Best dog breeds for hiking off leash

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Best dog breeds for hiking off leash
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Adopting a canine is one of the most adorable ideas you can ever have, knowing that your dog is going to be part of your family and you’re going to spend most of your time with him or her. It’s true that they are man’s best friends because what you get from them is great loyalty, affection, and love. Besides, most dog breeds are good companions and excellent workers.

If you’re an individual who has an active lifestyle, it should be in your best interest to get a pooch who does well off-leash. This is because you might end up going for a particular dog breed that misbehaves and won’t listen when off leash, which is not the situation you want to be in as you engage in outdoor activities.

To your relief, there are different types of dogs that have been bred to be perfect in off-leash activities, as well as adapt perfectly to different weather conditions. Read on to find out which dog best fits your lifestyle and wins your interest:

Siberian Husky

Siberian HuskyThe breed originates from Russia where it was bred purposely to pull carts and sleds for long distances in the snow. The dogs have lively spirits and are always ready for adventures any time as they are powerfully built. The Siberian Husky breed is the kind that deserves to be referred to as a real endurance breed.

It has a wolfish look, but let that not deceive you for this Fido has little aggression and is quite friendly, the main reason as to why it became famous as a pet. While you may have already liked the dog, there is a downside which is that the dog does not do well in hot areas, and will become less active should you take it to such places.

Irish Terrier

Irish TerrierIt’s one of the oldest terrier breeds and has been existing for some time now, with some information suggesting that they are somehow related to tan terriers and British black. That may, however, not be the main point worth noting. The important thing is that the Irish Terrie is an active, fast, and weather-resistant dog.

Unlike several other choices, it would be a good choice for anyone looking for a dog that can adapt well to any environment. They have an intrinsic need for good leadership, which is why they will do so well off-leash and always respond when called since they regard you as a pack leader. If you are proficient in training dogs, this should be an easy one to train.

German Shepherd

German ShepherdIt’s a dog that is known for being joined to the owner at the hip, in addition to being very loyal. The German Shepherd is a breed that loves being outdoors most of the time, and if properly trained, they are so good at following commands. The only problem is that this type can be a bit stubborn as you start, but it’s not a serious issue.

If you’ve got enough experience at training and handling dogs, you should be okay owning this breed.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador RetrieverThis is one of the most renowned dogs in the world and for a good reason. It can weather the harshest outdoor activities and is good at getting along with other pets and people, which is why it would be a perfect off-leash dog. Another major plus about the dog is that it’s known to return downed game to its master faithfully; call it an epitome of a hunter.

Owning such a dog, however, means that you appreciate the need for regular exercise since the breed is known to use their excess energy in destructive ways. Your Lab will crave for outdoor activities, and that is what you shall give him.

Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverGoldens are just like their Labrador cousins since they are trustworthy and they like outdoor activities such as hiking. They have a playful behavior as puppies which they maintain that throughout their lives and are eager to please and create a strong bond with their masters if correctly trained. In addition to being friendly, they are considered smart, making them easy to train.

Just like Labrador retrievers, they do need lots of exercises even though theirs should be a tad less vigorous as compared to the Labs. For someone looking for a dog that can accompany them to the hunting grounds, a Golden would be a good choice as it has a soft-mouthed bite that will not puncture skins.

Wondering which outdoor activities that your Golden Retriever would enjoy the most? Take him out for off-leash hiking, and he will be so thankful that you did so.


VizslaThis is a Hungarian hunting dog that has been used for that purpose for a very long time now. The dog has since it’s existence, been known to create affectionate bonds with their owners, which is very important for off-leash dogs. Vislas are also very loyal in addition to loving work, making them fit for outdoor activities.

This dog breed is so smart and will need enough training to keep its curious mind busy enough. When it comes to socialization, the dog is quite sensitive, but if you start introducing him to pets and people at a young age, he should be okay. For someone who loves hiking or running on the trail, this should be your preferred choice.

Australian Shepherd

Australian ShepherdThe dog breed traces its origin to the Basque region of Spain, which is not why it’s referred to as the Australian shepherd. It’s believed that it got its name from a trade route through Australia, but that’s not the catch. The best thing about the dog is that it’s oblivious to altitude which is why it was excellent at herding in the Rocky Mountains.

The breed is good at learning fast in addition to being so intelligent and obedient to those they love. To see the dog through a proper development process, you will have to train him regularly. If you have to worry about any drawbacks, it should be the intense energy that the breed has, which makes them seem like they’d work forever if allowed to.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland SheepdogThis breed is simply a tiny pack of energy, brilliant and loyal to its owners. He’s a dog that loves staying close to his owner and will even follow you from one room to the next, that’s how close he wants to be to you.

The dog has a strong herding instinct, but the amazing thing is that he shall not stray far, making him an excellent choice for hikers.

Karelian bear dog

Karelian bear dogThis pooch was bred to hunt dangerous game, and it does that so well, which is why it’s used in some national parks in the United States to keep pumas and bears away from campgrounds. It’s a fearless dog, that will go for boars, bears, and even moose without looking back.

Unlike other bold dogs, the KBR is quite small, such that you can fit it in the backseat of an outback. The downside of the pet is that it can be unfriendly to other dogs, but that can be solved with proper training and socialization. They are perfect when used as camp dogs in outdoor activities.

German Shepherd

German ShepherdGerman shepherds are good herding dogs; no wonder they have a relating name. The dog is carefully bred, and it’s hard to find a dog breed with better brains and brawn. They work tirelessly, are very loyal, and are very trainable. They are known to be tough, protective, athletic, courageous, intelligent, curious, determined, and obedient.

When trained well, they are the best and will be so quick to obey their master, the reason why they are used as police, search-rescue, and military dogs. This type of dog should be best if they accompanied you to the hiking grounds, and you can be sure that he/she will undoubtedly keep up with you.

Border Collie

Border CollieYou could say that Border Collies are indeed the best athletes in the dog world in addition to being so smart and full of energy. Your B.C is a loyal dog whose super-intelligence should allow for easy training.

The incredible thing about the dog is that he will not get tired so quickly, which is one appreciated trait in off-leash dogs. Though the dog won’t tire fast, he can get bored without even trying, which is why you need to engage them a lot. You can challenge them, and they will appreciate it, the reason as to why they are fantastic when it comes to learning tricks

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired PointerThey are a loyal and social breed that is always eager to please their owners. They were bred to be used as hunting dogs, a task they perform to this date. This dog does well when it comes to hours of strenuous activities over an extended period without minding the climate. That makes them the best in hiking and regular adventures.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain DogThis one will take on mountain hikes by your side and would even carry a pack for you if possible. It was initially bred as a drafting and droving dog for cattle, capable of handling strenuous activities perfectly, which is why it should be the best hiking partner. It’s a dog with a good personality and desires to make as many friends as possible.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan MalamuteThis breed is perfect for someone living in cold regions and was meant to be a working dog, pulling sleds and carts over long distances. They are loving dogs who love to play a lot and spend their precious time outdoors. The breed has been built for endurance, not speed, and will provide good hiking company especially if yours is a long hike.


WeimaranerThe Weimaraner is a hunting dog meant to work outdoors over extended periods, an activity it still enjoys to this day. They are a fun-loving, affectionate, and extremely loyal breed, that would make perfect hiking partners. They will perform exceptionally in either long or short excursions as they are built for speed and stamina, which are essential traits for off-leash dogs.


To wrap up

If you are a camper, hiker, jogger, biker, or generally an individual deciding on a new leash-free breed, you should consider choosing one of the above-listed dogs. With enough training, any dog listed above should be the best off-leash pet you can ever adopt.

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