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Although some pet parents think that a sphynx cat is a low-maintenance cat, the fact is that this cat needs grooming from one time to another. While there are many ways to groom a Sphynx cat, bathing it is one of the best ways to ensure that he is clean and healthy.

In doing so, you will need the best shampoo for sphynx cats. Such shampoo should be designed to take care of the cat’s unique skin without resulting in adverse effects or reactions. So, let take a look at the best options availed for you when buying this shampoo.


Introduction to the best shampoo for Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats are a rare breed of cats known for their lack of fur or coat. The hairlessness in these cats is quite natural, whereas it occurs as a natural genetic mutation.  Unlike other cats, these rare breed of cats features a skin that tends to be oily and prone to bacteria buildup and feline acne. As a result, the cats require a bath at least once a week, the reason it is worth buying the best shampoo for sphynx cats.

While buying a shampoo for sphynx cats, there are lots of factors to consider, given that you will be required to buy shampoo that is friendly while used on sensitive skin. Let’s have a look at some of the features that the best shampoo is required to integrate, and later on, we shall have a look at the best brands to consider while looking for such shampoo.


How to choose the best shampoo for sphynx cats

Truth be said. We all purchase shampoo for our sphynx cats for different reasons. While some of us will want to buy a shampoo that will leave a nice smell on our cats, others simply want a shampoo that will get rid of the dirt without much emphasis on the smell. That said, let’s have a look at the factors that you must consider before settling for your preferred product, given that each shampoo is designed to serve a slightly different purpose from another.

1. Safety

The first factor to consider when buying a shampoo for your sphynx cat is safety. Do not forget that these cats have a gentle and sensitive skin. In this regard, safety is of utmost importance. As a result, look for a shampoo that doesn’t feature harsh chemicals. The reason behind this is that you don’t want a shampoo that will strip and dry out the skin.

So, read the ingredients and avoid shampoo that includes ingredients that your cat is allergic to. Also, consider purchasing gentle cleansers designed to remove excess oils while maintaining the integrity of the skin. You should also get a shampoo that is infused with vitamins since these support the health and well-being of the coat.

2. Gentle and natural ingredients

The best shampoo for sphynx cats should include gentle and natural ingredients. For instance, get coconut-based shampoo when you want a formula that will dissolve excess oil gently without stripping the skin. Moreover, get a shampoo that contains Aloe Vera when you want to reduce the effects of itchy skin or enhance the moisture-retention ability of the skin.

Jojoba oil, chamomile, and oatmeal are other ingredients to look for, given that these deliver a moisturizing, soothing, and nourishing experience. Avoid shampoo that contains soap, more importantly, when you are planning to use the shampoo for frequent washes since such a formula strips the skin its natural oils resulting in dry skin.

3. Skin type

So what type of skin are we talking about? If your cat’s skin is oily, you will want to pick a shampoo that features ingredients that focus on cleaning. On the other side, if its an extra-sensitive skin or the skin of kittens, you should opt for a hypoallergenic formula. On the other hand, opt for a shampoo that contains soothing ingredients such as aloe Vera or oatmeal while dealing with a cat with dry skin.

4. Shampoo strength

Just like other cats, Sphynx cats differ in behavior. While some love exploring dirty and dusty places, others prefer to nap on clean surfaces. So, which type are we talking about? If its the cat that loves to explore dirty places, then you will want to acquire shampoo that is designed to let you do that with a lot of ease. On the other hand, a mild shampoo will work perfectly while dealing with a sphynx cat who loves sleeping in clean areas.

5. Scent

Are you sensitive to smell? Well, you will want to consider that, since it is of no use to buy shampoo that will disgust you, whereas you are the one to do the bathing. Shampoos come in a range of options. There are those that produce a strong smell, others a mild smell, while others are scent-free options. So, determine the best type for you so that you can buy one that works for you and your cat.

6. Water-less or water-based formulas

Let’s face it. Some cats love water while others do not like the feeling of it. With a sphynx cat who loves to bath, then you will not have any problem using the water-based shampoos. For cats who hate the feel of water, you will be required to pick a water-less formula. These shampoos do not require any rinsing, which means that all you are required to do is massage the shampoo on the cat’s skin without the need for using water to rinse.

7. Cost versus quality

Well, we all have a budget to stick to while buying any product. Although the price gives us a brief idea about the quality of the shampoo, this is not the case with all shampoos. That said, you will want to think about the money you have and the value the product has to offer.

Unless you are paying more to get a shampoo with unique and special qualities to help you take care of the health of the cat’s skin, then it wouldn’t be of any use to get an over-priced shampoo without more value in it. So, consider the uniqueness of the shampoo, as well as its ability to lather well and uniformly, so that you can invest in shampoo that is really worth your hard-earned money.

10 best shampoos for sphynx cats

1. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

100% biodegradable natural Soap Free Pet Shampoo

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Address the needs of dry and itchy pet skin once you adopt the Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. As the name suggests, it is a totally natural pet care product. The shampoo features 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free products. It is formulated using oatmeal and aloe. Because of this, it can promote healing, combat skin irritation, and re-moisturize sensitive and dry skin.

Also, the shampoo is PH-balanced and soap-free. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it affecting your cat’s skin, but it can leave the pet’s coat soft, plush, and brilliantly clean. You can use this product when looking for a shampoo for sphynx cats that is designed to combat irritation.

This is based on the fact that its ingredients are recommended by veterinarians to promote healing and moisturize dry skin. Moreover, the pet shampoo can leave your sphynx cat smelling good. The reason is that it combines almond oil and vanilla, leaving your pet with a heavenly smell.


  • The shampoo is safe and gentle on the skin.
  • It is smooth, soft, and easy to use.
  • It lathers perfectly.
  • Perfect for allergic pets.


  • The shampoo leaves some residue behind after rinsing.
Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo

2. Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Hypoallergenic and Soap Free Blend with Aloe Gel

Make your Sphynx cat’s bath time a pleasure with Pro Pet Works Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner. This is an all-natural organic shampoo and conditioner. It features a mixture of vitamins A, D, & E, aloe extracts, and almond oil. The benefit of this is the ability to soothe the skin, which makes it a natural and effective way to relieve skin issues and allergies.

Another benefit of the shampoo is that it doesn’t irritate the cat’s skin, eyes, or nose. The reason is the soap-free and detergent free design, which makes it suitable when used on kittens and cats with sensitive skin. Also, the shampoo can help to maintain hydrated skin. The reason is the included aloe vera that makes it an effective moisturizer.

Almond oil features natural vitamins E. The vitamins maintain healthy skin cells, they protect the skin from UV radiation damage and help the skin to repair fast making it suitable when used in cats with sensitive skin. Asides that, the shampoo contains fatty acids. These retain the moisture of the skin to help heal chapped and irritated skin.

You can get this shampoo while looking for one that is designed to create a small print on the environment. The reason is that the ingredients are 100% biodegradable and made using recycled materials. Asides that, you can get the shampoo when looking for the best shampoo for sphynx cats with sensitive, dry, and itchy skin. The reason is the PH balanced design and the fact that it doesn’t contain sulfates, harsh chemicals, fragrance, or added colors.


  • The detergent-free shampoo doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • It helps to deodorize stinky pets.
  • The shampoo maintains fresh-smelling pets.
  • It is therapeutic and soothing to the pet’s skin and coat.


  • The smell isn’t similar to that of oatmeal.

3. Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath

No Rinse Waterless Dry Shampoo for Cats

Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath

Are you looking for a shampoo for sphynx cats who dislike bathing? Well, I would recommend the Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath Shampoo. As the name suggests, this is a waterless shampoo that doesn’t require rinsing. As a result, it acts as a great choice when looking for the best shampoo for water-averse cats.

That’s not all, but the shampoo is veterinarian formulated and recommended. Because of this, you can use it on all types of cats, including those with sensitive skin. The waterless cat shampoo is made using natural ingredients. Specifically, it features vitamin E, aloe vera, neem oil, and oatmeal.

Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative that is rich in antioxidants. The ingredients combat environmental pollutants and protect the skin against free radical damage. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, & E and amino acids. As a result, it provides nourishment, while the Acemannan in it helps to preserve and protect the moisture content of the skin.

Oatmeal is another ingredient that preserves the natural skin moisture content to help soothe and calm dry and itchy skin. On the other hand, neem oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins E, and emollients to help soothe the skin and maintain the moisture levels for the overall well-being of the skin.


  • The shampoo is easy to use, given that it doesn’t require rinsing.
  • It soothes and moisturizes dry skin.
  • The shampoo lathers fast.
  • The fragrance is pleasant and it doesn’t overwhelm cats.


  • The shampoo is a little bit sticky.
Burt's Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo

4. Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Best Shampoo for All Cats and Kittens with Sensitive Skin

A fast and easy solution to groom sphynx cats lies in acquiring Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Shampoo. Safe to use, it features 99.8% natural ingredients. The ingredients are hypoallergenic, enabling the shampoo to clean and soften dry skin and condition it as well.

That not all, but the shampoo is sulfate free, PH balanced, colorant-free, and cruelty-free. Because of this, you can use it on all types of cats including those with sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic shampoo is vet recommended. Hence, it is suitable when used on kittens and cats. Also, it doesn’t feature any fragrance, making it suitable for super-sensitive cats.


  • The shampoo comes in a variety of sizes.
  • It is tearless and hypoallergenic.
  • It lathers well.


  • It takes a lot of water to rinse.

5. Bayer HyLyt Shampoo

A gentle, hypoallergenic, soap-free formula

Bayer HyLyt Shampoo

Provide a deep clean that is gentle and safe for your feline companion with Bayer HyLyt Shampoo. The shampoo is a gentle, hypoallergenic, and soap-free formula. With it, you can provide routine cleansing and moisturizing of the skin and coat of cats, horses, and dogs. Not only that, but the soap is suitable for managing dry, sensitive, and flaky skin since it incorporates essential fatty acids.

Another benefit of the shampoo is that it combines humectants and emollients. As a result, you can use it for routine cleansing and moisturizing of the skin and coat. The rich lathering formula further incorporates a pleasant coconut scent. The scent leaves pets clean and refreshed, which means that you do not have to deal with unpleasant pet smells.

What more, the formula is soap-free. The benefit of this is that it doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural protective oils. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a dry or irritated pet coat. Besides cleaning and moisturizing the skin, Bayer’s shampoo can also wash away irritating environmental allergens including pollen.


  • The shampoo leaves a pleasant fragrance on the coat.
  • It is suitable for dry, sensitive, and normal skin.
  • The shampoo is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for sphynx cats because of the sensitive skin.


  • The smell goes away within two days.
  • The shampoo is quite expensive.
Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

6. Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Hypoallergenic Conditioning Deodorizing Formula for Cats

A safe alternative to cleaners that contain harsh chemicals is Bodhi Dog All-Natural Anti-Itch Oatmeal Shampoo. Specially formulated for pets with sensitive skin, the natural oatmeal shampoo is 100% non-toxic and free of detergents and alcohol. Because of this, it doesn’t irritate the skin, which makes it suitable when applied on sensitive skin.

Another advantage of shampoo is its high-quality natural ingredients. To be specific the shampoo is an all-plant botanical-based moisturizing shampoo. It contains Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, D, & E, fruit extracts, coconut, and oatmeal proteins. Because of this, it can provide instant cooling and a calming relief when applied to inflamed and damaged skin.

The oatmeal pet shampoo is hypoallergenic in nature. As a result, you can use it while cleaning allergic pets. What’s more, it features a light apple scent. This scent coupled with baking soda offers antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties enabling it to act as a natural pet deodorizer that instantly neutralizes pet odor.


  • The shampoo doesn’t contain SLS, parabens, and stripping Ethyl alcohol.
  • It soothes and moisturizes dry and itchy skin.
  • The pet shampoo treats dandruff and pet dander.


  • The shampoo is advertised as a spray, but the bottle doesn’t feature a sprayer.

7. Mooncat Waterless Cat Shampoo

Suitable for All Cat Types. Contains Safe Ingredients

Mooncat Waterless Cat Shampoo

Transform your cat’s wet scratching frenzies into a relaxing wash with the help of Mooncat Cat Shampoo. As one of the best shampoos for sphynx cats, this is a waterless shampoo that comes in a bottle that uses a quiet and non-threatening hand pump. Because of this, the shampoo doesn’t require any rinsing, while the hand pump doesn’t frighten the cats, making it suitable when used on cats that hate bathing.

Better, the shampoo is made using safe ingredients. To be specific, it features 97.6% natural ingredients, while it excludes synthetic colors, parabens, alcohol, silicone, and phthalates. The benefit of this is the ability to apply it to cats with sensitive skin without worrying about allergic reactions. The formula is infused with allantoin and natural amino acids. These enhance moisturization, making it suitable for cats with dry and itchy skin.

Additionally, the shampoo is mildly scented and tearless. In return, you can use it when you want to eliminate the bad smell of cats, and better, use it for cleaning pups without worrying about it getting into their eyes. Besides using this shampoo on sphynx cats, you can use it for all types of cats, despite the breed, fur type, and hair length. The reason is its ability to soften the fur making it easier to comb and maintain.


  • The shampoo results in an amazing smell of the coat.
  • It plays a role in stopping the itch.
  • The formula dissolves oils and impurities without the need for rinsing.
  • The shampoo dispenses easily.
  • It foams perfectly.


  • Limited size options.
Espree Silky Show Shampo

8. Espree Silky Show Shampo

Made with 100% Organically Grown Aloe Vera

Provide a relaxing and no-fuss spa day for your feline friend with the help of Espree Natural Silky Show Cat Shampoo. Made using 100% organically-grown Aloe Vera, it is a perfect choice for the best shampoo for sphynx cats that is safe to use. Furthermore, the shampoo is formulated using natural silk protein and safflower oil.

The benefit of this is that it can clean, moisturize, and condition the coat, which makes it suitable for repairing dry and damaged coats. Besides using this shampoo for sphynx cats, you can use it on other types of cats and dogs given the ability to improve the texture and shine for manageable combing and brushing.


  • Refreshing and pleasant fragrance.
  • The shampoo regenerates a silky and soft coat.
  • It doesn’t result in irritation on pets with sensitive skin.


  • The shampoo doesn’t lather perfectly.

9. Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo

Made with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Chamomile

Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo

Do you have a sphynx cat that is suffering from flaky, itchy, and irritated skin? If that is the case, the Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo is the solution to providing soothing and safe relief. The shampoo contains 100% natural ingredients. In return, you can use it with all pets including those with sensitive skin.

Narrowing down to the ingredients, it features Shea butter, oatmeal, and Aloe Vera. Oatmeal acts as a natural anti-itch solution, Shea butter promotes a healthy coat, while Aloe Vera soothes irritations and itchiness. Hence, you can expect it to aid in the restoration of the normal PH balance, and help to get rid of the nasty infections.

Something else that makes this shampoo a great choice is the smell. The shampoo can leave a fresh and clean smell on the cat which helps to get rid of the overpowering doggie smell. Besides using the shampoo on sphynx cats, you can use it on other types of cats and dogs. The reason is the ability of the shampoo to restore a thick and full coat while tackling flakes, hives, and dander.


  • The shampoo doesn’t result in eye irritation.
  • It treats a variety of dermatological issues including rashes, hives, and irritation.
  • Its smell and texture are usually appealing.
  • The shampoo lathers nicely and rinses perfectly.


  • It dries the skin when used excessively.
Jungle Pet Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo

10. Jungle Pet Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo

Moisturizing, Nourishing – with Aloe Vera

A practical solution for those who want to groom their sphynx cats is Jungle Pet Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo. Designed for a moisturizing, soothing, and nourishing effect, the shampoo features Aloe Vera which brings soothing relief to itchy, dry, and flaky skin. Adding to that, it incorporates oatmeal.

Oatmeal features a natural soothing agent that is great for hotspots and designed to soothe itchy skin. On top of that, there is chamomile. This ingredient provides a moisturizing and nourishing experience resulting in shiny and silky smooth coat and fur. The shampoo further includes Pina Colada scent. The scent leaves your pet with a clean and fresh smell, which is an added bonus to the clean coat and soft fur.


  • The hypoallergenic formula is suitable for cats with sensitive skin.
  • The shampoo is perfect for continuous use since it is sulfate, paraben, and soap-free.
  • It makes a rich lather.
  • It restores the natural moisture of the skin.


  • The scent doesn’t last for long.


Why do I need to bath my Sphynx cat?

You have probably been dealing with the other breeds of cats and opted for a Sphynx cat since it seems like a low maintenance cat because of the hairless design. However, contrary to this belief, these cats aren’t low maintenance as they may seem. You are required to wash them frequently to keep them clean.

A simple explanation of why this is the case is_ cats with fur use it to draw dirt and oil away from the skin. When cats shed the hair, most of the dirt goes along with it. For sphynx cats, the dirt and oil have nowhere else to build up, apart from the skin.

As a result, the skin of these cats gets dirty and oily, which means, if not washed, the cats might start to smell and get a skin discoloration. To avoid that, washing your feline companion should be a task that you should do frequently to keep him or her fresh and comfortable.

How many times should I bath my Sphynx cat?

Well, this depends on the cat and the skin condition. Although these cats require frequent bathing to remove dirt and oils from the skin, frequent bathing can result in skin dryness in some. That said, if your cat is not used to bathing, start slowly and get to see how the skin reacts, for you to determine the frequency at which you should bath her.

For instance, you could choose to bath her once in every two weeks. If she is oily and dirty in between the baths, you could switch to washing her once in a week. On the other hand, choose to wash her once in every three weeks if the skin looks dry after bathing. You can also opt to use wet wipes designed for sensitive skin between the baths, for a cat who gets very dry after bathing.

Apart from washing, which other grooming habits are necessary for my sphynx cat?

Although baths take the highest percentage of the grooming habits that will keep your Sphynx cat clean, there are other grooming habits to consider, and these include:

Nail grooming

Sphynx cats need to have clean and neat nails. Hence, take some time to clip the tips of the cat’s nails if they are too sharp. In doing so, you can protect your cat from scratching her coat and hinder bloodshed, more importantly, when she has to deal with a bath that she doesn’t like.

Ear Grooming

Let’s face it, you can’t clean the inside of your cat’s ears while bathing her. To clean the inside of the ear, you will need to get the best ear wash for her. Drip some ear wash to the inside of the ear and she will shake her head to get rid of the dirty solution.

Pore grooming

As we had said, sphynx cats are prone to oil buildup, but the oil has nowhere else to go but settle on the skin of the cats. As a result, these cats are likely to be victims of blackheads and acne. If you happen to notice clogged pores on your cat’s skin, exfoliate the pores and use a cotton ball with diluted witch hazel to treat the area.

Eye grooming

Sphynx cats find it challenging to keep dirt out of the eyes, given the fact that these cats don’t have eyelashes. Therefore, if you happen to notice dirt build up in your cat’s eyes, use a warm and damp cloth to wipe the dirt out, starting with the outer corner as you work your way into the inner corner.

Should I use my baby shampoo while bathing my Sphynx cat?

Yes, you can. However, note that this shouldn’t be occasionally. Although baby shampoos are designed to be gentle on the skin, note that they are not formulated with a pet’s skin in mind. So, avoid using such shampoo for long-term use, unless if it’s an emergency.

Should I apply lotion to my Sphynx cat after bathing it?

Yes, you can. In doing so, get a gentle lotion designed for use on hairless cats to help maintain a soft and moisturized skin.


Final Verdict

Having established the factors to consider when you want to buy the right shampoo for your sphynx cat and the 10 best shampoos for sphynx cats, I hope that you will make the best decision when purchasing a shampoo for your cat. Remember, safety is the key when buying this product. That said, I would recommend that you buy either of the reviewed shampoos.

These products are made using natural ingredients to enhance the wellbeing of your cat without causing her harm. Better, some of the shampoos are soap-free formulas, which means that you don’t have to worry about them resulting in dryness, which makes them suitable for continued use. So, buy the product that pleases you the most among the reviewed products, and if you enjoyed the list, feel free to share it and leave a comment about what you think about the products.

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