How to make a cat bed out of a blanket

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How to make a cat bed out of a blanket
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The do-it-yourself trend of creating things that you should probably only find in the nearest local store is something that has been around for some time now. It doesn’t seem to fade away any time soon, either, especially in the pet world.

In such cases, your creativity is the only thing that should limit what you can achieve. With some handiwork and a little care, you can totally change the way your furry friend naps, using some readily available material. That way, stuff in your home that seemed useless gets some new use.

What’s more? You can even capture pictures of the DIY beds and share them with others to motivate them to do the same. Besides, wouldn’t recycling hat we have in our homes be one of the coolest ways to keep our environment clean?


Making a bed for your cat out of an old blanket

If you have some old blankets lying around, you may have thought that the best place to put them is in the garbage bin. Rather than getting rid of such materials, it would be a great idea to use them creatively to make a comfy bed for your meowing friend. Before doing so, however, be careful with the material you choose as cat and dogs like to be playful when they feel comfortable.

What will you need?

You don’t need alien stuff to do a bed for your cat – it’s a DIY bed, remember? The only things you need in this case are:

Getting started

Once you have everything you needed, it should be time to get to the real action and start making the bed:

Step 1: The first step you should take is to fold the blanket to a size that fits your cat’s preferred bed size.

Step 2: Once you have met the size requirement, roll the two opposite edges of the blanket. You are the one to choose how many inches of the fabric you ought to roll. Just don’t roll too much as that will alter the final size.

Step 3: The 3rd step is to start the sewing process. Sew the first two opposite edges, and then work on the second pair. As you do so, ensure that the two sides are equal in size so that the final product will look good. As mentioned before, be careful when sewing so that the size of the bed does not become too small.

The entire process should be easy to complete and should not take you more than two hours to complete. It, however, depends on your accuracy and sewing skills.


Making a comfier bed for your cat

If you feel like your cat needs more luxury, you can make a different type of bed for them. The only thing you will be doing in this case, however, is to stuff the bed with polyester fiberfill. Some of the things you need are still the ones you were using in the steps listed above.


How to make a cat bed out of a blanketThe things you will need include:


You should then follow the steps outlined below:


Why a DIY bed for your cat is a great idea

You can opt to get a factory-made bed for your cat or better yet let him sleep on the couch or on your bed. Even though those two are great options, a DIY bed for your furry friend had lovely benefits that include:

1. It’s a unique way of offering your cat some comfort
A cat would definitely appreciate some additional comfort, and you can provide exactly that but in a unique way. You don’t have to go for the typical boring options that everyone else seems to use when offering their pets somewhere to get some rest.

2. You can save some cash
Rather than having to get a new bed for your cat, you can make use of the old blankets lying somewhere waiting to be disposed of. That saves you a considerable amount of cash that you can use for something else. Besides, you don’t have to pay to get waste disposal services while you can recycle some material to make a comfy bed for your beloved pet.

3. It helps you become more creative
Making a DIY bed for your pet can improve your creativity level. That’s a good thing when you want to complete other DIY projects in the future. The good thing about creativity is that your imagination fuels it. The better you are at visualizing unique stuff, the more beautiful your projects will be.

4. It’s environmental-friendly
It’s vital that we try to make our environment better collectively, and recycling is one of the best ways to do so. As such, giving your old blanket some new use is an excellent way to ensure that you dispose of only the things that can’t be used in any other way, whatsoever.


Final Verdict

So there you have it – making a good bed for your cat out of an old blanket is an easy thing to do, and it has some benefits as well. The only thing that might be a challenge is helping your furry friend get used to his new bed. That should, however, not bother you if the DIY bed is comfy as it only takes one or two tries and your cat will be good to go.

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