How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost

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How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost
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Siamese cats, which originated from Thailand, are a unique breed of loyal and affectionate pets. Their uniqueness is characterized by their long legs, huge ears, and pointed markings. Other than their unique appearance, they are also intelligent and love being around humans, especially their owners. These cat have, as such, gained a lot of popularity and are considered to be an ideal pet by cat lovers.

If you’ve got plans to purchase a Siamese cat, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the cost does vary depending on several factors. If you’re after a budget-friendly price, then getting your feline friend from the shelter would be a desirable thing to do. This is in consideration that a pedigree purebred Siamese would cost you so much money.

It’s also worth noting that the final cost of owning any pet is not only about the purchasing price, but also the maintenance price as well. Nonetheless, here is what you need to know about the cost of owning a Siamese feline friend.

Cost for buying a Siamese Kitten

How Much Do Siamese Cats CostMany pet parents would rather buy a kitten than get a cat since they get some joy from nurturing the kitten and seeing it grow to become an adult. Getting your kitten from a shelter is not as costly as getting it from a breeder.

If you plan to buy your kitten from a breeder, that should cost you anywhere from $300 to $450. At times, however, the cost of owning a kitten can go as high as $600 depending on the breeder and several other factors.

Cost for buying an adult Siamese cat

The cost of buying an adult Siamese cat can vary a lot, since there are many variable factors such as quality, genealogy, and others that affect the final price. Another major thing that greatly affects the final cost is their distinctive point markings and the coloration. The main groups in terms of color are as follows:

There are other colors as well, but the above are the most popular in addition to being approved by the CFA. Even though the urge to buy a Siamese cat is almost irresistible, the cost forces most people to take a step back.

This is in consideration that normal origin Siamese cats whose colors and features are not so noticeable will set you back anything from $600 to $800. If, however, you want a premium origin Siamese cat with noticeable features, be prepared to give $850 to $2,000, depending on the breeder.

Additional costs

After buying your cat at the mentioned price, it doesn’t end there. You will have to bear several other costs, as discussed below.

# Travel costs

Unless you’ve bought your cat from a neighbor who happens to be a renowned breeder of Siamese cats, you will have to find a way to bring your cat home.

If the breeder is in a different location, you can opt to ship your cat, and expect to pay about $1.54 per mile if the distance is less than 100 miles. If the distance is more than 100 miles but less than 1,000 miles, you will have to pay about $0.42 per mile.

You can also opt to fly your cat, even though that is quite an expensive option. When flying with your cat, you will have to pay approximately $125 to cover your feline friend’s airfare. You may also need a pet carrier in such a case. Using a pet carrier can cost anywhere from $24.99 to $169.99.

# Spaying and neutering

It’s advisable to have your cat spayed or neutered, even though such decisions are personal and completely reliant on your preferences. However, spaying and neutering have several benefits, one of which is reducing cancer risks.

Having these surgeries performed on your Siamese cat at a shelter home should cost you about $100 to $350. As expected, the same procedures would cost more when done at a private vet clinic.

# Regular health checkups

Siamese Cats health checkup CostEven though there is not much to worry about Siamese cats considering that they are healthier in general, there are still some illnesses such as Feline Asthma and others that can affect their health.

As such, it’s highly recommended that your cat gets regular check-ups to ensure that they are always healthy. Such checkups will cost between $80 and $500 even though that may depend on the vet.

# Pet supplies

If you’ve decided to own a Siamese cat, be prepared to give them the attention that they need. Also, they tend to roam around and can be quite troublesome if they don’t have anything to do. For this reason, you may want to get some supplies to keep your cat busy.

The following are the main supplies that you may require and their prices.

  1. Cat Food

Buying a basic dry kibble should cost you between $5 to $8 for a 4-pound package. If, however, you’ve decided to purchase canned or frozen food, be prepared to pay anything from $16 to $38. There are cheaper foods out there, but you’re highly discouraged from settling for cheap.

  2. Toys

Keeping your Siamese cat entertained is also an important thing to do as they tend to get bored pretty easily. Something like a simple yarn ball can go a long way in keeping your feline friend busy. Teething mouse, scratcher toys, and teaser toys are other great alternatives that start from $3.99 and above.

  3. Litter box

Litter boxes are available in different types, with specialty litter boxes costing anything from $20 to $150. You can also buy a designer litter box, though these are more expensive. Another option that still works great, depending on the situation, is buying disposable litter boxes that are available online at varying prices.


In conclusion,

With the information above, you can make an educated guess on how much it will cost to purchase and maintain a Siamese cat or kitten. On average, you would have to spend $50 to $60 every month to cater to your cat’s needs.

Nonetheless, if you are comfortable with the cost of purchasing and maintaining a Siamese cat, you can confidently head to a shelter or pet store of your choice and bring your cuddly and affectionate feline friend home. Keep in mind that the costs are, however, close estimates which can easily vary depending on the location, quality, and type of the cat, and other factors.

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