How much is a male calico cat worth?

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How much is a male calico cat worth?

Calico cats are cat breeds that are well known for their beauty. These cats have beautiful fur and unique color patterns which they retain despite their age, breed, and sex. The only challenge that comes with obtaining this cat and more specifically male calico cats is that they are rare and as a result one of the most hunted breeds in the world. As a result, this raises the question;

How much are male calico cats worth?

Owing to their uniqueness and the fact that male calico cats are not a species that is easy to find, it is no doubt that these cats can be worth a lot of money. But specifically, how much can you expect to pay for a male calico cat? Hold on since we are going to discuss this in detail today.

Let’s begin by finding out; What a male calico cat is?

How much is a male calico cat worthYou might have been wondering what we have been discussing about when talking about calico cats.

However, note that these are not any different from the cats you interact with day in day out. The only difference is that these are rare breeds, and the term calico defines the color and patterns of the cat’s fur.

Basically, calico cats feature three colors. These colors consist of white, a deep color such as black, blue or grey, and a heat color such as red, brown, orange, or peach. So, this means that you can expect the cat to combine white, one of the deep colors, and one of the heat colors so that you can classify it as a calico cat.

Something else that you have to know about calico cats is that there are those cats that do not only feature three colors, but you can locate others that feature up to six colors. However, the three color combinations are a must-have so that you can classify a cat as a calico cat.

So, why are male calico cats a rare type?

The answer to this question lies in genetics.

First, you must know that for a cat to bear the calico or tortoiseshell fur pattern, it must contain two X chromosomes unlike the normal XY chromosomes in males. The reason is that the X chromosomes are the ones that deliver the heat or deep colors.

So, this means for you to classify a cat as a male calico cat, it must have the three chromosomes; XXY rather than the natural XY chromosomes in males.

Therefore, such a cat must acquire two X chromosomes from the mother and a Y chromosome from the father for it to get the chromosomes XXY.

Why is a calico cat likely to be female than male?

The reason is that a calico cat must have three colors, where X chromosomes are responsible for red/orange and grey/black color.

So, since the female has XX chromosomes, then it is easy for a cat to be female than male since it will feature all the colors.

On the other hand, a male usually has the XY chromosomes. This means that it can either have a black or red color which means that it will not be a calico cat.

Therefore, it is difficult to locate a male calico cat since it is rare to get a male that has the three chromosomes; XXY.

Other facts about male calico cats

Even though male calico cats are a rare species, there are other facts about a male calico cat, and these play a part in determining the cost of a male calico cat.

The first facts is that; There is usually one male calico cat out of three thousand female calico cats. Hence, the probability of locating a male calico cat is usually 0.03% meaning that these cats are extremely rare to find.

The second fact is; Out of 10,000 male calico cats, you are likely to locate one fertile cat. As a result, the rest are sterile which means that these are not the best type when are in need of a cat breed that is meant for reproduction.

Given those facts, therefore, what is the price of a male calico cat?

Generally, male calico cats are worth thousands of dollars where you can expect to pay up to $2000. However, note that this is subject to whether the cat is a pure breed or random breed.

When you are in need of a pure breed male calico cat, you can expect to pay handsomely since such a cat occurs through a miracle or luck.

Now that you have an idea of the value of a calico cat, you might want to answer;

What is the lifespan of a male calico cat?

Let’s say that there are no statistics available to show the length of time a male calico cat can survive. However, their lifetime tends to be less than 15 years which is the lifetime of female calico cats.

The reason behind this is that male cats naturally have XY chromosomes. Hence, by adding an extra X chromosome, the cat is subject to a health condition known as Klinefelter’s Syndrome. This condition affects the cat’s health where your cat can become subject to health issues such as:

Hence, this means that you should not expect the cat to live for a lot of years due to this condition.

Final Verdict

I hope that you now have a precise idea of a male calico cats price.

Note that even though these cats do not have a long lifespan, you can still enjoy a lot of time with your calico cat when you provide it with better nutrition, health care, and good shelter.

So, as you plan to get one of these cats, also seek to get a qualified veterinary so that you can have someone to turn to for routine veterinary care.

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  1. michelle beck says:

    My Daughter cat just had 3 kittens,
    1 female black, 2 male calico
    White, orange and black.

  2. Jennifer Geri says:

    I do believe I have a little newborn little boy Calico kitten and his maybe like 3 almost 4 weeks old so what do I do

  3. Kathy lange says:

    I have a male that is mostly gray and white but has some yellow / tan in his face. is he worth anything?

  4. John says:

    My cat is male and has white, grey, dark brown, and a little orangish-brown on him. He is already nuetured, is he worth anything?

  5. John says:

    He also has black on him

  6. Gina Dillon says:

    I have a male calico and his sister. Same dad different mom.

  7. TTayor says:

    FYI, your lead picrure is NOT a male calico cat. He is a rather handsome tiger tabby. This is the NATURAL wild colouration of a domestic cat, and every other colour that you see has evolved from this beautiful coat with its black stipes on a mottled yellowish background.

    The charateristic that distinguishes a proper calico cat is that the colours are inclearly defined patches that may be completely irregular. They are NOT stripes of two alternating colours.
    So a calico cat may have stripes, but it will have not have black and yellow stripes- it will have a whole atch of JUST ORANGE stripe. And the orange is ORANGE, not tiger yellowish grey.

  8. WOW my friend has discovered she has a male calico kitten! I’m so excited for her.

  9. Cindy Moore says:

    Can you tell me how much a Male calico cat sells for

  10. I have a calico kitten. And the male looks just like your photo

  11. Christie says:

    My blue female cat just had a litter of kittens 12 days ago.2 are solid black(including noses),black & white and a male calico.The male calico is beautiful and seems to be full of energy.Id like to find more info.on these rare cats.

  12. Marc Redmond says:

    I have a 1 yr old male calico in need of a good home

  13. Jeannie Fischer says:

    We have a male calico, I was told that it should be worth to sell since it is rare with a male one? Who Can I contact with the breeder
    Who is interested ? He is about 8 weeks old !

  14. Jarrett D. says:

    I have several calico cats with different patterns on them and I have them all the time,I am serious!I would sell them but I just don’t know how to do that and most of them are beautiful but I have a bunch any advice on this is helpful!Thanks

  15. Charles Lytle says:

    I own a 3 and a half week old male kitten and her mother is a Calico, he is doing just fine and got a taste on his own of Friskies wet cat food today even those he’s still nursing. His name is precious.


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