Turn pet ashes into jewelry

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Turn pet ashes into jewelry
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Pets have become an essential part of our lives, and when a cherished pet dies, it might feel as if some part of you has died as well. The grief that comes with the death of such a treasured companion can be severe and life changing too. Some people take several years to get over the death of their pet. Most of the pet owners develop an intense desire to memorialize their animal in some way as part of the grief to hold on the good memories they still have in a beautiful and tangible form.

According to grief professionals and psychologists, creating some memorials around the loss of someone you love, either human or pet, is a healthy way to commemorate the deceased. Some experts, for instance, outline creating memorials after the loss of a loved one as an essential part of the healing process. Others will encourage the grieving individual to talk about the feelings of sadness, while grief services such as ash scatterings and funerals, serve as solid ways of honoring the lives of the loved ones.

Creating a memorial to a beloved animal

Every memorial typically serves your memory by giving you a tangible object to focus as you remember, honor, and grieve your loved one. The memorial also testifies to the importance of your pet, of your grief, and their life. As such, it preserves in a way the value and memories of the lost animal, even after you have passed on. The following are some of the benefits of creating pet cremation jewelry after the loss of your animal. Pet ashes turned into jewelry is among the many ways in which most pet owners have started building memorials to their treasured pets.

To this end, most people have been taking the ashes as well as other remains of the pets and turning them into beautiful jewelry for centuries. Most of the animal owners are pursuing this practice as a way of paying tribute to their beloved departed pets. Turning your pet ashes into some jewelry can take various forms, from entrenching the pet cremains in an urn you can wear to placing the ashes in blown glass. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting a meaningful way to remember a lost animal, the pet cremation jewelry can be quite helpful. The following are some of the ways pet cremation jewelry can help you to commemorate your pet always.

Preserves your pet’s memory

Jewelry made from pet ashes enables you to preserve the memories of your pet through the size, style, setting, and the color of the cremation jewelry. One of the major elements of a custom pet memorial is its capacity to bring to mind the details and emotions of the memorial it signifies. The statue of the celebrated army on Iwo Jima, for instance, preserves the poignancy and greatness of the time they hoisted the flag of America on that island. Cremation jewelry, similarly, enables you to uphold your memories by letting you select how the urn and the entire jewelry will look. From different sizes, cuts, jewelry settings, and colors, you can design jewelry from the ashes of your pet that remind you each time you see it of your treasured animal. It will also help you to remember all those good memories you intend to hold onto forever.

Keeps your beloved animal close

Having a memorial only brings out the right memories and feelings when it’s seen and touched as well. By hiding away the ashes of your departed pet in an urn, you will only make it more difficult to revisit the solid pieces of your animal that will help you to remember them. However, when you go for cremation jewelry, you decide to keep your animal close to you forever. Since the ashes will become an integral part of the jewelry, the cremation diamond, as well as the entire jewelry that hold it together, become real parts of your pet that you can see and also touch whenever you want.

Whether you are hanging out with friends or heading to your office, you can keep your treasured pet friend, and all their memories close to you. All you have to do is to reach out and touch the jewelry or steal a glance at it to immediately feel your pet close and get reminded of the happiness and joy they brought into your life.

Creates a monument to the life of your animal

Cremation jewelry from pets’ ashes enables you to create a monument to the life of your animal which will last for many generations. The most magnificent memorials are typically those that last for many years. They don’t crumble, fall apart, or fade for generations, meaning that the memories which they preserve are held intact even after the individual who built the monument is long gone. In the same way, cremation jewelry boasts robustness that will remain throughout generations.

The other forms of urns, crystals, and glass cannot as long as a cremation diamond since they don’t have the scratch free properties and innate strength that precious jewelry such as a diamond possesses. On the other hand, a diamond is designed to last throughout a lifetime. By creating cremation jewelry from your pet’s ashes, you will be selecting a memorial that will remain intact for many generations, and you can also pass it down to those behind you when you are long gone. That means that the treasured memories of your departed animal will remain forever.


Turning your pet’s ashes into jewelry can help you during your grief and the healing process. The cremation jewelry will always remind you of the personality and the beauty of your pet. By wearing it more often, you will always keep the memories of your beloved animal close to you. And by going for cremation jewelry such as a precious diamond, you will keep that treasured tribute to your animal year after year so that you do not forget the significant impact that pet had on your life.

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