How to Make an Eye Patch for A Cat

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How to Make an Eye Patch for A Cat
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Cats have fantastic eyesight, no doubt about that. It’s even been said that they are among animals with the sharpest vision in the world. Well, that’s quite true considering that your furry friend’s eyes have been designed to help them spot prey quite easily – they are natural predators, remember?

Even domesticated cats still need their excellent ability to note any tiny movements. Without proper eyesight, your cat may not be in a position to live their life to the fullest. That’s why you should do everything in your power to maintain the good health of your furry friend’s eyes.


Eye Infections in cats

Like all animals, however, cats are still prone to conditions or even accidents that may partially or fully damage their eyesight. These are the situations that every pet parent dreads, but the reality is that they can come at any time.

Your cat will most likely develop an infection when their eye is exposed to fungi, viruses, bacteria, and even parasites! Sometimes, allergies can also threaten the good health of your pet’s eyes, although that is quite rare.

One thing that may relieve your tension as a cat owner is that cats are not as susceptible to eye condition compared to dogs. But that’s not a guarantee that your cat cannot suffer from severe eye conditions that may threaten their eyesight.


What are some of the eye conditions to look out for?

1. Conjunctivitis

This is a common eye infection in cats, and it involves swelling and inflammation of the conjunctiva (the pink membrane of the eye). This condition often causes reddening of the eye tissue, and in some cases, a discharge may be released. The infection is also contagious and can be passed from one cat to another.

2. Ulcerative Keratitis

This eye condition, commonly referred to as “Corneal Ulcers,” is quite a severe condition in cats. It’s usually as a result of open sores on the cornea, which is the clear layer through which light passes. The most common symptom of this condition is a cloudy appearance of the affected eye.

3. Cataracts

A cataract is basically a cloudy formation on the eye lens, that prevents light from passing to the back of the eye. It’s a condition that can lead to loss of vision and even blindness in some cases.

4. Glaucoma

If the fluid that enters the eye lacks a way to exit, then it can cause pressure in the eye, which is how glaucoma comes about. This eye condition should be treated as fast as possible to avert permanent blindness or disfigurement.

5. Trauma

This is a relatively common eye problem in cats, and it can be caused by punctures, lacerations, scratches, and others. Mild eye trauma is not so hard to recover from, but severe traumatic injuries can cause permanent damage.

In more severe cases, the eye may even come out from the socket; a situation referred to as Proptosis. Depending, on the kind of eye trauma, your cat may have to undergo surgery to repair or even remove an eye that is severely damaged.

So that your cat can heal more comfortably from the scar, you may want to use an eye patch to prevent the cat from pawing or touching the stitches.


How can you make an eye patch for your cat?

Making an eye patch for your cat is quite easy and has lots of benefits, especially when the cat has undergone surgery and has a wound that can get infected when touched. To make embroidered patches for your cat, you will need the following tools:


How to Make an Eye Patch for A CatStep 1: Get the felt material and cut a square piece of roughly 1.5 inches on each side. High-quality felt material from a fabric store is recommended to discourage itchiness on the scar area.

Step 2: Trim the corners of the felt patch so that they become more rounded. You should ensure that the patch fits your cat’s eye completely while leaving a small amount of extra material all around. If the patch is significantly larger compared to your cat’s eye, you can trim it until it’s only big enough to cover the eye.

Step 3: Cut two vertical slits from the bottom side of the patch. These slits should only be wide enough to let the stretchy cord go through them. They should also be at a short distance from both the right and left sides of the patch.

Step 4: If you wish to make the patch look more appealing, you can use an embroidery machine to create beautiful patterns or even images. That’s however not necessary if you only need a simple patch.

Step 5: Pass the cord via the cuts you made on the embroidered patch starting from the back. You should ensure that you push the cord in such a way that it goes in from the back side of the custom embroidered patch and comes out from the back as well.

Step 6: Pull one side of the cord so that the patch finally lies at the center of the cord. You should then try to fit the cat embroidered emblem on your cat’s head, and mark the point at which it’s just comfortably tight.

Step 7: Sew the marked point so that the cord is joined together, and finally fit the cord onto your cat’s head while ensuring that the patch covers the eye. You should check again to ensure that the patch fits snugly to prevent it from coming off. It also shouldn’t be very tight as it can restrict proper blood flow or feel uncomfortable for your cat.


Bottom Line

It’s no doubt that your cat eyes are significantly important, which is why you should do your best to protect them from anything that may damage them. If, however, the dreaded has already happened and maybe one of your cat’s eyes has a wound that may take some time to heal, then you may want to make a custom embroidered patch to protect the eye. You, however, should consult your vet before deciding to make an eye patch for your cat.


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