Best Treats for Chihuahuas

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Best Treats for Chihuahuas
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Do you own a Chihuahuas & looking for the best treats for Chihuahuas? Then definitely you are at the right place. Chihuahuas is the most popular and cute dog in the world of puppies because people are fond of it. Therefore, you should know the Best Treats for Chihuahuas to interact entirely with him and take care of him by giving massage and understanding his needs.

It is essential to learn a lot of things to strengthen the emotional bond with your Chihuahuas. However, in this guideline, we will guide you about the healthy treats for your Chihuahuas.

Top 5 treats for Chihuahuas review

1. Healthy Soft Chewy Dog Treats for Chihuahua

Tasty Flavored Snack for Small Medium or Large Pets

Healthy Soft Chewy Dog Treats for Chihuahua

Healthy Breeds product is one of the healthy dogs treats available on the market with just 4 calories per treat. Therefore, you should feel happy while giving your dog these nutritional treats. The formula of healthy breeds has the perfect blend of dried blueberry, as well as dried cranberry and chicken liver. Therefore, it is very appealing for Chihuahuas that they become salivate by just hearing the bottle shake. yummm!!!

On the other hand, it is the perfect treat for all breeds, ages, and sizes. You can search for your breed. Furthermore, this product is made in the USA in FDA, USDA, and FSIS, and the best thing is they regulated manufacturing facilities for safety and purity.

However, if your Chihuahuas have any allergies, you can check out their Gluten-Free or Grain-Free Beef or Chicken Freeze-Dried as they all are the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs. Therefore, healthy breeds are essential for dogs which are according to given instructions by the consultants. This is the best dental chews for chihuahuas.


  • Brand: Healthy Breeds
  • Weight: 0.55 Pounds
  • Ingredients: Gluten-Free, Beef
  • Low Calories -only four calories per treat
  • For Small Medium or Large Pets


  • Healthy Breeds are Gluten-free or grain-free, which is highly suitable for Chihuahuas with a sensitive stomach.
  • It is available in Small size treat packaging for your ease.
  • Healthy breeds treat Nutritious, tasty as well as full of aroma.
  • There are only four calories in each treat.
  • Soft Chew


  • Expensive
Zuke's Mini Natural Dog Treats

2. Zuke’s Puppy Naturals Training Dog Treats

Less than 3 calories per treat

Zuke’s Natural-Dog Treats are nutritious and delicious. This product is the top-notch and best food for Chihuahua puppy. Therefore, it is a popular choice of consumers among Chihuahua families. Furthermore, it cost-friendly, and the packaging bags can be re-seal for your convenience.

This product is soft, small, and the best dental chews for Chihuahuas. Moreover, the food is full of flavor; therefore, it is liked by even picky eaters. Each recipe of this product is prepared with natural premium ingredients with protein as the main ingredient and savory herbs like turmeric and fruits like cherries and berries. Therefore, it is the Best Treats for Chihuahuas as they are a very nutritious food.

You have an open choice to select a suitable recipe from the different protein sources that include duck, Salmon, Chicken, rabbit, and pork. On the other hand, vegetarian families can buy the peanut butter and oats recipe. Therefore, you should prefer Zuke’s natural dog treats for the best feed to make healthy food.


  • Brand: Zuke’s
  • Treat Flavor: Rabbit
  • Item Weight:0.38 Pounds
  • Low Calories – Under 3 cal. per treats
  • Mixed with berries and savory herbs


  • Protein is the main ingredient of the Zuke’s Natural treat that is very healthy for Chihuahuas.
  • The treat offers various recipe choices.
  • Zuke’s Natural treat is highly nutritious, tasty, soft as well as small in size.
  • It is available at a budget-friendly price.
  • There are No artificial ingredients included in the product.
  • best dog bones for chihuahuas


  • It is not grain-free that can be difficult to digest for Chihuahuas, who have a sensitive stomach.


3. Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Treats

Mini crunchy puppy treats

Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Treats

Wellness Natural-Pet food is tasty food to train your dog. This product is formulated with all-natural premium ingredients for making it the best chew treats for Chihuahuas. Therefore, it is so Nutritious healthy. It is available at Affordable prices and facilitates you with an option between a 3 oz bag and a 6 oz bag on purchasing. That’s why you can start with the smaller bag to test if your Chihuahua will like it or not. If he wants this treat, then you can buy a big bag. Wellness considered to be one of the best food for chihuahua puppy.

The main ingredient of this treatment is a protein. You have two options for choice; one is premium crunchy Chicken and carrots. The other one is Salmon and lamb. This treat is the best food for Chihuahua puppy because it contains a DHA ingredient available in the milk of nursing Chihuahua.

Furthermore, Wellness Natural-Pet food has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Is it not enough? It is grain-free, which means it is the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs because it does not contain soy, corn, etc.


  • Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food
  • Weight: 0.81 Ounces
  • Ingredients: Gluten-Free, Beef
  • This product is Grain-free


  • Wellness Natural Pet Food is Affordable to buy.
  • This product is Grain-free because it is made with all-natural premium ingredients.
  • It is Soft and mini-sized as well as easy to chew for Chihuahuas.
  • The product offers two protein recipe options.


  • Wellness Natural Pet Food is formulated for puppies, not adult dogs
Hill's Grain Free Soft-Baked Naturals Dog Treats

4. Hill’s Grain Free Soft-Baked Naturals Dog Treats

Delicious, soft, grain free dog treats

Hill’s Ideal Balance treat is Natural and soft-baked with Chicken as well as Carrots. Therefore, it is known as the best dental chews for Chihuahuas. It is a rich combination of Chicken and carrots’ unique flavors to make a positively delicious savory treat. It is one of the best treats, which is known as Hill’s ideal balanced treat.

Chicken is the main ingredient of food, which provides Chihuahuas enough protein to maintain muscles. Hill’s Ideal Balance treat is grain-free dog treats, which means there is no corn, wheat, or soy and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, which make it the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs.

This treat is an ideal Balance treat as healthy nutrition compatible with other Ideal Balance dry and wet dog foods, serving as the best treats for chihuahuas. Additionally, it offers other Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Chihuahuas treat flavors that include Beef and Sweet Potatoes and Duck and Pumpkin. In a word, it is the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs.


  • Brand Name: HILL’S
  • Treat’s Flavor: Chicken & Carrots
  • Lightweight: 8 Ounces
  • Delicious & soft treat for Chihuahuas
  • Proper nutrition in every satisfying bite


  • It is delicious due to the rich-flavor of Chicken and carrots.
  • There are no artificial preservatives or colors included.
  • Hill’s Ideal Balance Treat is highly digestible grain-free.
  • It is a softly baked treat in different flavors.


  • It is for little adult Chihuahuas

5. Purina Busy Bone Dog Treats

Center made with real meat | 100% rawhide free

Purina Busy Bone Dog Treats

Purina Busy Bone is the best dog bones for Chihuahuas to fuel your little dog with the flavor of delicious love. Real meat at the center of the chewy bones enables him to feel affection and that you love him. Purina Busy Bone is manufactured with a unique twisted shape to let him engaged in the reward you have given him. This product is the best dental chews for Chihuahuas for your tiny adult dog chew treats.

No artificial flavor, preservatives, or colors are included in this treat; therefore, it is 100% natural and healthy dog treat. On the other hand, the red meat is rich in flavor that makes salivary and proves to the best dog bones for Chihuahuas. This treat will surely satisfy his taste buds. As this treatment has no rawhide, it enhances Chihuahuas’ capability to chew that plays an essential role in cleaning his teeth.

It is the Best healthy dog treat for Chihuahuas to strengthen the emotional bonding between you and him. It is normal if you can’t offer this treat daily, but you can often give this treat as a reward to him. Therefore, you need to use the dogs’ ideal treat because the perfect treat will benefit their health.


  • Brand Name: Purina Busy
  • Flavor: Original
  • Weight:1.1 Pounds
  • Real meat for a taste dogs crave


  • Purina busy Bone is made with real ingredients.
  • There are No artificial additives, colors, and preservatives.
  • They are flavorful and delicious.
  • Purina busy is a chewable bone for Chihuahuas, which has a unique twisted shape.


  • It is available in one pack option.
  • You can’t offer this treat daily, but you can often give this treat as a reward to him.

Why do you need to choose the best treats?

A punctual Food habit with healthy treats is mandatory for the breed of Chihuahuas. They are known as the smallest breed of dog. But their characteristics are not the same as a dog. Generally, dogs are not too shy and sensitive, like Chihuahuas. They need special nutritional needs to keep them healthy and fit. They are usually aggressive and timid.

It would be best to deal with it the proper way and serve them healthy and fresh treats. In this article, you will find the best treats for your pet Chihuahuas. Just pick the best chew treats for chihuahuas and have a great petting.

Things to consider before buying the best treats for chihuahuas.

It is essential to choose the best treats for their healthy living style. You should keep some points in your mind before selecting a treat for Chihuahuas.  Here we discuss some of the ones:

Consider the treat’s texture

It s essential to find the correct texture. The soft food texture is perfect for the baby Chihuahuas. Cause they can’t chew the hard textured food.

Consider natural ingredients

A good treat should contain healthy and safe ingredients with flavorful and delicious taste. Try different flavors on Chihuahua to get an idea that he prefers a crunchy treat or wants a chewy texture like bones, etc.

Skip treats that contain allergies to chihuahuas

Most of the treats are richer in protein, but many Chihuahuas are allergic to the protein in their food. Therefore, you should choose a treat with a limited protein source to be on the safe side.

Consider low-calorie treats

Keep in mind that should not be a substitute for real food, and they should only take a fraction of your dog’s daily food intake. It is recommended that treats should not be more than 10% of your Chihuahua’s natural diet.



There are many questions asked about the best treatment for Chihuahuas, especially by newbie parents of him. Therefore, we have answered here some essential questions below that can be helpful for you.

How many times should I give my Chihuahua’s treats?

You should not give treat more than 10% of Chihuahuas' original diet, so do not exceed two times per day.

What happens if I give my dog too many treats?

The most severe consequences of so many treatments are that you will make them unhealthy and overweight and spoil their real diet pattern.

Can I give my dog bananas and other fruits?

Yes, but in a moderate amount. Bananas and other fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals; therefore, they are a healthier snack.

Can I give my dog ice cream?

Most Chihuahuas are allergic to dairy, and ice-cream has milk, which leads to vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas.


Final Verdict

Treats are ideal for training your Chihuahuas for the reduction of hunger pangs before the time of their original feed. However, they should not exceed 10% of his daily calorie intake. Choose Healthy and nutritious treats to avoid salty and fatty snacks, which can spoil Chihuahuas’ health and make them sick.

I hope you have enjoyed the list of a treat for Chihuahuas while reviewing the Chihuahuas’ top 5 treats. It is essential to choose the best treats for Chihuahuas and avoid unhealthy snacks. Furthermore, Chihuahuas love treats, and which product’s treat you are giving to them is one way to strengthen an emotional bond with them. Therefore I will recommend choosing one of the products we have discussed above for delicious snacks.

So what do you think? You can share your experience and thoughts below in the comment section. Share it if you like this article, and it is helpful for you. It is easy to find Chihuahuas’ best treat after reviewing the above products, which are mostly made for the Chihuahuas.

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