How to Euthanize a Cat at Home without a Vet

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How to Euthanize a Cat at Home without a Vet

Euthanizing a pet in most cases is intended to give the animal a peaceful and painless death. The decision to euthanize the cat pet is one of the tough choices to make. However, it is often opted to help an aging pet cat or one which could be suffering from an incurable or severe medical condition. In this case, the pet owner may decide, and upon consultation, euthanasia is the best decision to implementing.

It may also result from a directive given by a vet officer in culling or reducing the population of the animals. However, pet cat being an animal with a special attachment to the owner, it takes a heart to euthanize. It is also a challenge timing on when it could be the best time to euthanize the cat. The pet owner is also left not sure what to do with the pet cat remains after the process.

There are a couple of reasons as to why one may opt for home euthanasia. One is that the pet cat may have accumulated anxiety from the rides and visiting the vets who may end up adding more stress to the cat. Secondly, the area may not be having access to vet services or clinics. Lastly, the home-based process is considered to allow more time for the pet and the owner to have more time together before they part ways.

The decision to have euthanasia at home may also come with a couple of questions. One may wonder about the pains, costs or even the best technique to use. It is also necessary to have every concerned person understand the process and getting adequately prepared. It is quite helpful for the persons related to finding peace when the time to execute the process comes. Below are some of the things to do to perform euthanasia at home without a vet peacefully.

Preparation for Euthanizing a Cat at Home

Preparedness is vital in deciding the times to put the cat pet to sleep through euthanasia. Bidding the cat farewell is a thing that these pet owners will eventually face, and it is among the difficult moments of owning a pet. Euthanasia requires both the pet owners and the cat to be well prepared. Preparation should start with consulting a vet who will give the ideal procedures. A vet will also prepare the pet owner on what to expect during the process.

Pet owners are also informed of the various possible options they may use to put their cat down. Most vets are the best people to help one understand the entire procedure of performing euthanasia at their homes. The pet cat is often bonded to the point of becoming more of a family member. Breaking the euthanasia news to the family, and especially to the children is likely to affect them emotionally, and thus it requires preparations. It may be a loss too hard to bear, though it may be a lesson to them about the inevitability of death.

Signs Indicating It’s Time to Put the Cat to Sleep

How to Euthanize a Cat at Home without a VetEven when in consultation with a veterinarian, and following the guidance offered through these difficult moments, some indicators are signaling that it is time to euthanize. It is worth noting that that euthanasia is only an option when the pet cat is suffering and can’t enjoy the good quality of life. Thus the process will help ease the problems. Some of the main indicators that one may experience include:

How to put a Cat to Sleep

  1. It starts with deciding whether there is a need to put the cat to sleep. Take into consideration everything to do with the cat’s quality of life.
  2. It is wise to psychologically preparing oneself for the process of bidding the pet goodbye. It helps in grieving the loss with much ease. Petting, comforting and spending more time with the pet in its last moments is highly recommended.
  3. It is worth planning for the best way to end the pet’s life. It is I such instance that doing the euthanasia at home is considered one of the best ways. The process becomes even better if a veterinarian well explains it.
  4. The choice of how to dispose of the body of the cat pet once the euthanasia process is done is worth consideration. Some pet owners prepare special boxes, wrappers or a room.
  5. Prepare ample space at home where the euthanasia process is to be conducted. Most pet owners count the much fees paid here as the value they had attached to their pet.
  6. Ensure that the euthanasia process is well explained before witnessing it getting conducted. The person conducting the process may request assistance in holding the pet during the placement of a catheter in the vein or plain needle injection.
  7. All is now set to have the pet cat euthanized. Calling a vet officer to come and do the process at home is slightly expensive than taking the pet to the clinic for the process. However, it is considered the best way to accord the pet a decent send-off. One is allowed enough time to grieve the process.

Euthanizing a Cat with Sleeping Pills

How to Euthanize a Cat at Home without a VetSleeping pills are one of the many ways which are used to give the cat a peaceful death. Some of the commonly used sleeping pills include Pentobarbital Sodium. This sleeping pill is considered to be a highly efficient anesthetic drug. The drug is also approved by the government drugs department for the euthanasia process. There are two main methods of subjecting the pet cat to these pills. One can either use the oral barbiturates or even give an injection.

However, euthanizing a pet cat by use of sleeping pills is considered more effective if a dose of sedatives accompanies the process. Both the injectable and oral barbiturates are likely to cause pains to the pet upon subjection. Giving the cat a dose of sedatives plays a vital role in helping it relax. Nevertheless, it is not every sedative is recommended. Consulting a vet officer is more recommendable in prescribing the best dose and product to ensure it is harmless to the pet.

The duration of euthanizing a cat through sleeping pills method is quite short. The sedatives take approximately five to ten minutes before the pet is completely relaxed and its brain set into an unconscious mode. Upon the anesthesia injection, it takes about thirty minutes for a complete shutdown of the brain and for the breathing to turn out to be irregular and then stop. In a span of one to three minutes, the heart beats slows and then completely stops.

It is after the pet dies that the pet owner is supposed to use the most preferred method of its body disposal. The two commonly used disposal options are either cremating or burying the pet’s body. Burial option implies that the pet owner also owns a personal land, or can access one somewhere. It is also a hard exercise digging a grave, deep enough for the predators not to smell or even savage the body. Nonetheless, cremation is simple and more preferred. The pet’s body is burnt into ashes which can be collected and preserved in the house or get scattered.

Cost of Putting a Cat to Sleep

The cost of putting the pet cat to sleep variant depending on the location of the vet officer and the size of the pet. As earlier noted, consulting a veterinarian even when doing the euthanasia process is paramount. Larger cats are to cost more when putting them to sleep in comparison to the smaller ones. To some point, the euthanasia process price is likely to get affected by the cost of living within the pet owner’s location.

Generally, the euthanasia procedure costs approximately $45 to $150 for the dosage. Also, one should also consider other costs such as those involved in disposing the dead body before putting the cat to sleep and doing wide consultations with a veterinarian or other pet owners who have ever undergone through the process. Such people offer various options and respective prices accordingly. Cremation is one of the cheapest and highly preferred methods of disposal.

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  1. Angela says:

    This article is confusing. The title says how to euthanize your cat without a veterinarian, but by the end of the article it talks about involving a vet. During COVID19 lockdown that’s pretty impossible for a lot of people, which is how I found this article. The author sounds like English is not her first language, as the syntax in quite a few of her sentences is unclear and somewhat confusing. The link to the sleeping pills opens up to a confusing article about putting your dog to sleep with Benedryl, which doesn’t help with cats at all. Please fix this article or remove it from the internet. Thank you!

  2. Jim says:

    I bring my dogs & cats home for burial. While preparing the grave I have time to say a final farewell. I cover the body with a section of wire fencing or wrap in screen wire. After filling in the grave I place paver blocks over the grave. I live surrounded by woods, with abundant wildlife, and never have had the grave disturbed.

    I’d often wondered if my pet family and I would be together for eternity. After one death I angrily said to God that if they couldn’t be with me, I wanted to go with them; even into nothingness. I wanted to know. I was in our pasture at the time; on a day with an overcast sky. The sun became very bright, like the clouds had cleared, I looked up to see a large round hole in the dark clouds, with thin red wisps of clouds passing across the hole. I’m 69 and have spent a great deal of time outdoors. This was the 1st time I had ever seen anything like this. You may believe in miracles or not, I believe God was telling me i’d be with my family for eternity.

  3. Debra eisert says:

    My cat came from the woods as a kitten but has always lived as a pet and has been spayed. But at 4 years old she has bitten me several times and the last time so deeply that I had to be in the hospital. Do you have any suggestions other than euthanizing

  4. ElLois says:

    Nice article.
    I’ve never really attached to this cat well and I don’t think her to me. Not like 2 cats before her.
    I sort of adopted her at age 5.

    She gets a strange injury to her neck. Her fur hides it but when she begins cuddling on my bed almost all day, I know something is wrong.

    Last time with ABT, trying food after food after she refused to eat kibbles, new litter, lost half her body weight and still buying expensive canned food- well I am beside myself and money is so darn tight.

    I’m thinking about using my insulin and Xanax.


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