7 things you must know about dog treats

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7 things you must know about dog treats
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If you’re a pet parent who’s worried about your dog’s health and nutrition or if you’re a foodie who loves to indulge a pet with tasty treats every now and then. The following questions must pop into your head, which is very natural! You need to be well informed about your pet’s nutritional needs, including the benefits or pitfalls of feeding them certain foods frequently. So here is a handy compilation of questions that pet owners want to answer in relation to store-bought dog treats.

Is it okay to give my dog store-bought treats?

Dog treats aren’t essential, but experts recommend indulging your beloved pet with occasional treats that are made with healthy, dog-friendly ingredients. Food is a way for you to connect with your furry friend, and delicious treats that come in flavors that dogs love are also a great reward to give your dog during training and when they display good behavior.

That said, just as you don’t want someone you love feeding on junk food, you don’t want your dog to get accustomed to cheap and unhealthy treats made with substandard ingredients. So always buy high-quality dog treats from a trusted manufacturer. If you want to know everything about dog treats, read out this article titled observer: best dog treats.

Can dog treats be used as a replacement for meals?

No. Dog treats are occasional indulgences meant to be fed intermittently or as a delicious supplement to help meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

Check the ingredients carefully before buying any ready-to-use food for your pet. Read up on what each ingredient does and whether certain artificial additives are safe to feed your dog.

How do I know which treat is best for my pet?

things you must know about dog treatsIf you choose a quality product from a good pet food brand, you’ll find plenty of information on the ingredients as well as the manufacturing processes of the products they offer. You will also find information on which treats are best suited for your dog based on breed, age, general health, weight, ability to chew, and so forth.

Of course, your pet would certainly have some preferences with regard to taste and texture, which should act as your buying guide along with any recommendations from your vet with regard to food supplementation.

How would I know if I’m going overboard with the treats?

Treats should never take the place of a wholesome meal. Use them when you know your pet may want a go at table scraps and on occasions when you need to reinforce positive behavior. Experts say that natural dog treats should not exceed 20% of your pet’s daily diet.

Occasionally, when you are too tired to make a meal, you can perhaps let your pet get away with a meal consisting of a couple of different kinds of treats, but such overindulgences should be balanced in the following days.

Does treat an effective solution to the problem of table scraps?

Definitely, treats that your pet loves to munch on can help avoid many problems associated with them feeding on table scraps—begging for food, excess weight gain due to overfeeding, digestion issues, refusing to eat regular meals, lack of proper nutrition from an ill-balanced diet, and, lastly, embarrassment when you have guests around and need your pet to behave.

Are treats useful for my pet’s dental hygiene?

Yes, some treats have healthy ingredients that not only help remove plaque and tartar but also take away foul breath. In fact, some dog treats are made specifically for the purpose of boosting dental health. Pick crunchy treats that are a little hard and require effort to chew as such foods help maintain dental hygiene.

When choosing a treat for your dog, the goal should be to pick a couple of delicious yet healthy options that will add variety to your pet’s diet as well as help resolve health concerns such as weak bones, poor dental health, malnutrition, weight issues, and so on.

The folk at BetsyFarms.com believe that dog food should be tasty as well as nutritious, which reflects in their interesting range of dog treats that are produced using only natural ingredients.

Will a dog treat help my overweight dog lose weight?

While it may not be the one-stop solution to help your pet shed excess weight, a carefully chosen treat that packs nutrition minus the fat and unwanted calories will definitely help in the process of weight loss.

Also know that if your dog is on a diet plan, you needn’t deprive them of treats. All you need to do is to choose ones that are made with low-fat ingredients, including lean meats, grains and dog-friendly plant food.

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