Why does my dog bark at the door?

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Why does my dog bark at the door?

If you are reading this, chances are even you are unable to fathom the reason for your pet’s incessant barking at the door. Younger the dog, the more frequent will be the barking episodes though you will begin to love the noise it makes during barking. Throwing a bone dog toy or chewable handmade cotton rope will divert his attention and keep his mouth busy so that he cannot bark. You can buy a chewable rubber ball with holes to reduce his barking symptoms.

Barking is one of the primary ways dogs communicate with humans as they have not been blessed with the faculty of speech like humans do. No matter which breed of dog you buy, this barking phenomenon will stay with you for life. Pugs, Labradors bark a little as they are family friendly dogs. While other aggressive breeds like a terrier, mastiffs are security dogs and need special treatment.

Every kind of dog has its own peculiarities and you should know them before bringing them to the house. Getting the vaccination, obtaining a license that assigns you as the dog owner after buying a dog from a reputed dog breeder is important. Take him regularly to a dog salon that can help you with trimming, cleaning, shampooing of his hair and nails from time to time is important. How well kept your dog reflects on your personal style statement as well? Think about it!

So why do dogs bark so much at the door?

Dogs are counted amongst the most intelligent of urban canines, who can understand what’s going on in the lives of their owners and their behavior reflects that. If the owner is sad or aggressive, then even the dog will imbibe that behavior.

Compared, to rabbits and cats that are popular domestic pets, dogs are intelligent and can take care of the security of your house. They are superb at retrieving things and ensuring that no harm comes to the owner.

Why does my dog bark at the door?Aggressive dog breeds need not be brought close to kids below 8 years of age as they might pull the ears of the dog and get bitten by the dog in return which might require five days of vaccination. Processed foods being offered in the market, often lead to high weight gain and increase in blood pressure amongst dogs that can lead to incessant barking at the pet door.

Sometimes, curiosity gets the better of them when they hear unfamiliar steps on the door. Keep in mind that dogs have a very strong sense of smell and hearing. They bark at other dogs but stop barking when you leave as they know they cannot get your attention once you go to work.

A peek into their psychology

If your dog is barking incessantly, stop giving him attention, don’t even look or talk to him and that will make him stop on his own. One of the foremost reasons is that the sound of the doorbell is in itself a threat and his fight or flight responses kick in at that very moment. Dogs are essentially social animals, so when the door-bell rings, they feel someone familiar might come who will bite them. Over a period, this barking stops as they become familiar with your guests. They show that they are feeling secure and happy in your presence by wagging their tail vigorously. Else the tail will be curled up and the dog will squirm himself in a circular position.

Points To Note

Develop a reward system that works

The carrot and stick approach might work if you see the dog not barking when the doorbell rings. Appreciate him, give him a treat and prepare to remove the stimulus. See what thing or person makes him bark. As soon as the person comes closer, start giving him a treat so he gets the message that he does not have to bark. Stop giving him the treat as soon as the stimulus is over. Dogs are considered amongst the highly intelligent species, but you need to explain to the dog that he can get what he wants only by being a disciplined dog.

Best of luck with your dog training journey!!!

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