4 Helpful Horse Grooming Tips and Tricks

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4 Helpful Horse Grooming Tips and Tricks

Did you know that spending time around horses can benefit your mental health and wellbeing? If you’re thinking about getting a horse, either for your mental health or to spend time riding, you’ll need to be prepared to learn how to take care of it properly.

Unsure how to get started? You’re in the right place for help.

Keep reading to learn the best horse grooming tips to follow to keep your horse looking and feeling its best.


Preparation Is Key

Before you get started, you need to make sure you have your grooming tools ready. Generally speaking, you’ll need the following items:

You also need to become familiar with grooming basics, like how to stay safe while taking care of your horse. Be sure to stand off to the side when working on your horse’s legs. Additionally, you’ll want to move slowly, in a non-threatening way so your horse feels safe.

Work on Your Horse’s Coat, Mane, and Tail

Helpful Horse Grooming Tips and TricksOnce you have your supplies ready, use the curry comb to gently loosen any dirt that’s stuck in your horse’s coat. You can do this by sweeping the comb in a circular motion all over its body. However, be careful working over sensitive bony surfaces like the hips and shoulders.

As you work, pay attention to your horse’s body language. If it appears agitated, then you need to be more gentle.

Next, use the tail brush to comb through your horse’s mane and tail, removing any tangles. If you notice that its tail doesn’t look as healthy as it could be, read this post on how to make a horse’s tail grow.

Finally, use the finishing brush to smooth your horse’s coat and make it shiny. You can also apply a grooming spray with added sun protection to keep your horse’s coat healthy.

Clean Your Horse’s Hooves

After working on its body, you’ll want to move down to your horse’s hooves. To do this, hold the hoof in your hand and use the hoof pick to remove any dirt or grit. At this time, you should also inspect the hoof for signs of cracks or injury. If everything looks good, apply the hoof oil to keep the area healthy and nourished.

When you’re finished, repeat with the remaining hooves.

Clean Your Horse’s Ears and Eyes

The last piece of grooming advice we have for you is to clean around your horse’s ears and eyes. To do this, use a damp soft cloth to gently wipe its eyes and look for signs of possible infection. If its eyes are watering or red, this could be indicative of an issue.

Then, slowly and gently use the cloth to wipe around its ears, removing any remaining dirt. After that, you’re all set!


Follow These Horse Grooming Tips

After reading through these grooming tips, you should have a better idea of how to groom a horse safely and effectively. Now, it’s time to get to work so your horse looks and feels its best!

Looking for more ways to care for your horse? Browse through our other articles on all things animals before you go.

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