What You Didn’t Know About Pet Insurance for Cats

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What You Didn’t Know About Pet Insurance for Cats
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Owning a cat likely brings you many joys in life. They are great cuddlers who are there to keep you company when you need it. They are independent enough to take care of themselves and make your job as their owner pretty low maintenance. And they are simply adorable to look at!

If you are a proud cat owner, then you likely want nothing but the best for your furry friend. This includes getting the best pet insurance for cats.

While owning a pet is nothing short of amazing, it does come with its fair share of costs. There is the cat food, the cat toys and accessories, and cat healthcare costs.

But you don’t have to bear the brunt of all the costs on your own. What many people don’t realize is that pet insurance for cats helps cover those pricey vet bills—at times enabling you to get reimbursed by up to 90%! It is the same principles as human health care, whereby paying monthly premiums you will be entitled to deductibles, reimbursement, and a life that is a whole lot less stressful.

Pet insurance for cats is one of the best things that you can get and the best companies make doing so extremely easy. With Lemonade pet insurance’s cost-effective premiums, enrolling in proper healthcare protection for your cat doesn’t have to be a steep investment. When it comes to deciding what coverage to go for and what you should expect to be covered by your policy, here are the top things you likely didn’t know about pet insurance for cats.

1. Enjoy an Unlimited Network

Pet Insurance for CatsUnlike most health care policies for humans, where you are only able to visit certain approved health care providers, pet insurance for your cats lets you visit any veterinarian in the USA. This means that you can literally take them to any veterinarian you want, no matter what state you are in, and not have to stress about not getting reimbursed for any costs. Especially for those that want to travel with their cat, the unlimited network gives you peace of mind that wherever you go, you can look after your cat.

2. You Can Cancel at Anytime

While there is likely still fine print to read, pet insurance for cats is easy to be canceled. In fact, the best providers will likely not even ask any questions. This means that whenever you want to stop coverage, it can be done near instantaneously. And more than just that, you can try out the coverage plan for the first 30 days and get a full refund at the end if it is something you don’t want to continue. Knowing you aren’t signing your life away makes it that much easier to commit to for your cat.

3. Pre-Existing Conditions Get Coverage

The best pet insurance for cats also will look after hereditary and pre-existing conditions. This is great news as it means even the older cats will be able to get insurance. While it is often recommended that cats get insured from the time they are a kitten, having the ability to ensure older cats and know that any ailments they come with will also be considered is a huge benefit. This means you will be able to get them access to the best therapeutics, medication, alternative therapies, and exams to ensure their health is always being looked after.

4. Bundle Up Policies for Your Pets

If you have a cat and a dog—which many pet owners do—you don’t have to take out two separate policies and pay two separate premiums. Instead, you can bundle up your pet insurance policy so that both your cat and dog are equally covered and get access to all the health benefits and care they would ever need. And that way you never have to choose between the two and can provide them with equal love and care.

5. Get Coverage at All Times

The best pet insurance for cats ensures that they will be looked after when they are sick, when they get into an accident and when they are healthy. The biggest benefit to this is that regardless of your cat’s health status, you will always be able to afford any health-related procedures they need. Plus, getting your cat coverage for when they are healthy too enables you to take a proactive approach to their healthcare and prevent any diseases or long-term ailments from developing.

Knowing these five things about pet insurance for cats hopefully inspires you to take your own health care policy for them so you can provide them with the very best life.

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