Best Therapy Dog Breeds

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Best Therapy Dog Breeds
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Pet dogs are helpful to humanity in many ways. They provide companionship and affection. Some breeds serve as therapy dogs for individuals with special needs. It is common to see such dogs in retirement homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, as well as in schools. They are used for different purposes. There are several of such dogs on the market, and the demand is on the increase. Because of that selecting the best therapy dog breeds is not easy. There are a number of factors to consider in choosing the best. If you are looking for a good therapy dog breeds, information provided here can assist you in making the correct choice.


Best Therapy Dog Breeds List

Here is the list of the best therapy dog breeds:


1. French bulldog

Best Therapy Dog Breeds - French bulldogAs the name suggests, the dog has its origin from France. It is known for its special characteristics, which include Shortness, The compact structure and the Bat like ears.

Another name for this pet is Frenchie. Many people like this breed, because of the non-confrontational and lovely attitude. If you want a dog you can spend your idle time with, you can always opt for the French bulldog. The dog was specially bred from bigger Bulldogs. The intent was for them to serve as a lapdog. They will always cuddle your lap, giving you comfort and satisfaction.


2. Labrador retriever

Best Therapy Dog Breeds Labrador retrieverPerhaps the most popular therapy dog breed is the Labrador retriever. The dog is popular in many parts of the world, especially the United States. The dog is a special breed, and it is popular because apart from making a perfect pet, they are very obedient. The pet is not aggressive and receives new people well. All you require is to train them properly. You will like the gentle demeanor and intelligence.


3. Golden Retriever

Best Therapy Dog Breeds Golden retrieverGolden Retriever is a unique breed world over. Many people admire the pet for a number of reasons. The pet is regarded a majestic animal, because of the beauty. Moreover, the dog is very clever, and the pet can go to any extent to please you. They are eager to please. Another great attribute is the gentility. They are fantastically gentle. The pets are trained in such a way they can feel with you. They can know your mood, and feel the way you feel. These are an outstanding quality, which makes this species of dog the best amongst therapy dogs. They are good for almost any occasion. It is not surprising that it makes therapy dog breeds list.

People working in hospital settings can rely on Golden Retriever to battle depression. This is because of the dog’s cheerful disposition. The greatest factor that makes popular, as a therapy dog is a gentle nature. Because of their cheerful nature, they are good companions for children.


4. German shepherd

Best Therapy Dog Breeds German shepherdThe German shepherd is a versatile breed because they can serve different purposes. The dog can do almost anything for you. All over the world, German shepherd can be used as a service dog. Some people use it as a guard dog. The most important use is a therapy dog. Many people prefer the dog, because of the versatility. Most importantly, they are known to be very intelligent. They learn very fast, which means that they are not difficult to train. One outstanding factor that makes German shepherd special among all therapy dogs is that they are perfectly loyal. They can go to any extent to help you. Even if you bring them to a different environment, the dogs will not find it hard to adapt. Because of this, they are considered the best therapy dogs out there. They can work for many people. These are popular dogs, and they are in high demand all over the world.


5. Pug

Best Therapy Dog Breeds pugIf you are the type that wants fun, and you want a funny pet around you, then you should opt for Pug. Pug is one of the smartest small dogs breed. They are good for children, and old people. Many people consider pugs to be more of a toy than a therapy dog, because of their difficulties in breathing. They are not frequently used as a therapy dog, but some of them used for that purpose have turned out to be the most successful. They are perfect for mood disorder patients. The pet can help restore such a person. The dogs are always happy and in fact, you can hardly see them unhappy. Pugs cannot bore you; they will always keep you happy and relaxed.

They are not the large type, because of the small size; it is easy for children, elderly, as well as patients to handle them.


5. Staffordshire bull terrier

Best Therapy Dog Breeds Staffordshire bull terrierMany people may write off Staffordshire bull terrier off as a therapy dog. In fact, they can make the best therapy dogs and that is why we are recommending them here. It is good that it is included in the list of the best breed for therapy dogs. They are naturally disposed for this because of their playfulness. The dogs are good for children. Even patients of mood disorders prefer this kind of pet, because they can help people suffering from depression. The dogs are known to be energetic naturally, and because of that, they could serve as an athletic dog. Many people prefer the dogs because of the low maintenance; they do not require constant grooming.


7. Yorkshire terrier

Best Therapy Dog Breeds Yorkshire terrierThe Yorkshire terrier is not widely regarded as therapy by many, but that is wrong. The species was the first to be used in hospitals ward assisting wounded soldiers of the World War 11. The dogs actually helped those soldiers recover very fast because they assisted in boosting their moods. Since then Yorkies as they are popular called have become the favorite of many people all over the world. They have special characteristics that make them suitable for that purpose. The dogs love meeting and interacting with people. Because of that, they are most suitable for therapy purposes. It is not surprising that Yorkies make the list. The size is another thing that makes them suitable for therapy. Because of the size, anybody can hold it including physically impaired patients.


8. St. Bernard

Best Therapy Dog Breeds St. BernardIt is certain that St Bernard is the best therapy dog out there, because of a number of them used for that purpose compared to other breeds. They are suitable for that purpose by the height. The beautiful appearance makes you happy, and many of them used for therapy have proven to be the best. Several people liked them, because of the people-pleasing attitude. The pet can go all out once you train them well to help you. They are extremely friendly to people. Furthermore, they are revered for their loyalty and they can everything to help you. Many people in need will always opt for this therapy dog breed. Perhaps one area that stands them out is the special relationship with children. Because of their beautiful appearance, children will always admire them, and they admire children too.


9. Poodle

Best Therapy Dog Breeds PoodlePoodles are often misunderstood and misrepresented. This is due to their pop culture image. These dogs are among the best therapy dogs out there for a number of reasons. The first is that the dogs are highly intelligent. They are indeed very smart, and the smartest in the world. Apart from being very smart, the dogs are easy and simple to train. When it comes to obedience training, they are simply the best. Because of these dispositions, it is certain that they can do better than other breeds when it comes to therapy. Parents get the dog to help their kids suffering from learning difficulties. Their personality traits actually stand them out, and they are known for the hypoallergenic qualities. These are the unique quality, which makes them the best therapy dog breeds for you. They can be used in situations you cannot use other breeds.


10. Corgi

Best Therapy Dog Breeds CorgiCorgi is a special breed and considered the most obedient dogs out there. The dogs were initially meant for farm work in the UK and a few other countries of the world. Because of their special characteristics, they are used for other purposes such as therapy purpose. The pet can hardly lose the temper even though they tend to be tempered. They are liked for the fact that they are completely obedient, and when trained properly, you can always rely on the pets to get your work done for you. These dogs are not hostile; they can easily warm up to people. If you are suffering from any form of disability, you should consider this species; their gentle disposition makes them perfect for that purpose. Even elders and people staying in a nursing home can rely on the dog for their enjoyment.


11. Vizsla

Best Therapy Dog Breeds VizslaVizslas are popular for their unique features. They are very athletic, strong, and active. Most people like it because of the healthiness and cleanliness. They are often recommended for people suffering from a mood disorder. One attribute that makes it great for therapy is the loving nature. When used as a therapy dog, you will be close to them. If the dog becomes used to you, the bond will be there for a very long time. They may not be the best therapy dogs for children, but for those who need physical or athletic activity; this might be the best option for them. You will enjoy the dog when it becomes excited.


12. Newfoundland

Best Therapy Dog Breeds NewfoundlandNewfoundland is a great dog. Due to the big size, they were considered majestic, and were extensively used for the farming purpose. They are now trained to become perfect therapy dogs. The dogs are suitable in the homes, and loved by many. In short, they are the best for children. By nature, the dog loves children and children love them back. Most importantly, the dogs are known for their calmness, and gentility despite the fact that they are huge. They are not the aggressive type. It can curl up to you for an hour or more than that. Moreover, they are not difficult to train. They will not find it hard to adapt to any difficult condition they found themselves. If you have this dog around, you do not need to worry about your safety, or that of your family members. You can always feel safe staying with Newfoundland.


13. Boxer

Best Therapy Dog Breeds BoxerThis breed can always make a good therapy dog. They are popular for their calmness and peace. Boxers are unique dog breeds, because they can do much work for you. They are rated high for therapy work.

The dogs are known for their active lives and they are good at helping people as well. Often, this dog is engaged in anxiety therapy. This is because of their natural dispositions. First, people liked the fact that the dogs are very funny, this means that people staying around will be happy because the dog will keep them happy. Funny and active lifestyle makes it good for people suffering from anxiety disorders.


14. Greyhounds

Best Therapy Dog Breeds GreyhoundThis is perhaps the most popular breed for therapy. They have natural dispositions for that. The dogs are popular for their loving nature. They remained the best for certain categories of patients such as those suffering from brain injury, MS, as well as those recovering from post traumatic stress. All these need this dog specie for assistance. In addition, the dogs have personality attributes that make them great for therapy such as smart, easy going, and lovely nature. Most importantly, these dogs are sweet and very gentle. They are good for children. Many households choose them as a house pet. The dogs are always alert and sensitive. Furthermore, they are playful and make you happy always.


Final Verdict

These are the best breeds for therapy dogs. They are recommended because of their personal attributes. You have seen that they can serve different purposes; you can make your choice based on the purpose you want therapy dog breed to serve for you, especially your therapy needs. Any of them you choose cannot disappoint you; they were thoroughly considered before they make the list of the best therapy dog breeds.

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