8 Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Product for Your Pet

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8 Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Product for Your Pet

A lot of pet owners give their furry little friends CBD oil to improve their health conditions or ensure healthy aging. To ensure their pets experience the benefits this oil provides, people often look for the best CBD product on the market. Some of them even grow their own cannabis in a grow tent in their home to be sure the product they give their pets is safe.

If you are looking for a CBD product for your pet, you don’t have to grow cannabis at home. You need to know what to look for in a product. Here are 8 tips to help you choose the best one for your pet.


1. Buy from a Trusted Manufacturer

One of the first things you should check is the manufacturer. Knowing which company manufactured the CBD product you want to buy will help you determine whether or not it’s good for your pet. You can check the company by visiting their website, social media profiles, online stores and sites like Amazon, and reading their customer reviews. All of these things, especially the customer reviews, will tell you if the manufacturer is reliable and whether their products are quality or not.

2. Check the Country of Origin

Knowing where the cannabis comes from can tell you whether or not it was grown under proper conditions. Accordingly, if it’s grown in a country where growing cannabis is legal, you can be sure that its growing was supervised and followed strict rules. However, if it’s grown in a country where growing it isn’t legal, it might have been grown on unhealthy, contaminated soil and improper conditions. So, always buy CBD product that uses cannabis grown in the USA or another country which has legalized cannabis growing.

3. Buy a Product with Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of Analysis is a report provided by an independent laboratory that checks the contents listed on the label. In it, you can find the contents of the product and their amount, including the potentially harmful ones such as MCT, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. It’s especially important when checking for THC content because the legal limit is 0.3% maximum. If a product doesn’t come with this certificate, don’t buy it.

4. Choose a CBD Product with CO2 Extraction Method

In order to produce oil, it needs to be extracted from the cannabis plant using a certain extraction method. There 4 main methods: CO2, dry ice, olive oil, and solvent extraction. Out of all these methods, the CO2 is the best and the solvent is the worst. Therefore, always choose a CBD product that used the CO2 extraction method. If you can’t find or afford such (they are pricey), you can go for a product that used the dry ice or olive oil method. But, you should never buy a product that used the solvent extraction method.

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5. Choose Full-Spectrum Over CBD-Isolate

Full-spectrum CBD product is a product that contains all the chemical components from the cannabis. This includes cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), THC, CBG, and CBC, terpenes, flavonoids, and other components naturally occurring in the plant. The CBD-isolate, on the other hand, contains only cannabidiol (CBD). While choosing which type of product is up to you, it’s better to choose full-spectrum. It’s because all the components work together to provide your pet with the maximum benefits. Buy Hemp wholesale products here.

6. Choose Hemp Oil over Marijuana Oil

The CBD oil (product) comes from Cannabis Sativa. This plant has two species: marijuana and hemp. The difference between them is that marijuana contains 20% THC and over 10% CBD and the hemp contains 0.3% THC and over 20% CBD. Therefore, you should choose a product that is derived from hemp instead of marijuana. In that way, your pet will experience the benefits of CBD without getting high.

7. Go for an Organic Product

Apart from considering the country of origin, you should also consider the way of growing cannabis. Always choose a product that derives from organically-grown cannabis. This means that the plant has been grown without using pesticides and other harmful substances, on healthy and clean soil and water.

8. Choose CBD Product With Nano-sized Emulsion

The emulsion method plays great importance in the product’s power and quality. It’s because it determines its bioavailability and absorption. There are three emulsion types:


As you can see there’s a difference between the types in terms of the particles’ size and absorption power. Since the nano-sized emulsion type is the best, you should always try to find a product with that emulsion type. But, if you can’t you can choose a product with liposomal emulsion.

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