Everything you need to know about cat shock collars

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Everything you need to know about cat shock collars
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Cats, who doesn’t love these furry pets? For sure, most, if not all of us, do love these pets. They are great companions who are loved due to their hunting abilities. However, we cannot deny that these pets can be annoying at times since they usually have an idea of just what they need to do so that they can ruin your mood, to the point you are left to wonder whether they own the place or you do.

While there are many methods to control such behavior and modify it, today, we shall pay attention to cat shock collars. You will find a lot of these collars on the market, but what we are left to wonder is whether cat shock collars are safe to use, whether they are effective, and why we should or shouldn’t use them.

To get an idea of these and much more, here is a coverage which I believe will end up being helpful once you read to the end. So, keep reading and learn more about cat shock collars.

What is a cat shock collar?


cat shock collars

Based on the name, it wouldn’t be difficult to guess what a cat shock collar is. But what is it specifically?

A cat shock collar is a device that looks like a regular collar, only that it contains an electric device that acts to deliver a shock when intended. As a result, it serves as a great choice when you want to alter your cat’s behavior without inflicting any pain.

How does a cat shock collar work?

The theory behind a cat shock collar is based on a transmitter and the collar itself. These rely on each other where the collar emits an electric shock that shocks the cat’s neck once you press a transmitter device. The reason is that the transmitter sends a signal to the collar as soon as you activate the transmitter. Therefore, you can sit down, watch your cat’s behavior, and press the button as soon as you note that it is about to engage in an unwanted behavior.

As a result, your cat will engage the shock with the unwanted behavior causing him/her to fear engaging in it once more.

Is a cat shock collar an effective way of deterring a cat?

To me, I think this is a cruel way to correct your cat’s behavior. After all, how do you expect your four-legged friend to learn the right and wrong through punishment?

In as much as this method may seem to be highly effective, this is not the case at all times since a determined pet will get its way to what it wants. In addition to that, cats do not understand punishment and they don’t respond to it, which means that this might result in confusion, stress, and aggression.

Types of cat shock collars

1. Unmanned shock collars

As the name suggests, these types of collars don’t call for you to be around so they can be effective. The collars are of two types consisting of:

2. Remote-controlled shock collars

These collars are controlled using a hand-held remote control. Therefore, they will only be effective when you are controlling them so that you can activate the collar by pressing the remote.

Why do people use cat shock collars?

Shock collars are used for training purpose, and this is usually by uninformed pet parents. We cannot deny that pets are usually notorious and this is why most parents prefer to use a cat shock collar to modify behavior.

Besides that, these collars can be used in conjunction with an invisible fence, where the fence is installed to prevent your pet from roaming in places that it is prohibited. The cat shock collar acts to complete the circuit of the fence so that it can get shocked as soon as it tries to enter that place.

In as much as this method may seem to be effective, we do not recommend it since this will result in your cat getting confused since he does not understand what you mean by punishing him. After all, if he happens to wander through the invisible fence and receives a shock on his way out, he/she might get confused to the point that he will wonder why he is receiving the shock.

So, instead of using a cat shock collar, it would even be better to ignore his annoying behavior until he stops. The reason is that physical punishment or yelling at your cat only instills fear without making him/her understand that the behavior is wrong.

Are cat shock collars safe to use?

Generally, cat shock collars are designed to be safe for your cats. However, it is worth noting that overusing the cat shock collar can result in a panic or allergic reaction for your furry friend. Therefore, it is necessary that you know the different levels of intensity that these collars adopt and use one that will be effective for your cat. Also, you may opt to use beeps from the cat shock collar since these can aid in training the cat over time, just to be safe.

Things to consider before buying a cat shock collar

When you decide to go the cat shock collar way due to an extremely problematic cat, there are a few things that you should put in mind before spending your cash on these products. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. The intensity of the shock

    How much shock can your cat bear without resulting in a negative behavior? If you want to purchase the best collar for your cat, then you will need to get a collar that bears a shock that your cat will withstand. After all, too much shock may lead to fear and some health hazard, and you do not want to deal with that. So, better opt for a collar with adjustable shock intensities and that your pet can withstand.

  2. Cat shock collar or a dog shock collar?

    It is worth noting that other animals too have their shock collars designed. For this reason, you should talk to your vet or seller and get to know for which animal the collar is designed. The reason behind this is that dog shock collars bear a lot of intensity which can be harmful to your cat. So, only buy a collar that is designed for cats when you want to get a product that will work for your cat without resulting in a health issue.

  3. Type of the shock collar

    Shock collars come in different types where all of them include different features. For instance, you will note that some of these products bear a warning beep which you can use to notify your cat of a shock that will come up in case it crosses a certain line. On the other hand, other shock collars adopt a vibration feature with adjustable intensities which you can opt instead of shocking your cat. Therefore, be sure to inquire about the additional features so that you can have an idea of the convenience.


Alternatives to cat shock collars

When you want to control the annoying behavior of your pet, there are other methods you can use, and some of these are safe so that you do not have to worry about the intensity of the shock delivered by cat shock collars.

For instance, you can opt to go the traditional way where you can be patient enough to assume the behavior of the cat until it stops. Besides that, you can opt to get the following cat deterring spray.

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray

Motion-activated unscented spray

Cat shock collars - PetSafe SSSCAT Spray

This is a motion-activated spray that will help you keep pets away from restricted areas. It features a motion sensor that acts to detect the pet’s movement so that it can release a quick yet harmless burst of annoying spray to deter the cat from going further to the spot you do not need it. The spray’s nozzle can release a spray that covers up to 3feet so that the cat is warned from a distance.

You can get it for use with cats and dogs of all sizes. Once the spray becomes, depleted replacement cans are easy and quick to replace so that you can keep the training going. The motion-activated spray requires 4 AAA batteries which you need to get separately.

Final Verdict

As I conclude, I recommend that you give a try to positive reinforcement techniques before opting for a cat shock collar. Sometimes, being cruel to your pet might just result in fear and as if that’s not enough, physical and mental health issues and stress. So, unless you have tried the rest of the methods and your cats ends up being stubborn, do not give a try to cat shock collars.

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