Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

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Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy
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Cats are adorable creatures, and no one really needs an explanation as to why they are amazing pets. They are energetic, intelligent, and curious, which only makes them more adorable. A majority of pet parents, however, feel as if their cats love spending most of their time in solitude either snoozing or stretching out.

That’s far from the truth, as cats require activity to remain happy and comfortable. Keeping your cat active is not a hard thing to do, with tons of toys designed for your feline friend. By using such toys, you can keep your cat busy even when you are not at home.

With so many types of toys designed for cats, you can never run out of options. You will always find a suitable toy for your cat at virtually any price range. When buying toys for your cat, however, be sure to get at least one that encourages bonding between you and your feline friend.

It’s also essential to ensure that your cat has some toys that they can play with when you’re not around. If you are wondering which toys are the best to keep your cat busy, read on.

1. Mousr

Best Cat Toys to Keep Them BusyThere are amazing toys out there with unique functions, but this one simply beats most of them. It’s a toy that offers an exciting way for your cat to play. That’s mainly attributed to the integration of artificial intelligence which allows the toy to interact uniquely with your cat.

The toy can tease, hide, and move around in unpredictable ways, thus mimicking the main behaviors of real prey. The “Auto” feature on this toy allows it to entertain your cat when you’re not around or if you are quite busy. The most interesting feature is that you can drive the toy around using your phone or tablet, and watch as the cat tries to catch it.

2. PetSafe Egg-Cersizer Interactive Toy

Does your cat devour his food to the point of appearing significantly uncomfortable, or even worse, choking? If that’s what you face each time you feed your cat, you don’t have to worry anymore. All you have to do is get the interactive food dispenser toy and fill it with some kibble.

The toy makes your cat play with this food just the way he would if he was in the jungle. It’s a simple-but-effective method of slowing down rapid eaters, as the food doesn’t come out of the toy so quickly. Nonetheless, the toy will keep your cat busy, and can also provide some exercise for your cat.

3. Cat charmer safe wand teaser

Your first look at this toy might get you wondering what’s so special about it, given that it’s simply a piece of fabric on a wand. Well, maybe it’s got something to do with the bright, colorful design, but one thing you’re sure of is that your cat will go completely crazy over the toy. The toy is of excellent quality, and as such, you don’t have to worry even when your cat tries to tear it apart.

4. Ripple rug play mat

You may think that a brownish rug with holes does not provide any fun and that your cat might never even figure out that they can play with it. Well, it seems that you’re quite wrong on that one, as your cat will get all playful with the rug in no time.

This toy is simply a combination of two non-fray polyester carpets and is safe for cats. It should come in handy if you want your cat to sharpen their hunting skills. Your pet can also take a nap or even play “Hide and seek”. Be aware, however, that your furry friend will try to hide some of your valuable items under the rug.

5. Collapsible cat scratcher

Best Cat Toys to Keep Them BusyIf you’re afraid that your energetic cat will scratch and tear everything you own, it’s evident that you should get a cat scratcher. The collapsible cat scratcher from YOUTHINK is one of the most preferred choices for most cat owners.

The toy has a multi-functional feature that allows it to double as a scratching pad and bed. Your cat also has the choice to play and nap, as the scratcher comes with a ball toy to make things quite interesting. You can even collapse the scratcher into different shapes to leave your cat guessing.

6. Ball of Furry Fury Squeaking Cat Toy

Your cat is a natural hunter, and that is one of the things that will never change no matter how domesticated they are. If you would like to nurture your cat’s hunting aspect, you can easily do so using a squeaking cat toy. The toy is simply a catnip-filled “mouse” in an open ball-like enclosure. Your cat will get busy as they play and try to get hold of the mouse in the toy.

7. Cat tree

Cats love climbing and perching to enjoy the world below – it’s natural for them. They also do love scratching, which is why your furniture is always at risk. There is no need to deny cats what nature provides them as they will always improvise when they get a chance.

Getting a cat climbing tree for your cat satisfies their climbing and perching need, keeping them happy and comfortable. You can as well get a climbing tree with a scratching surface for your cat to keep themselves busy.

8. Cat tunnel toy

Cats are naturally curious, and the good thing is that you can nurture their curiosity using toys. One of the most useful gadget for this purpose is the cat tunnel toy. This toy features a peephole and hanging toy to keep your cat entertained even when you are not around. The cat tunnel toy also doubles as a playhouse and shelter for you cat.

9. Smartykat feather whirl

Feathery toys are a lot of fun for your feline friend, no doubt about that. They go a long way in provoking your cat to unleash their inner hunting instincts, making them want to chase the toy around. The Smartykat feather toy swirls in random patterns on a bright green ball, making it practically impossible for your cat to ignore it.

You don’t have to fear that your pet will destroy the toy, as it’s crafted using durable materials. Boredom is brought to an end with this toy as your furry friend can pounce, chase, and ambush the toy whenever he wants to. Unlike some motorized or automated toys, this one is not irritating for either you or your pet as it’s significantly quiet.

10. Petstages dental kitty chew wheel

Even though chewing problems are more common in dogs, the truth is that cats can also be nibblers. This is mostly the case if you have a kitten whose adult teeth have not come in yet. Teething can be a painful process for kittens, but this toy can reduce some of that pain. It does so by massaging your cat’s teeth and gums, hence providing some relief. You won’t have to worry about durability as this toy is crafted from high-quality rubber that is safe for pets. If you want to learn more about best chew toys for cats, click here to continue.

11. Smartykat skitter critters catnip toy

Every cat loves catnip; we all know that. Your cat hasn’t played in a long time if they haven’t really had a chance to play with the skitter critters catnip toy. The toy, which is simply a set of three plush “mice” filled with catnip, is guaranteed to have your feline friend go crazy in no time.

Your cat will surely enjoy using their hunting instincts while playing with these mice. Even though your cat can play with the toy while you’re away, you may want to be around just to enjoy watching as they jump and pounce to attack the mice.

12. Ourpets mouse chaser

One thing you’re sure of by now is that any toy that brings your cat’s hunting instincts to life is worth buying. The mouse chaser toy has an elusive “mouse” which spins on a track and squeaks whenever your cat manages to hit it with his paws. Wouldn’t that be a great way to distract your furry friend from damaging your furniture and whatever else that their sharp claws land on?

13. Wooden pet paw puzzle

Want to give a treat to your pet? You can make things interesting by using the wooden pet paw puzzle. Your cat should enjoy locating their delicacy in one of the 12 hidden caves on the toy. This toy makes your cat “work” for his treat and is also an exciting way to test and improve your cat’s intelligence.

14. Catnip caterpillar cat toy

If your cat loves moving around, you might want to get the catnip caterpillar toy for him. The toy has some catnip in the head and tail which is slowly released as your cat plays with it. This should keep your cat very busy, considering that most if not all cat love catnip.

15. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to amuse your cat to no end, get the Bergan Turbo Scratcher toy. It has an enticing plastic ball which the cat can nudge around the track without getting bored quickly. The middle part of the toy has a scratch pad made from cardboard to keep your feline friend busy even when you’re not around. This toy is an excellent solution if your cat keeps on tearing your furniture and curtains.

16. PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Cats are fascinated a lot by lasers, but the only problem is that most pet parents find it challenging to strain their wrists during laser chasing. You don’t have to worry anymore as the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy can do all the hard work for you.

The most amazing part is that the toy features a manual and automatic mode allowing you to either control the action or let the toy go off on its own. You don’t have to worry that your cat might get overstimulated during the automatic mode, as the toy shuts itself off after fifteen minutes.


There you go,

If you’re planning to buy some toys for your cat, you may want to consider some of the ones discussed above. Nonetheless, with so many toys uniquely designed for cats, keeping your feline friend busy even when you’re not around should not be much of a challenge. Besides, these toys are available in different designs and price ranges as well. Therefore, you are always guaranteed of getting a suitable toy for your lovely cat.

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