Can dogs eat beets?

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Can dogs eat beets?

You might have been wondering; Which vegetables are safe for my dog to eat and which ones are not? In such a case, you might have included beets in these wonderings, which leads us to answer the question; Are beets safe for dogs? To help you find out, here is a discussion that will give you an idea of what beets are and if they are okay for dogs. So, scroll down and be sure to get the answers you have been seeking to get for a long time.

Beets. What are they?

beet or beetrootTo begin with, let’s find out what beets are.
A beet also referred to as beetroot, is a herbaceous plant which is grown as a source of food to humans and some herbivores. It is dark red in color, and rich in fiber, vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, among other contents. As such, it a great choice when used by humans as food.
Owing to this fact, however, can dogs eat beets? My simple and straightforward answer is; Yes. But, let’s find out why, and in what proportion beets are safe for dogs.

Reasons you shouldn’t worry when feeding your dogs with beets

1. Iron content

The first reason to feed your dog with beets is that these vegetables contain a good amount of iron. Because of this, they are a great addition when you use them on a dog that is anemic or one that has lost a huge amount of blood.

2. Fiber content

Another reason to try out beets is due to their high fiber content. This makes them an excellent choice when you have a dog with gastrointestinal problems. However, you should be careful not to give your pooch too much of beet since this can block the GI tract, which can result in diarrhea, stomach upset, and vomiting.

3. Low-calorie content

When you want a treat for over-weight dogs, then you will not make a bad decision when you opt to use beet. The reason? Beet is a vegetable that doesn’t have a lot of calories. Hence, it aids in maintaining a healthy liver while protecting the dog from acquiring unnecessary weight. Besides that, this vegetable aids in an improvement of blood flow and blood pressure since it contains natural nitrates that convert to nitric oxide which plays a part in the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels.

4. Detoxification Properties

Another plus of feeding your pooch with beets is that they do not have any toxins. Even better, these vegetables feature detoxification properties. The reason is that they support the ability of the liver to cleanse and detoxify the dog’s body, where the pigments in the beets hook up to unwanted toxins to neutralize and remove them out of the body. As a result, they are a great addition to a dog’s meal, having in mind that these pets are exposed to a lot of toxins including those in pollutants, vaccines, steroids, antibiotics, as well as food chemical preservatives. So, do not underestimate the importance of beets when it comes to fighting toxins even though a dog’s body is designed to get rid of toxins naturally.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Another advantage of red beets is that it contains anti-inflammatory properties. This is demonstrated by betanin which aids in protecting cells, enzymes, and proteins from environmental stress. As a result, it is useful when your dog is recovering from acute trauma, stress, as well as inflammation-driven diseases. You can also use red beets with older and aging dogs since the betanin in it helps to lower the risk of arthritis and arteriosclerosis during the aging process.

6. Anti-cancer properties.

As much as this may seem impossible, it is worth for you to note that red beets have anti-cancer properties. This is attributed to the rich red color of beets which emanates from the cancer-fighting antioxidants known as betalains. These act to fight the free radicals as well as starve tumors and hinder cell division to reduce the chances of different types of cancer.

Why you should worry when you decide to feed your dogs with beets

1. Diarrhea

Do you remember when I said that beets are a great treat when you have a dog with gastrointestinal problems? Note that this only applies when you want to use beet as an occasional food. The reason is that an excessive amount of dietary fiber can result in stomach problems. Hence, watch out and ensure that your pooch does not show signs of cramping, bloating, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. That way, you can be sure that your pet is consuming this vegetable in the right amount.

2. Blood Sugar

Another reason I do not recommend beet for dogs is due to the high glycemic index. This means that this is not a great choice when you have a diabetic dog or one with a high blood sugar level. So, if you want to give your diabetic pooch a vegetable that contains high levels of fiber, better opt for one with a low sugar level.

3. Way Forward

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of beets for dogs, I would not be wrong when I said that moderation is the key to all this. Therefore, be cautious on the amount you give on your dog since this will enable him/her to stay healthy.

Moving ahead, however, why don’t we find out if there are types of beet that you should keep away from your dog?


Are there foams of beets that you should keep away from your pooch?

The answer is; Yes, there are types that you should avoid giving your dog. This now leads us to answer the questions; What are the different types of beets? And, can dogs eat pickled beets?

Let’s begin with finding out the different types of beets available for your dog.

Summing up; you may be wondering; what are the best beets for dogs given the types discussed above? Note that you can give your dog any of these types, but always avoid sugar beets since those contain a high level of sugar which can result in high blood sugar levels.

Let’s now answer our second question:

Can dogs eat pickled or canned beets?

pickled or canned beetsThe answer is no. I wouldn’t recommend canned or pickled beets for dogs since these contain a high content of preservatives and salts which can result in kidney problems, high blood pressure, as well as death. So, unless you want your pet to die, which I believe you don’t, it is best if you keep canned and pickled beets away from your pooch.
Always stick to raw, steamed, or boiled beets when you want some for a dog, and avoid that with added pickling or seasoning.

Final Verdict

Based on this discussion, we can conclude that beets are safe for dogs. However, moderation is the key. So, you can feed your dogs with beets but remember to always consult with your veterinarian before introducing them to the diet. Also, note that they are not necessary to a dog’s food since they have not been shown to add any nutritional value to dogs.

Therefore, as you decide to introduce this vegetable to your dog’s diet, do not forget to observe him/her for any changes or allergies. After all, you do not want your pet to suffer due to a stomach and intestinal discomfort caused by the introduction of a new diet.


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