Are Belgian Malinois Good Family Dogs

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Are Belgian Malinois Good Family Dogs
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Ever since the movie Max hit theaters, families everywhere have considered getting a Belgian Malinois family dog. If you’re wondering whether this beautiful, intelligent dog would be suitable for your family, read on.

They are Highly Intelligent

The Belgian Malinois is an incredibly intelligent dog. This unique character trait is both a blessing and a curse, depending on the kind of owner that decides to try and own one. When Mals are raised correctly and trained right, their intelligence is an incredible asset.

They can be taught to do tricks, perform tasks, and maintain a “job” within the family. Their ability to learn is one reason why the military and police force love working with and training these dogs.

Mals can be taught to do everything from guarding animals and livestock to guarding people, acting as furry bodyguards, and serving as first responders. These capable k9s make excellent protection dogs thanks to their range of abilities and keen intelligence. They excel at learning new skills, games, k9 sports, and take to training very well.

They are Fiercely Loyal

Are Belgian Malinois Good Family DogsThese dogs are loyal to their families. They’ll keep a close eye on strangers and anything that seems out of the ordinary. Because of their high levels of loyalty, they’ll need to be trained to look to you to tell them when something is out of the ordinary.

You don’t want them to be the lead dog, or they could develop the bad habit of thinking everyone but you is a threat. Training a Mal to respond appropriately is especially crucial for the times you have guests over.

They are Incredibly Protective

This is one dog that will protect you if it’s the last thing it does – literally. Belgian Malinois are quite protective of the one they look up to for leadership. If they are trained to protect you and your family, they will proudly, devotedly, and unwaveringly protect.

They deeply love the families they become part of while being wary of strangers. While some dogs can be distracted with a bone or a treat by an intruder, a Belgian Malinois will stay on the alert, prepared to attack and defend at a moment’s notice.

They Love to Work

The trained Belgian Malinois protection dog was bred to be a top-class working dog. They have an incredibly strong prey drive and high intelligence. This combination makes them an incredible animal to train. Their drive to work goes deep, and they are happiest when given a job to do.

If that means they get to protect your family and watch over your little ones, they’ll guard you with their life. If their job is to guard animals, secure the perimeter of your home, or accompany you on trips abroad, they’ll eat it up. What they do is not as important for a Mal as is the fact that they have a job.

They Need Exercise

Belgian Malinois Dogs ExerciseRight in line with their intelligence, capability, and drive to work, a Mal needs exercise. This is extremely important. For these k9s, exercise isn’t a “nice to have” option in their day. It’s a need as much as they need food and water. If you don’t have the time to take them to regular sport or agility training classes or spend plenty of time with them yourself to make sure they get plenty of run time, then this isn’t the right dog for you.

Belgian Malinois are far too alert, active, and full of energy to be left home alone all day and then expected to sit quietly when their owner returns. Mals love being active, whether that means playing with your children, running to the park and back with you, or completing training courses with a trainer. No matter how you keep them active, this is a “must-have” part of their doggie lifestyle

They Need Leadership

If a Belgian Malinois perceives a lack of leadership, they will gladly take up the charge. This can evidence itself in trying to herd you or your family, deciding for itself who is and is not allowed in the house, and when it will demand your attention. Belgian Malinois are wonderful dogs to train thanks to how quickly they learn.

But the key is that they should receive training. You need to lead them consistently and firmly, so they know how to look to you for their cues, not the other way around.

A Great Dog for the Right Family

A Belgian Malinois is an incredible dog of intelligence, strength, courage, and loyalty. They will happily work for you and protect your family, ensuring you are safe, even if it means they place themselves in danger. While they do need a significant amount of training, these dogs are incredibly loyal and will be devoted to you and your family for life. Do you think this dog sounds right for your family?

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