7 Potential Causes for Cat Throwing Up White Foam

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7 Potential Causes for Cat Throwing Up White Foam

Have you ever seen a cat throwing up white foam? If you have a cat, I know for sure that it is a pretty common activity when you see it vomiting. But most owners have a problem when they realize that it’s throwing up white foam. This is opposed to either food or water. When you realize that it is white foam, I know for sure that you will get scared and many questions will start lingering your mind. Now, one thing that you have to understand that cats vomiting white foam will mean different reasons. They start ranging from hairballs all the way to gastric problems. We are here to educate you on the common reasons that make cats to puke a white foamy liquid.

What Causes Cats to Vomit?

1. If your cat skips a meal, then it will prompt it to have a foamy vomit

The stomach has been designed in such a manner that it receives food. For act, it will prompt it to vomit if by chance it had expected to have food but the food never came. The stomach of a cat emits bile, hydrochloric acid and gastric when it prepares itself to eat. These are vital components and are supposed to be released to aid proper meal digestion. The problems emanate when the cat does not get the food which it had prepared itself to eat. The hydrochloric acid that is emanated might lead to irritation of the stomach. That means when you see a cat throwing up white foam, then it might be as a result of a change in their feeding program.

2. It might be a sign of hairball

Foamy vomiting can be sometimes as a result of hairballs. Cats sometimes get hairballs when they swallow some hair as they carry out during out their grooming duties. Now, if you find your cat throwing up foam and you don’t notice any hair in it, hairballs can be the possible problems. At the same time, you need to watch your cat if it is making some noticeable hacking sounds. If it does, then it is a precursor to producing the mass hair. When the hair masses up and forms up something like a plug, it may strain out some liquid that appears to look like a foam. You also need to watch your cat for other possible signs like constipation and reduced appetite.

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3. The cat might be suffering from stomach inflation

Stomach inflation can also cause the cat to vomit. This is a kind of condition that most people know as gastritis. Cats consume various kinds of food and by bad lack they consume food that harms their stomach lining, the he/she might experience gastritis. A cat that is suffering from this kind of problem, they will throw up foam, fresh blood, bile, or even food. You need to watch your feline how it is eating. Suffering from excessive vomiting and even experiencing loss of appetite might be due to gastritis. You also need to look for other symptoms like depression, dehydration, stomachache, and sluggishness. The best remedy for such a feline is taking it to the vet for an examination.

4. Change in diet

This is a crucial thing because when cats are used to eating some certain kind of food and then you change it abruptly, they will tend to resist hence vomit. The result of this kind of resistance is the cat skipping to eat a meal or even decide to eat it later than the normal time that they are used to. This is what happens. If you decide to feed your cat with new food, and by bad luck they don’t have a warning, the stomach of the cats will produce digestive juices which they need to break down that kind of food. The unusual thing is that, that kind of juices will be produced whether the cat eat the food or not. So, it is common knowledge that foamy vomiting will occur as a result of that.

5. The cat can also be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome

This is a kind of disease that causes various stomach and gastrointestinal problem in cats that are affected. Cat vomiting white foam occurs when cells that are unwanted invade the gastrointestinal tract. This will also lead to inflation. When the cat starts to experience such kind of problems in its stomach, it will be pruned to vomit to release some liquid from the stomach.

6. Adrenal gland disease

This is also a kind of condition that might result to a cat throwing up vomit that is white. When a cat suffers from this disease, the production of cortisone if always hampered. It is believed that it can affect both old and young cats. But the most affected are the female kittens. You can notice this kind of problem by symptoms such as muscle weakness of the cat, low blood sugar, withdrawal, and diarrhea

7. Overeating

Eating in excess in a probable cause that can lead to a cat throwing up white foam. Kittens are not always used to diets and they are not trained on when they will get food in their dish. The result of this is that when they get food, they will tend to overeat because they are not aware of when they will get the next meal. You need to examine the vomit because it might range from a foam substance that is white to one that is yellow. This is due to the presence of bile.

What is the right time for you to panic?

The only time that you need not to worry at all is when you realize that your cat is vomiting due to hairballs. But when it does not eat for up to 24 hours, the hairball might have been too large to cause frequent nausea, vomiting and even be a cause of the intestinal blockage, something that will need to be taken seriously. Other problems like poor eating time schedule can be resolved by as a person. Feed the cat regularly and when you realize that the cat does not want to eat some food, always take care. If you want to change its food, do it in a slow but sure manner. This will give it time to take in and get used to the new food.

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