How CBD hemp oil can helps with 6 Common Dog Health Problems

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How CBD hemp oil can helps with 6 Common Dog Health Problems
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Dogs come in all shape and sizes and no two breeds are identical. Because of this you always need to be on the lookout for breed specific illnesses. Today, however, we are going to look at 6 common health issues that affect all dogs across the spectrum. And we are going to look to see how CBD hemp oil can help with each, because no one wants to build a separate medicine cabinet for their pups.


Obesity is a common problem for a lot of dogs, and it can lead to a lot of health issues. Their stupid cute faces just always seem to draw us in and we can’t help but give them a fatty treat. While we all probably need to be better and give less high-calorie treats, CBD may let us give an extra one or two threats to our fluff nuggets.

CBD has been found to be fantastic for the metabolism and helps by:

Arthritis and Stiffness

This is an all too common and incurable medical condition that many parents of older dogs see, and it’s heartbreaking to see our once vigorous pups struggling to get up and move around. So many people have seen fantastic results when they give cannabis oil for dogs for arthritis. Many say it breathes new life into them.

CBD will not only help reduce inflammation but will also provide pain relief and give your pup the confidence to stretch out those limbs. So make sure you have that tennis ball ready to go.


Cancer takes the lives of half of all dogs. That’s painfully shocking to hear, and we couldn’t believe that statistic either. CBD is a powerful tool for fighting cancer because it helps in two incredible ways.

You can find a mountain of studies on CBD and its effect on different forms of cancer, and the evidence that it can help with cancer regardless of its location in the body is amazing.


Idiopathic epilepsy often first presents itself in dogs under a year old, meaning a lifetime of medication that in high doses leads to damage organs and changes in personality.

Common Dog Health Problems

Many dog owners have found success with CBD oil, as it can slow the rate of seizures, help in the moments leading up to them, and can lessen their severity when they are occurring. With CBD oil you may never have to increase the dosage of their epilepsy medication to dangerous levels. As well, giving CBD may allow you to bring down the dosage of those same medications.

If your pup is experiencing seizures and is on medication for them, you’ll definitely want to talk to your veterinarian about CBD oil.


Anxiety can strike at any time, even in older dogs that have never shown symptoms before. Often younger dogs’ anxiety stems from loud noises and separation anxiety, while cognitive decline may lead older dogs all of a sudden developing chronic anxiety.

Many dog owners find CBD oil to be a huge help for relieving anxiety and stress regardless of the source that’s causing it.


This next one is a shocker for two reasons. First, did you know that many dogs can get diabetes? So much so that’s it’s called a silent disease. Second, CBD has been shown to help regulate insulin levels and may make for one powerful medication for preventing diabetes. One study found that it decreases the occurrence of diabetes by over 50%.

Because diabetes’ silent nature in dogs, preventive is the key and it just happens that CBD is great as a preventative measure of a wealth of different medical conditions.

Finding CBD Oil

Common Dog Health Problems
Finding great CBD oil is much more of a hassle then it should be. From companies deceiving their customers by claiming their CBD is derived from hemp and not cannabis, to choosing poor quality hemp as their source. Innovet pet can be the perfect place to find a company that works to provide complete transparency and offers CBD oil derived from high-quality hemp.

More info here for CBD dosage.


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