Hippotherapy and Its Benefits

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Hippotherapy and Its Benefits
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Hippotherapy is a method of rehabilitation through therapeutic horse riding. It’s a form of therapy where the equine plays a major role.

Hippotherapy is becoming popular nowadays. More and more riding clubs are including hippotherapy in their list of services. But unfortunately, some centers provide rehabilitation classes without consulting doctors. They don’t have professional instructors-hippotherapists or horses specially trained for hippotherapy. Such classes don’t meet the desired purpose and those who visit such a rehabilitation center are unlikely to achieve success.

People who provide rehabilitation services but aren’t professional hippotherapists can’t help people in need duly. There’s a bunch of rules that must be followed strictly in order to achieve the main goal of hippotherapy.

The first and foremost rule is to do no harm. The instructor must have extensive knowledge of medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, and recreation. This will provide quality hippotherapy services. Such traits as patience, kindness, empathy, and ease of communication are also important.

How Hippotherapy Works

Hippotherapy and Its BenefitsHippotherapy is a series of horse-assisted therapies that are used to cope with the patient’s specific problems. The scope of the therapeutic effects of hippotherapy is rather wide. It includes rehabilitation, educational, psychological, and psychosocial programs.

A hippotherapy professional uses these systems and correlates them depending on the needs of the patient. This requires the instructor to know various developmental disorders, diseases, and their treatment. They must also know the behavior of horses. In turn, the equine must be specially prepared for hippotherapy sessions.

The horse is the most important part of working with a patient. The patient’s role is not to control the animal but to respond aptly. By adjusting their body to the horse’s movements, each step of the equine disrupts the rider’s balance. Thus, they must adapt their own muscles to maintain a position in the center of the horse’s back. Movement, touching the animal, different positions, and exercises allow the patient to achieve a range of goals.

During the hippotherapy session, the patient and the horse become one. The role of the trainer is to analyze the patient’s reactions and adjust the horse’s moves (pace and direction) according to the patient’s needs. The horse, as a therapeutic tool, is unique. In fact, the animal can help to deal with many problems.

Forms of Hippotherapy

Physical, mental, and psychosocial problems in one area may cause the risk of disorders in other areas. When choosing a system of hippotherapy classes, you should understand that. The forms of hippotherapy presented here are not “harsh”. They can all be mixed when taking into account the general characteristics of the rehabilitation course.

The common forms of hippotherapy are the following:

Benefits of Hippotherapy


In the Nutshell

Hippotherapy helps patients to interact with the environment and bond with a horse. It stimulates the development of psychomotor skills, improves and balances the emotional state. Hippotherapy is not just a riding lesson, it’s a form of therapy that produces the desired results and helps make people happy. Look for a horse professional that will lead you the whole way.


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