6 Inexpensive And Effective Ways To Help A Pitbull With Allergies

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6 Inexpensive And Effective Ways To Help A Pitbull With Allergies

Among the four seasons, Spring is the one we love the most. The temperature is warm, we get more sun, and life begins to sprout everywhere. For your bluenose pitbull, Spring is also a time when seasonal allergies show up.


What causes spring allergies in dogs?

Allergies stem from the surrounding blooming vegetation. Heavy pollen is one of the triggers of allergies in dogs. Other causes of dog allergies during this time include;

Some dogs do just fine during springtime. However, if your bluenose pitbull puppy or adult dog is prone to spring allergies, look out for these symptoms;

When you notice any of these signs, your bluenose pitbull pup is allergic. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your dog breezes through the spring season with fewer problems.

1. Reduce exposure to allergens

Ways To Help A Pitbull With AllergiesOne way to reduce bluenose pitbull allergies is eliminating exposure to allergens. In Spring, pollen comes from grass, weeds, flowers, and trees. Reducing outdoor activities with your dog can help tone down those allergic reactions.

It is necessary to change your daily walk routine. Avoid walking your dog early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the high levels of pollen outside. Find new paths with fewer trees and grass. Do not walk your dog through fields or parks if he is allergic to pollen.

A little housekeeping will be necessary as well. Ensure you clean your dog’s underside, legs, and paws when it comes in from outside. A portable dog paw cleaner is the best way to keep your dog’s paws clean on the go. In addition to cleaning the paws, create a routine for regularly cleaning all surfaces that your dog sits, walks, or sleeps on. Start with your dog’s toys, feeding bowls, and beddings. Wash his beddings with hot water once a week to remove pollen and other allergens.

Consider investing in a dog foam mattress.  A foam dog bed is less likely to house pollen, dust, mites, and other allergens that can trigger bluenose pitbull dog allergies. Also, get a protective cover for your bed or couch. It prevents your dog from transferring allergens onto the bed or sofa while snuggling with you.

Do not forget to clean the blue nose pitbull kennel as well. Sweeping the kennel removes food particles, dirt, and debris that can harbor allergens. Use a pet-safe disinfectant to kill any disease-causing pathogens in the kennel.

Keep the windows to your house closed during the pollen season. Aerate your home later in the day when pollen emission is lower, preferably later in the morning or the afternoon.

2. Weekly oatmeal baths

An oatmeal bath is a hidden gem for curing pitbull skin allergies. Oats have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe itchy and reddened skin. Also, regular oatmeal baths could help moisturize dry, itchy skin in bluenose pitbull dogs. Another benefit of oatmeal is that it adds a barrier to prevent loss of moisture.

How to make an oatmeal bath for a pit bull;

  1. Toss a cup of oatmeal into a blender and grind into a powder
  2. Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as it can cause the skin to dry up and itch further.
  3. Pour the oatmeal powder into the bath and stir.
  4. Let your dog get in and soak in there for about 15 minutes
  5. Proceed to wash your dog with the oatmeal water and a pet-approved shampoo
  6. Rinse your dog’s coat with a clean, dry towel
  7. Brush your dog’s coat to remove pet dander and matted hair. Brushing also makes the dog’s fur smooth and shiny.

3. Improved nutrition

Proper nutrition is necessary for your dog’s health. During Spring, minimize carbohydrates in your dog’s diet as they are known allergy triggers. Instead, incorporate anti-allergy foods that stop the dog’s immune system from triggering an allergic response.  Natural proteins like veal, beef, or chicken are great anti-allergy foods. Also, add some potatoes, pawpaw, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil for dogs. Reduce grains and any grain-meal products from your dog’s diet as well.

4. Pet supplements

Healthy skin provides natural protection against bluenose pitbull allergies. Adding pet supplements into your dog’s diet can help fortify his skin. Consider adding fish oil capsules that are rich in healthy proteins and fatty acids. It helps nourish the skin from the inside out, making it healthy, elastic, and strong enough to fight allergies.

If you cannot get a hold of fish oil, an alternative would be getting your dog an all-rounded solution like Bullyade nutritional pet supplement. Bullyade has over 22 vital amino acids that dogs require for healthy kin. Bullyade also packs other vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy dog skin.

5. Allergy skin sprays

An allergy skin spray is handy whenever you go out with your dog. If you notice your pup scratching or biting excessively, apply the allergy skin spray to its coat directly. It not only provides relief against itching, but it also adds a protective layer that prevents future allergic reaction. Ensure the allergy skin spray you choose is vet-approved.

6. Allergy Shots

An allergy shot may be necessary if your dog has severe seasonal allergies. Rush your blue nose pitbull to a vet if it gets overwhelmed with seasonal allergies. The vet will administer allergen-specific immunotherapy to reduce recurring allergic reactions. This therapy will last six months to a year before you notice results. Fortunately, allergy shots are known to cure a dog’s seasonal allergies for good.



Springtime does not have to be a pain for your excited blue nose pitbull dog. With the above remedies for controlling seasonal allergies, you and your dog can enjoy the beautiful sun and plenty of outdoor activities. Seek medical advice if your dog’s allergies get worse than before or if he reacts to an anti-allergy product you are using.


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