Best CBD Products for Your Pet

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Best CBD Products for Your Pet

Cannabis is a plant which always sparks off debates and controversies even at the slightest mention and now what is even more controversial is CBD products for pets. So what does it mean when a company or a pet owner says he/she gives their dog CBD treats? Does it mean that their dog now gets high? If you are among the many people wondering about the topic, don’t worry because we are about to address and let you in on all the details regarding the CBD products for pets craze.

What are CBD products

A few decades ago, no one could have dreamt or thought of a world where cannabis would be legal for medicinal purposes, and two decades later most states are now loosening the ropes regarding the plant, and one of them is California, and there are perfectly good reasons behind that. For instance, most studies and research findings show that marijuana contains two main compounds, namely THC and CBD and of these two, THC is the only compound which causes psychoactive reactions in the brain. Therefore CBD does not cause the user to get high and what makes it even better is that it packs a lot of health benefits for the body. That is the reason why its use is now legal for medicinal purposes, and today it is used to make pet products.

Why should I consider them for my pet?

Just like humans, pets such as dogs also undergo different ailments and pains which CBD can offer relief to. Since most pet owners want the best for their furred companions, they prefer giving such products to their dogs because besides getting them to be healthier, they also minimize or reduce the number of prescriptions which their four-legged best friend would have to take by using one product to cure different conditions. Therefore if you love Fido and want what is best for him, then CBD for dogs will help keep him healthy, reduce the medical burden of having to take different prescriptions when sick thus he’ll be less stressed, much healthier and happier. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your Pooch getting high because as mentioned earlier, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. However, it is essential that you consult your veterinarian before you offer any CBD product to your furred best friend.

Uses of CBD products for pets.

To treat anxiety
Dogs continuously suffer from anxiety and depression. For instance, when their owners go to work or when separated from another pet they were already used to, man’s best friend tends to get separation anxiety, and as such, they should be offered CBD for dogs as it tends to help them relax and calm down

Boost appetite
Even though it is not easy for a dog to lose its desire for food, but when undergoing digestion problems, they may lose their desire for food. CBD products for pets are suitable for their gut and will help ease whichever problem they are having with their digestive system and additionally boost their appetite. Moreover, even dogs undergo joint inflammation and pains, and one of the most well-known benefits of CBD is that it offers relief to chronic pain and arthritis.

Prevent cancer
Dogs and other pets are prone to cancer. Fortunately, CBD products for pets help prevent the ailment, and if unfortunately your dog already has cancer, you don’t have to watch them suffer from the side effects because CBD also offers relief to them. CBD for dogs is also suitable for seizure and epilepsy treatment.

Different forms of CBD for dogs
Just like it is with medical weed for humans, CBD products for pets come in various types to give the buyers choices and also a chance to buy according to the needs and requirements of their pets. Below is a bullet point list of the different types of CBD for pets.

CBD products for pets

CBD oil extracts
As the name suggests, these type of CBD products for pets are oil based and hence are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream of the pet, therefore, should be administered in small amounts. However, they may not be easy to offer because your dog will resist.

Similar to human medical weed edibles, these are infused with your dog’s favorite food and treats to make it easier and fun for them to ingest. For instance, some of the best CBD dog treats are infused with butter which as we know is a favorite amongst Furbabies. That is not only easy for them but also for you because now you do not have to force them to ingest.

These are meant for external use only. They come in the form of salves or creams and help in treating allergies and chronic pains such as arthritis. They are also easy to administer because you only apply them to your pet’s skin. Additionally, worries about your dog being high are eliminated because they are not in contact with their bloodstream.

CBD tincture

This form of CBD is in liquid form and is offered orally. To make it easy for a dog owner to administer it, there is a dropper which comes as part of the package. They are not as strong as CBD oil extracts but are useful when it comes to offering relief to muscle pains and also easing anxiety and nausea.

Now that you know what CBD products for pets are and their benefits to your fur baby, it is also essential that you get them nothing but the best for maximum benefits. That is why we put together a list of the best CBD dog treats suppliers in the market currently.

If you want to buy online, Find CBD dog treats here.

What is the right Dosage and where should you buy?
If you buy from the right and also trusted supplier such as the one listed above, then you do not have to worry yourself about the right dosage because it is usually indicated on the product. However, if you decide to make it yourself, the recommended dosage is 1mg in a day although it’s advisable that you start with 0.005 mg to monitor the reaction of your best friend. However, if you notice that your pooch is becoming too drowsy, vomits or experiences itchiness when you administer topical ones, then you should try and reduce the amount you are giving.

What the future of CBD products for pets looks like
As the research on CBD continues, things are looking quite bright for the future of CBD for dogs. Reason being, more discoveries of the benefits of these products are made with each dawn, and also more states are now joining in the wave of legalizing the use of CBD products. Furthermore, hemp is now sold and grown legally, so we look forward to seeing even more CBD products for pets in the market.

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