list of the top 10 best chew toys for Golden Retriever puppies. Have a look and get an idea of the features to look for when selecting a chew toy, and also get an idea of retriever toys designed for use with your Golden Retriever.

10 Best chew toys for golden retrievers

1. KONG Puppy Toy

Helps clean teeth and soothe gums

KONG Puppy Toy

Are you looking forward to cleaning and soothing your pup’s teeth? Well, can do that with the Kong Puppy toy. Made using globally sourced materials, the toy is safe and reliable for use in the long run. Asides from that, the toy is availed in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Because of this, you can be sure to get the perfect size based on your pup’s size.

Kong Puppy toy is recommended by veterinarians, behavior experts, and trainers, thanks to the fact that it is made using an exclusive teething rubber formula. Also, the toy features a design that allows the user to stuff it with treats, Ziggies, and snacks, which makes it suitable for promoting proper chewing behavior, decreasing separation anxiety, deterring misbehavior, and training the pups.


  • The toy can be stuffed with puppy kibble or a dash of peanut butter to help extend playtime and make training easier.
  • Its erratic bounce makes it an ideal choice for pups that want to play.
  • All-natural rubber formula is gentle on a growing puppy’s baby teeth.
  • The toy is durable.


  • There is no option to select the color.
  • The toy is quite small which means that most pets grow out of it fast.
Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

2. Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

Dog-Friendly Design | Real Flavor | Made in the USA

Introduce your puppy to Benebone Chew Toy and keep him or she entertained for hours. Taking into account that dogs don’t have thumbs, the chew toy features an intelligent Y-shaped design. This design enables dogs to have an easy time holding it enabling them to chew it comfortably.

Another plus of the chew toy is that it adopts 100% real food ingredients. The ingredients offer a flavor and scent that dogs can’t resist which means having an easy time once you want to introduce the chew toy to pets. Benebone Chew Toy isn’t designed to be consumed. Hence, it is upon you to supervise the chewing habit and discard it after reasonable wear since the materials are allergic to some of the dogs.


  • The patented ergonomic design makes the chew toy easy to handle by offering the dog a good grip and bite opportunity.
  • Included instructions enhance ease of use.
  • The dog chew is infused with 100% USA-sourced real peanut that attracts the dog’s interest.


  • The dog chew isn’t safe for heavy chewers since the parts aren’t digestible.

3. Nylabone dura chew double bone

Power Chew, Bacon Dog Chew Toy

Nylabone dura chew double bone

If you are a pet lover, I believe that you know that dogs are chewers by nature. In fact, dogs need mental and physical stimulation which if not provided adequately, you are likely to note them creating it themselves by chewing your belonging. To avoid such destruction, here comes one of the best chew toys for Golden Retrievers; Nylabone dura chew double bone.

Made using tough and durable nylon ends, the toy serves as an excellent choice for powerful chewers. In fact, you can expect it to withstand the challenge posed by aggressive chewers, which assures you of getting a chew toy that is designed to last.

Asides from keeping chewers busy, this toy plays a role in cleaning a dog’s teeth. The reason is the raised bristles that help to clean the teeth while controlling tartar and plaque.

Nylabone Power Chew toy features a delicious bacon flavor that dogs love which means that you can be sure to have an easy time when introducing it to pets. This toy is medium-sized, and therefore suitable for use on dogs up to 35 pounds.


  • The toy comes in various sizes making it easy for the pet owner to pick one that corresponds to the dog’s weight.
  • The three-step chewing guide makes it easy for one to pick the perfect chew based on the dog’s chewing strength.
  • The toy is free of toxins.
  • It is tough and durable, thus an excellent choice for super chewers.


  • The toy needs a frequent inspection to ensure that it is intact since the white part can break after heavy chewing.
Chuckit! Ultra Ball

4. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Ultra buoyant | High bounce | Durable natural rubber

Do you want to make your Golden Retriever’s training easier and extend playtime in the process? If so, why not give a try to the Chuckit Ultra Ball? Natural and durable, the ball features an extra-thick natural rubber core. This makes it a perfect choice for a tough dog toy, which means that you can get it for long-term use.

Another advantage of the natural rubber is its ability to bounce. Because of this, the ball encourages dogs to leap to new heights to enhance more stimulating games of fetch. Chuckit Ultra Ball features a lightweight rubber that enables the toy to float on water for engaging playtime at the pool or beach.

Better yet, the golden retriever toy features a smooth rubber surface designed to resist dirt and mess. This allows pet parents to clean the dirt with much ease which makes the toy a perfect choice for a retriever dog toy that is easy to clean.

You can get this toy when you are looking for one that is suitable for use with various sizes of dogs, thanks to the five available sizes. To be specific, the toy sizes range from small to XX-large so that you can get one that will match your dog’s needs.


  • The toy features a bright blue and orange color making it easy for pets and dog parents to find.
  • The ball is compatible with medium Chuckit Launchers which makes it a perfect choice for longer throws.
  • Different sizes make it easy for the pet parent to spot the right size.
  • The ball is easy to throw and reproduces a perfect bounce.


  • The ball comes while sealed with one plug that comes out after months of chewing. When this happens, there is a danger of suction effect which means that you might be required to drill a separate hole to reduce the effect since the ball doesn’t include a separate small hole.

5. ARK naturals brushless toothpaste

Vet Recommended Natural Dental Chews for Dogs

ARK naturals brushless toothpaste

Encourage positive chewing habits as you clean your dog’s teeth with ARK naturals brushless toothpaste. As a veterinary recommended formula, the dental chew is suitable for use with various dog breeds. Hence you can use it for small and medium breeds as well as mini and large breeds.

Also, the dental chew can help pets care for their teeth. The reason is its fresh flavor of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, alfalfa, and chlorophyll that enhances a fresh breath.

The dental chew features outside ridges that help control tartar, plaque, and bacteria due to the abrasive nature that cleans a dog’s teeth. It is made using natural ingredients where it excludes wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, and artificial flavors so that you can get it with an assurance of safety.

The light and airy texture is another plus of the dental chew so that senior dogs can chew it with a lot of ease. More so, the highly digestible design makes it suitable for pet owners who want their pets to take control of their teeth care regime.

ARK naturals brushless toothpaste can deter the growth of bacteria, restore saliva’s natural balance, and control bad breath, plaque, and tartar to guarantee maximum benefits for your dog’s teeth.


  • The dental chew contains clove, cinnamon, and spearmint to promote fresh breath.
  • Sodium bicarbonate cleans and brightens teeth.
  • Added vitamin C ensures overall dental health.
  • The size of the dental chews makes them easy to chew.
  • Odorless, colorless, and tasteless design assures you that pets won’t notice the brushless toothpaste in drinking water.


  • Poorly sealed package.
  • The chew isn’t hard. Hence, it doesn’t challenge mid-sized dogs.
Pacific Pups Products Dog Rope Toys

6. Pacific Pups Products Dog Rope Toys

Set of 11 Nearly Indestructible Dog Toys

Maybe you are dealing with an anxious pet, or you want to stop your dog from chewing furniture and personal belonging. Whatever the case, you can get a Pacific Pups Products rope toy. The dog rope is made from non-toxic materials that pass the ASTM F-963 children’s toys safety standards. Because of this, you do not have to worry once the pet ingests pieces of the rope toy.

Something else that makes this set of ropes one of the best Golden Retrievers chew toys is the carrot and giraffe flosser. These two are structured to clean the teeth assuring you of delivering a range of dental benefits, including gum health.

Pacific Pups Products Dog Rope Toys can hold up against the strongest chewers, thanks to the fact that they are tested to guarantee durability. Besides providing a product that dogs can chew, the toys are perfect for tug of war games so that you can entertain your pets for hours.


  • The ropes are durable and long-lasting, more importantly when used by dogs that aren’t aggressive chewers.
  • The package includes a range of rope toys.
  • Various shapes and designs assure you of getting toys that will entertain the pets.
  • The toys feature the safest as opposed to the strongest materials. This means that you can rest assured to have your pets chew products that are safe to consume.


  • The ropes are small for use by enormous dogs.
  • Some of the ropes in the assortment do not last long. In fact, several users stated that the giraffe, carrot, and disk lasted for less than a week.

7. Aipper Dog Puppy Chew Toys

Puppy Chew Toys for Playtime and Teeth Cleaning

Aipper Dog Puppy Chew Toys

Are you worried about your sad and lonely dog? If not, do you have a playful Golden Retriever who makes your home messy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should engage your pet with Aipper Dog Puppy Chew Toys. The fact that the set includes 12 durable toys assures you of getting the right golden retriever Chew Toys designed to keep your pet busy.

What’s more, is that the toys are made using high-quality material that is not only safe but also non-toxic. Because of this, you can rely on the chew toys when you want to ensure complete safety for pets considering that they can swallow pieces of the toys.

Aipper Dog Puppy Chew Toys can play a part in the dental care regime, thanks to the toy’s ability to clean teeth and massage the gums. The toys feature beautiful colors that look attractive to all puppies which makes the set of toys suitable for small and medium dogs.

Once you get this set of toys, you can expect to get flyer dog toy ropes, 2.4” bounce rubber balls, shoe toys, an IQ treat ball, chew toys, and squeaky toys. The advantage of this is that you can interchange the toys so that you can maintain your dog’s interest in using them.

The toys are a perfect choice for pet parents who want to introduce toys to pets since the different types enable the pet parent to know what a pet prefers. A range of textures means that the chew toys are a perfect choice when you are in need of toys that are suitable for small and large dogs.


  • Since the toys are of different types, you can change them every few days to avoid boredom.
  • The rope toys are tightly woven to guarantee durability.
  • A black ball treat dispenser is easy to stuff with pet treats.


  • Some of the toys don’t hold up for long.
goDog Dinos Dog Toys

8. goDog Dinos Dog Toys

Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Dog Toys with Squeakers

Play a part in assisting your dog to play and chew through anxiety, destructive chewing, and boredom once you purchase him or her the GoDog Plush Dog Toy. Bright and colorful, the toy is perfect when you are looking for one that will maintain your dog’s interest in using it.

Aside from that, the toy is designed to stand up to tough chewers. The reason is that it incorporates the Chew Guard Technology which is a manufacturing process that adds a sturdy and durable liner to the toys enabling them to stand up to rough playtime fun.

if you search for a dog soft toys then goDog Dinos Dog Toys can your right choice. Bubble plush material is soft, which means that the toy is perfect for use by small and senior dogs. The under-stuffing design also means less mess to ensure less effort during cleaning.


  • The toys feature minimal stuffing so that dogs can enjoy a super-soft floppy feel.
  • Double-stitched seams enable the dog toys to last for long.
  • The dinosaur toy comes in a range of colors, sizes, and designs.


  • The toy doesn’t last long when given to aggressive chewers.

9. Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs Puppy Chew Toys

Teething puppy bone | Healthy puppy treat

Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs Puppy Chew Toys

Want a durable golden retriever chew toy that will not only entertain but also teach your pets good chewing habits? If yes, why not give a try to Nylabone chew toys. Designed for pets in the teething stage, this set of toys is gentle on a dog’s gum. Because of this, you can be sure to have it help ease the pain during the teething stage.

Away from that, the chew toy is made using highly digestible dog treats; whereby the starter pack features soft chicken-flavored puppy bone and healthy lamb, and apple edibles. This means that you can be sure to have an easy time introducing the chew toy to puppies making it possible for you to encourage healthy chewing habits, right from the start.

Nylabone chew toys are made using natural ingredients. The ingredients are highly digestible to promote overall health. More to that, the toys contain 360-degree scrubbing nubs. These help to remove plaque and tartar in the aim of brightening your pup’s smile.


  • Delicious flavors make it easy for a pet parent to introduce this chew toy to dogs.
  • The toys are available in different sizes, shapes, and flavors.
  • Traditional proteins and wholesome treats ensure long-lasting fulfillment.
  • The chew toys cover all chewing stages.


  • Some customers stated that their pets didn’t manage to digest the toy pieces after swallowing.
Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell

10. Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell

Peanut Butter Flavor | Long-lasting chew toy

Satisfy your dog’s instincts to chew with the Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell. Tough and durable, the chew toy is made of durable nylon. This design guarantees long-lasting performance designed to challenge the most aggressive chewers. Asides from that, the chew toy features raised bristles. The bristles clean the teeth in a mission to control plaque and tartar.

Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell contains a delicious allergen-free peanut butter flavor that dogs love. Because of this, you can be sure to introduce it to different types of dogs with a lot of ease. More to that, the toy comes in different shapes, flavors, and sizes. As a result, you can be sure to get the perfect choice for big to small pets and powerful chewers.


  • Textured nubs help to clean out tartar.
  • The barbell design makes it easy for dogs to carry the chew toy around.
  • The thick material guarantees durability.


  • The bones wear down over time until they are too small to become a choking hazard.

How to choose the best chew toys for golden retriever puppies

Chewing is considered to be a natural canine behavior. While dogs can chew almost everything that comes along their way, chew toys are the best option for anyone who wants to satisfy their dog’s chewing instinct.

In this regard, you should pick the best golden retriever chew toy, and this should be a toy designed to match your dog’s play style as well as chewing needs. Hence, have a look at the factors to consider when picking a chew toy so that you can select a golden retriever chew toy that is both safe and fun to chew.

A) Points to keep in mind

1. Pick the right size

The first point to selecting the right dog toy lies in considering the size of the dog toy. Regarding this, pick a toy that isn’t too big and heavy since this can make it difficult for the dog to carry it around. On the other hand, avoid toys that are too small since such toys can be swallowed with a lot of ease.

2. Choose a toy designed for dogs

Second, choose a toy that is designed for use with dogs. When doing this, avoid toys that aren’t dog-proof since you do not want to risk your pet having to swallow pieces that may result in gastrointestinal problems after ingestion.

3. Consider your dog’s chew strength

Another tip to picking the best chew toy for dogs lies in considering your dog’s age. In this case, pick a toy that features soft rubber or plush when you are dealing with a puppy who has baby teeth.

When the puppy is in the teething stage, consider using rubber toys but avoid hard rubber since that can damage the gums. Once the pup passes the teething stage, you can choose hard rubber toys and rope pulls to help the dog have a stronger jaw and clean the teeth.

4. Wash-ability

Pet toys should be washed periodically to ensure that they are safe for dogs to chew. Therefore, consider toys that are dishwasher safe or safe to wash in washing machines so that you can clean and disinfect them periodically.

B) Steps to follow

Step 1: Determine your Dog’s chews-onality.

Selecting the right chew toy should start with figuring out your dog’s chews-onality. In this regard, take some time to learn your dog’s chewing behavior so that you can determine whether you are dealing with aggressive chewers, mild chewers, or destroyers. That way, you can determine the right toy retriever chew toy based on the type of dog.

Step 2: Pick a toy designed for your dog’s chews-onality.

Once you have determined the kind of chewer you are dealing with, it is now time that you start shopping around to determine the type of chew toy that will suit your dog. Have a look at the different types of retriever chew toys so that you can determine the best chew toy based on your dog’s chewing personality.

C) Types of Retriever chew toys

There are several good toys for golden retriever puppies. You have to select the right one according to the interest of your furry friend.

1. Balls

Do you have a dog who loves to fetch? Well, this is one of the best retriever toys designed for such dogs. Ball toys are availed in a range of types from a basic tennis ball and a rubber ball to the flashing-light balls and glow-in-the-dark balls. Also, some of these balls include holes that allow the user to stuff them with treats while others are basic bouncers meant to support retrieving games.

When picking such a ball, take note of the size and ensure that you get a ball that is large enough to let your dog carry it around without swallowing it accidentally. For instance, you can pick a basic tennis ball size for medium-sized dogs, and extra-large balls for the giant-sized dogs.

On the other hand, do not leave the balls around so that dogs can chew on them since the material on most balls can result in choking, obstruction of the gastrointestinal system, or wearing of the teeth.

2. Discs

Designed to work in a similar manner as balls, discs are designed for use by dogs who love games of fetch. In fact, if you are looking for retrieval toys, discs are a versatile form of fetching since you can vary the speed and even change the direction of the disc so that you can challenge your dog.

3. Rope toys

As the name suggests, these toys are made using a braided rope. A few of these toys contain plastic and rubber parts, and you can choose to use them for games of fetch, as chew toys, or for tug-of-war games.

While several dogs love these toys, others do not find interest in using them. The toys are however not the best option for dogs who are aggressive chewers since they can shed the rope and ingest it which can result in gastrointestinal obstruction.

4. Plush Toys

Plush toys are another versatile form of Golden Retriever toys. These toys can either be carried around like babies or torn apart like prey. The only challenge with this type of toy is that you might be required to clean the house often and inspect your dogs to keep them from swallowing the stuffing of the toys after ripping them.

5. Squeakies

Squeakies are non-plush toys that come in a range of sizes and shapes. The toys are made using rubber, vinyl, or plastic, which means that it is upon you to pick a toy that is durable enough based on your dog’s chewing habits. For instance, you can choose thick rubber as the best retriever toy for aggressive chewers and thin vinyl or plastic for dogs that don’t chew a lot. So, be sure to choose wisely based on your dog’s chewing needs.

6. Food/Treat dispensing toys

Treat dispensing toys are availed in a range of shapes and sizes. The toys feature rubber or plastic as the main material, and all of these toys include openings that let you fill them with treats, peanut butter or kibble. The small holes in them further dispense the treat as pets play with them so that they can entertain the pets for hours and offer some mental stimulation.

7. Floating toys

If you have a dog who loves to swim, this is the type of toy to purchase. Floating toys are made using plastic, rubber, and foam so that they can float on the water making it easy for dogs to find.

8. Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are designed to challenge your dogs and engage him or her mentally. These toys can be simply food dispensing toys or toys that contain compartments that hide the treats so that dogs can figure out how to get the food. So, if you want to provide hours of fun and teach your pet some cognitive skills, give a try to these types of toys.

9. Tug Toys

Although rope toys can support tug-of-war games, tug toys are the perfect choice for tug-of-war games. The reason is that these toys are comfortable to hold in the hand which makes it easy for dogs to pull on and bite. Furthermore, they are durable enough which enables dogs to pull them easily without wearing out or fraying.


When should I give my puppy a chew toy?

You can give a chew toy to a puppy that is as young as one and a half months old. However, be cautious when doing this and ensure that the toy is safe to avoid risking your pet’s health as a result of ingestion.

Which is the best chew toy when dealing with puppies?

I wouldn’t recommend a single chew toy for different puppies since all puppies are different. In this case, I would recommend that you buy different chew toys considering that a pet might get excited with the toy for some days and get bored using it after a few days.

Can I give hard chew toys to golden retriever puppies?

Yes, puppies can have hard chew toys but note that these type might not be as entertaining as softer toys. Hence, consider the age of the dogs and buy a chew toy that is safe to chew based on the pet’s chewing capability.

Are rope toys safe for dogs?

Yes, rope toys are safe for dogs, but you should keep a close eye to the dogs playing with them. The reason behind this is that heavy chewers can pull the pieces apart and ingesting them, which can be dangerous for the dogs. So, avoid giving such kind of toys to the heavy chewers.

Why should I buy chew toys?

Besides protecting your stuff from getting damaged by dogs who love to chew, chew toys can help to relieve pain caused by incoming teeth for young dogs. In addition to that, the toys help to maintain strong teeth and keep teeth clean while combating boredom, frustration, and anxiety.


Final Verdict

It is normal for dogs to chew and scavenge. For young dogs, this is a way to relieve the pain caused by growing teeth. For older dogs, on the other hand, it is a way to keep teeth strong and clean while helping to relieve anxiety, frustration, and boredom.

To protect your dog from chewing anything that comes along the way, you can meet your dog’s natural instinct to chew with the best chew toys for golden retriever puppies as reviewed above.

So, if you have a pup who is training to chew, an active dog who chew almost everything in the house, or a pup who get lonely because of lack of something to play with, consider adding any of these Retriever Chew Toys in your basket today and rest assured to have gotten a new and safe method to keep your dog busy and healthy.

As I conclude, I hope that you found this article useful in helping you to locate the right chew toy for your dog. Kindly let me know what you think about the reviewed products in the comments box below. If you found the article useful in helping you locate the right product, kindly share it with others on any social media platform, and help us assist other pet parents to locate a safe chew toy for their Golden Retrievers.

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