Best odor control cat litter box

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Best odor control cat litter box

Cats have a distinct specific taste for bathrooms, and the shape, size, and position of their litter box are essential. So far, we have gathered some knowledge of the best odor control cat litter box, cat litter deodorants, and everything else. In this way, we could think of a quick review and overview to find the best combination possible.

Indeed, the only drawback of a pet cat is that it can smell a little. Not because cats are dirty, but because they are their litter bins. Of course, the number of litter bins in a home can also be a big issue from a cat’s perspective.

However, those who live in small spaces may escape with smaller and larger boxes washed frequently. Once living in a small apartment with a kitten and its litter box, we know that we have to answer some big questions in this matter.

Of course, our familiar favorite is the versatile and affordable litter box. Indeed, you can use this in three different ways depending on the cat’s preference. So, let’s have a look.

Best odor control cat litter box review

1. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box

Helps clean teeth and soothe gums


If heaven is the terminal point on your litter box monetary fund and you’re searching for a Cadillac of all types, welcome Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter System. Nowadays, slowly cleaning the litter box is a thing of the past. In this way, a fast and BREEZE Litter System will help remove the litter as soon as your cat leaves.

An innovative, versatile system helps fight odors by separating liquids from solids. Again, this comes with an advanced bead system and disposable pads.

Moreover, the agglomerated granules allow the liquid to pass through the absorbent pad underneath, trapping moisture and controlling odors. Indeed, it reduces the smell of the charcoal filter and keeps new trash in place.

Of course, cleaning the appliance is as easy as taking out the drawer and throwing it away. Additionally, if you live with a cat, the manufacturer says you must take a week before emptying it again.

Indeed, this is where optimism begins. Purina Tidy Cats utilizes up to 50% below waste than conventional crates.

Simultaneously, a powerful ammonia blocker traps feline ammonia for a week, helping you keep your home clean and fragrant. BREEZE patented granules repel moisture and dry dirt for an extra layer of trash can odor control.

Furthermore, this toiletry system includes a litter box with a shovel, four cat pillows, and two scented litter bags. Indeed, this will give your cat a month of filling.


  • Super Easy to Clean
  • Best Stable litter box
  • Updated Breeze litter system
  • Strong clumps for easy scooping


  • Some reports on urine leaking issue.
Fresh Step Advanced Odor Control

2. Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Charcoal & Natural Odor Control

Simply Unscented Natural Odor Control

This famous company develops the Fresh Step Advanced odorless clumping litter. Of course, this comes with natural activated carbon to eliminate odors in contact with piss and fecal matter. The improved, unscented Fresh Step litter also contains high-quality clay.

Indeed, these clays help to builds up absorb quickly and prevent unpleasant deposits. Plus, it’s 99.9% dust-free for cleaner air, cleansing agent surfaces, and a shorter path.

Of course, cleaning is quick and more comfortable. Therefore, add more rubbish to the bin after you take it out.

Similarly, the clumping cat trash comes for your kitty’s health and emotional state. Indeed, this high-choice clay figures out to act out of your cat’s paws and support horizontal surface to stay clean.

Equally, this best odor control cat litter box comes with a modern procedure. Indeed, this helps the cat uses an advanced odor-free formula with activated charcoal and odor-free.

Similarly, the Clump Lock technology forms dense agglomerates to reduce coarse crumbs. Additionally, this technology makes it easier to clean cat litter.

Furthermore, this nest comes with a 10-day odor control guarantee. Of course, the
scent comes from Febreze, and activated charcoal helps control cat urine smell.

Finally, the company assembles these Fresh Step Clay Scraps for easy disposal from the bin. Please note that you should throw the trash into the garbage every day (not down the toilet).


  • Ten days odor control guarantee
  • Almost organic.
  • 9% dust-free
  • Made of Clumping Clay


  • Some adverse reports on dust flying issue

3. Van Ness Odor Control Cat Pan – #CP7

Extra Large | Odor Door | replaceable Zeolite air filter


If you’re looking for an affordable, we recommend the Van Ness Odor Control Extra Giant litter box. Indeed, it comes from recycled fictile and other substances. Moreover, the burnished surface is smell and stain-tolerable, making it easy to clean.

Of course, this best odor control cat litter box is available in an extra-large size. This trash box can adapt cats of any size.

Again, the overflowing parts leave plenty of room for cats and prevent debris from entering. And for all the tall parts, a slender drop in the frontal provides easy entree for older kittys or those with inflammatory disease.

Moreover, it provides industry-leading odor control by capturing waste. Additionally, it has the benefits of a replaceable zeolite odor control door and air filter.

It also helps to avoid scattering waste. Indeed, this is ideal for families with multiple cats or households with large cats.

Of course, this odorless, glossy finish, stain-resistant litter box comes with a CP7 feature. Again, it comes with the actual size of 21.5 x 17.5 x 18 inches.

Furthermore, a plastic strap will protect the top and bottom. The entire client requires cutting up the fictile strip and undoing the four cartridge clips on the pan’s parts and the bottom of the pan will slip off. Similarly, the Floor at the bottom of the door 8.5!

Indeed, Buyers say this crate is perfect for cat vacations as it contains plenty of sand. Besides, they love the design and the cheap price.


  • Very reasonable price
  • The plastic is strong enough to last for at least a few years, and many cats scratch it.
  • The lid closes tightly without much effort.
  • Ability to remove the fin if necessary
  • Durable carry handle


  • If you have a cat who urinates heavily, urine may drop out of the box sometimes.

4. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box

Large-capacity | durable polypropylene | control dust and odor

This sizeable secret trash box from Good Pet Stuff looks like a clay pot. Moreover, it contains artificial plants and decorative artificial moss to cover the hole with a filter for odor control. Hence, you need to fold the pieces and add sand.

Again, this litter box seems to a flowerpot when you turn it towards the corner of a wall. Your pets will be able to reach the bottom of the pot and use it as a high-security litter box. Moreover, you can also cover the base with pet bedding.

Again, this comes with a vented filter design and dust and odor control features. The company provides it with plants, filters, and moss. So, it will add some shine.

Moreover, it comes from durable polypropylene construction. Of course, this large capacity container is ideal for large cats and households with a large number of cats.

This box has two nice dimensions. In fact, due to size and weight, this species is only shipped by ground transport.

Furthermore, the container section contains waste and has a front entrance. The manufacturer recommends looking at access to the wall so that the litter box is well hidden.

Notably, these fake utensils come from durable polypropylene. Indeed, you can easily remove the entire system for daily or deep cleaning.


  • Completely unnoticeable
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful Outlook
  • A vast area inside the box


  • Not so good for big space

5. Noba Cateco Odor Control Cat Litter Box

10 Dry-Pads and Scoop | Naturally Control | Height Extension


This Cat Garbage Starter Kit contains a Costco odor control trash can. Moreover, this comes with a coordinating six-inch extension bar that increases the height of the rampart of your trash can.

With this smart add-on, throwing trash and other rubbish is a situation of the ago! This best odor control cat litter box also includes a coordinating spoon and a pack of ten dry surfaces.

Moreover, it’s wavy; angular blades help it sift through sand more efficiently, while the multi-beam edges ensure clean cleaning. Of course, this comes from extremely durable ABS plastic. Indeed, this scoop is the ideal tool for easy sifting and efficient chipping.

This companies Dry-Pads entirely absorb moisture and fit into the bottom of the Costco litter box. Indeed, any unabsorbed liquid from the top of the bin will drip through the broken ventilation grill and not flow. Notably, you need to replace the Dry pads every 3-4 days if dirty, unlike other cans that you need to denature daily.

Again, the appearance of Cateco trash cans lies in their organization. You should only clean your trash can every three to five months only if you utilize high-quality amorphous cat litter.

Finally, people taste this Cateco litter box with a wide range of binding and absorbent cat litters. Of course, both are mineral and vegetable or plant-based. Indeed, it performs with the massive majority of them and extends their life cycle.


  • Easily removable
  • Easy to clean
  • Best at Price-quality ratio
  • Enhanced Absorption


  • The liners can be slightly thicker and have a handle to pull.

6. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Boxes

multi-cat households | Carbon filter | Extra-large capacity

All pets need privacy, and all their owners need slightly less odor than a trash box. Indeed, this is a victory-victory result with Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter Box.

Moreover, this best odor control cat litter box has for multi-cat households big enough. Even it has an accelerator for easy cleaning and a built-in pocket retainer to hold sand in place.

Notably, the prices for buyers are low, colossal size, and durability. Additionally, many have reported that it contains chaos for their cats, which means the waste is out of control.

Despite its enormous size, this wastebasket is very easy to clean and rejuvenate with new sand. In short, this is the best litter box for messy cats.

Similarly, the hood folds down for easy access and an integrated pocket lock keeps the trash bags open. Besides, it also comes with a removable transparent door, and most importantly, a carbon filter that removes odors from the trash can.

If your cat doesn’t like the hood or door attached to the litter box, you can remove them as you see fit. Finally, while we wanted the front door to work for us, we thought the Catit Jumbo Hooded was practical, smart, and useful. We recommend it, especially if you live in a house with a lot of cats.


  • Have a carbon filter that removes odors
  • A lid for easy removal.
  • Easy cleaning facility
  • Extra-large capacity


  • Sliding locks don’t seem to be safe.

How to Deal with a Smelly Litter Box?

Smelling a litter box can be the most challenging part of living with a cat. Even if it doesn’t bother you, it’s frustrating to have friends who “smell like cats.” On the other hand, if your friends react to the sight but don’t smell, your cat will feel great.

Here are some simple steps you can take to get rid of the stench and make you and your cat happy.

  • Use large waste bins with tall masonry and no lids.
  • Use a formula with the least powder binding. Indeed, this will change over time as
    the design may vary, and dust levels may change. We have gone through 20 different
    brands and types and are currently using a widespread bentonite powder sinter type.
  • Take at least once a day, preferably 2 or 3 times. Normally, we prefer to quickly
    collect boxes every time we go to the bathroom. Before washing your hands, go to
    the toilet with your kitten and then wash your hands. Indeed, Regular collection
    saves time—usually 1 to 2 minutes, or less than 5 minutes per day.
  • Keep the trash can fill with sand 2 to 3 inches deep. I’ve seen some people use
    cheap 1/2 δ pellets, and it all sucks.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or unique cleaning products, as they can harm your cat.
    Indeed, a good soap or organic cleaning solution containing vinegar is sufficient.
    Make sure it is 100% dry before throwing it into fresh sand.
  • Avoid both more expensive and cheaper brands, but don’t limit yourself to just one
    brand. The company generates many branded or commercial waste boxes in the same
    facilities as branded products.

Types of the Litter box

A litter box, also popular as a trash tray, trash pan, sandbox, cat pan, or cat box, is an inner container for cats’ feces and urine. Moreover, it is also for rabbits, ferrets, tiny pigs, and small dogs (such as hounds and Chihuahuas).

Additionally, this is also for other pets that will use this reservoir instinctively or in training. The company designs it for pets that can roam freely around the house but cannot always flush out their metabolic waste.

Here are some individual types of best odor control cat litter boxes that are popular:

  • self-cleaning litter box
  • Sheltered litter boxes
  • Opened litter pans
  • Expendable litter boxes
  • Top-entry litter boxes

How do litter boxes get odored?

Have you ever wondered why trash cans are so strong and can quickly get odored into your home? Similarly, compared to other pets, cat urine is more concentrated.

It has a powerful ammonia odor that accumulates stronger if you let the muddy sand settle. But a pungent smell in the trash can be a signal for something more serious, like a urinary tract infection. Hence, you need to know what is normal and justifies a visit to the vet.

Again, the cat’s diet can also affect the smell of cat urine. Ammonia, which is responsible for urine odor, is a byproduct of protein metabolism. If the smell is so strong, try a different protein source.

For example, if chicken is the main protein in your cat food, consider switching to tuna. It would be helpful if you could also advise your cat to drink plenty of water.

Another essential factor determining the bin’s odor is the type of litter used to level the container. Of course, the company designs its best odor control cat litter box to absorb urine and keep it dry.

Again, cats also use litter to cover stools and reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Covered feces also keep flies from laying eggs in the waste.

Why cat need a litter box?

Well, cats don’t need a litter box. If they are feral cats or street cats, the soil in the garden works very well. Today, most cat owners in North America know their pets are the safest indoor pets.

Usually, they don’t expect intact cars, foxes, coyotes, parasites, or whole cats to growl. Moreover, they also know that indoor cats tend to live about three times longer than outdoor cats. Under these conditions, the cat needs a litter box because a garden is not an option.

Again, most of the best odor control cat litter box comes in a wide variety of styles, with open-ended ideas where the cat can see everything. Litter bins mean rejections occur in good locations where other cats do not block access.

Things to consider before buying a litter box:

There are various types of waste bins or litter boxes on the market. These come with an open trash can, a hooded trash can, self-cleaning trash bins, and top-entry trash bins.

In this way, you can choose the best odor control cat litter box. However, it’s essential to check out the following buying guide on the best trash can options.

Of course, you need to be aware of the size of the bin. Usually, most cats prefer 5 to 7 inches tall.

Make sure you choose a litter box that matches your cat’s size. Again, there should be enough room for your cat to move freely. Also, the playpen’s opening should be large enough for your pet to get in and out of easily.

The litter box should come from good quality plastic, be safe, and non-toxic. Of course, it must be durable and scratch-resistant. Usually, people prefer a plastic container with a non-stick coating as it prevents sand from sticking.

Tires Raised:
The bucket should have removable tires raised. Usually, this feature prevents trash and debris from spreading in your home. So, this is why your home stays clean and tidy.

Easy to clean:
Of course, you don’t want to spend hours scouring the trash can. A non-stick plastic waste bin prevents sand from sticking. Therefore, it is easy to clean with soap and water. Moreover, a self-cleaning wastebasket is also the right choice.

How far away should cat food be from the litter box?

When it comes to storing foods, the most important thing on the load list is close to the bin—precisely closeness. If food is too close to the litter box, your cat friend will likely avoid food. That’s because the feeling of how small a cat is is pretty strong.

Of course, it must be, as, in nature, the sense of smell plays a vital role in survival. They use it, for example, to locate their prey and identify hazards. If your cat’s food is too close to the litter box, the smell of litter can drown out the smell of food.

Again, this can prevent it from eating altogether. For example, it can impair appetite or the ability to smell food.

So how far should the cat litter bowl be?
Answer: Far enough so that the smell doesn’t bother your food. As a general rule of thumb, avoid placing the trash can and food bowl in the same room if possible.

If you don’t have space and need to put them in one place, place a trash can in the corner of the room and place a plate of food on the edge of the corner. In short, you have to choose the best odor control cat litter box for avoiding such kinds of problems.


Do covered litter boxes help with smell?

The point is that some high-quality litter boxes, mostly closed ones, can contain odors better. Thanks to the charcoal filter! Automatic trash cans can also handle bad odors better but a bit more expensive. However, the covered litter box works well regarding odors.

Why does my cat's litter box stink so badly?

Most felines smell it indoors, making it hard for your cat to enter. Many kits also dislike plastic earbuds, which can snag cat claws during digging. However, it enables urine to leak under the lining, where the litter can't absorb and causes an unpleasant odor.

How do you keep a litter box from smelling?

Rule number one and the thing that keeps the litter box away from the smell is constant cleaning. It means removing the box at least 2 times a day and removing firm and liquid agglomerates if you use amorphous sand.

What kills the smell of cat spray?

Dampen baking soda across the smelled area and keep for ten minutes. Splash some vinegar into the baking soda, and then rise for a few seconds before covering the liquid using a fresh cloth. When this area is clean, it removes the smell.

How often should you completely change cat litter?

It is generally recommended to change the litter clay twice a week. But you may have to change it each day after or only once a week. It depends on your conditions. If you clean your litterbox every day, you may only have to change it every 2 to 3 weeks.

Does cat spray smell go away?

Cat urine includes uric acid. And it can remain on fabrics, carpets, and wood for many years. While baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, soap, and vinegar can temporarily neutralize odors, a wet day can make uric acid recrystallize and return the cat smell.


Final Verdict

However, if you’re searching for a slenderly more charismatic choice, we will passion the Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter System. Again, the modern design in grays and whites blends perfectly with any room.

Once you’ve selected the best odor control cat litter box for your budget and learned the best litter for your cats! So, don’t forget about a safe odor cleaner and cleanser, like a deodorant.

Indeed, combining all three ingredients in your odor reduction magic will change your lifestyle and breathing. So, Mix the right layer of sand, and you are ready for a nearly odorless home!

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