When do Yorkies stop growing?

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When do Yorkies stop growing?

Yorkies, also known as Yorkshire Terriers, are lovable puppies popularly known due to their small nature. Some people consider them more as accessories because of their beautiful silky fur but they are brilliant dogs, and they make good companions. However, because it’s a small breed of dogs, it can be quite tricky to tell when your Yorkie has stopped growing.

Knowing the adult size and weight of a Yorkie will help you know their age, but it’s not always as easy as taking mere measurements. In this article, we will look at what age do Yorkies stop growing? By doing this, you will know how best you can take care of their unique needs.


Development stages of Yorkies

Yorkies tend to develop rapidly during their early stages of life. At times it may seem like they have stopped developing, but they are capable of growing bigger as time goes by. To know when your pup will stop growing bigger, you should know their development cycle. According to experts, there are four distinct stages of development that cover the initial years of life.

The four stages include different growth spurts and can be utilized to get a good idea of how old are Yorkies when they stop growing. It’s worth mentioning that this information is universal for the breed. Genetic disposition and certain factors can significantly affect how your pup grows.

Stage 1: Suckling

This initial stage begins from the time your pup is born and lasts from the age of six to seven weeks. That’s when they’ll begin to open their tiny eyes and also learn how to start walking. This development is usually minimal, but to a puppy of this size, it’s easily noticeable. They’ll grow to about 0.14kg or a quarter of a pound, and it’s a rapid growth stage.

Stage 2: Puppy

This stage begins from the age of seven weeks to six months. Your Yorkie will begin to discover the world around them and develop new personalities. This time is best to start training them since they are well able to learn new mannerisms. When it comes to size, most Yorkies will typically grow to approximately 1.13kg or two and a half pounds.

Stage 3: Youngsters

According to experts, Yorkies are regarded as youngsters from six months to ten months of age. At this stage, your puppy will have already begun to develop Yorkie personality traits. Their hair will start growing long and have enough energy to play. By the end of this period, these dogs will practically double their actual weight to four and a half pounds, or 2.04kg.

Stage 4: Young dogs

In this stage, Yorkies are usually considered as adults. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they will stop growing. This stage will last to approximately the age of two and a half years. The weight of your dog will gradually increase. The process of development is slow at this period, and this means you might not realize that they are still growing.

Adult dogs

Yorkshire Terriers are considered to be completely-grown adults at the age of four years. They should have attained an average weight of around 3.17kg or six and a half pounds. Primarily, this is referred to as the time at which most Yorkies stop growing when it comes to their height. Once you measure their body height, it will generally remain constant throughout their lives.


How big will my dog get?

When do Yorkies stop growingWhile most Yorkies might stop growing in body height at the age of four years, they may later change in size in their adult years. Generally, the weight of these dogs plays a vital role in their size. A little bit of weight gain will significantly affect their appearance.

It may appear as if they are still growing, but if you take their measurements, you will realize they still have the same height. Yorkies are usually prone to body weight fluctuations. As a result, it’s crucial to stick to a good exercise and healthy diet plan throughout the life of your dog.

Changes in lifestyle and appetite will often lead to changes in the way they eat. Due to this, you should continuously pay attention to their diet and also make changes where necessary to prevent major changes in size.


Factors that affect the growth of a Yorkie

As mentioned before, various reasons determine why your pup might not be following the same path of development as other Yorkshire Terriers. Several factors may affect when your dog will stop growing and how big it will get.

Health condition

If your Yorkie continues increasing in height even after the fourth year, they might be suffering from a rare condition called acromegaly. Dogs with this condition tend to have a problem with the pituitary gland.

This gland releases lots of growth hormones which causes the dogs to grow beyond their healthy size. However, a veterinarian can perform tests on your dog to diagnose this problem as well develop a treatment plan to inhibit the growth so that your new canine companion can remain healthy.


Physical activity is vital for any dog. Yorkshire Terriers have substantial energy and are more likely to remain active during the day. Nevertheless, you should do your part by helping them exercise.

According to experts, you should take your dog on two walks of thirty minutes each every day. By doing this, you will help them stay in good shape which will promote the process of development during the first couple years of life.


What your puppy feeds on has a significant effect on the development of their body. It will not only determine how big your Yorkie gets, but some ingredients in their diet can also change bone development as well as other internal factors. As a result, you should always feed your pup a high-quality diet.

Yorkshire Terriers with a balanced kibble stuffed with all the crucial ingredients they require to remain healthy will always grow faster than those feeding on cheaper alternatives full of fillers. Your Yorkie’s diet should be high in proteins. That is especially crucial for young dogs in the initial development stages because the high-quality proteins are full of muscle-building amino acids.

Besides the sufficient proteins, your Yorkie will also require minerals, vitamins, calcium, and many more ingredients. With the correct formula, your puppy will develop into a very healthy dog with beautiful hair, strong muscles, and good bones. Their food can also lead to excessive growth. So, you should give them the appropriate portions every day to avoid obesity.

An overweight Yorkshire Terrier is prone to a lot of health issues. If they become too heavy during the early stages, it can greatly change the development cycle as well. Their bones can also shrink due to the pressure of the increased body weight.


Just like human beings, genetics play a vital role in the way your Yorkie will grow. If you acquired your pup from a dog breeder, you should get information about the parents. You can use that information to compare the measurements to get an idea of how things will turn out.

You can also see them for yourself to get a rough idea of how big and tall they will become. Genetics will generally affect your Yorkie in various ways because some genes are typically stronger than others. In most cases, your dog will take on personality traits from the two parents, but at times, the genetics of one parent will have a more significant effect than the rest.


When Yorkies stop growing

When do Yorkies stop growingChanges in the size of your dog will stop once it becomes a senior. For many Yorkshire Terriers, this stage typically occurs between the ages of eight to ten years. However, some dogs might enter this phase earlier contingent on their health condition. In most cases, senior age is associated with deteriorating health.

The dogs may begin experiencing medical complications. Getting old is usually identified by a reduction in the level of activity. Your Yorkie may spend most of the time lounging around and sleeping. If you notice this change, you should adjust their diet accordingly. If you continue feeding them just like young adults, your Yorkie might gain more weight and eventually develop heart issues.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, there are lots of questions one may ask if you own a puppy, and especially when a Yorkie stops growing. Yorkshire Terriers usually attain their full height at approximately the age of four years and will stop growing in size once they become seniors.

You’ll discover that most of the dog’s growth happens in the first few months of their life. They will continue growing bigger until the age of one or two years. At this time the development of the dog will be slower.

However, you can play your part to ensure that your Yorkie is developing healthily. Feeding them on a high-quality diet and having a good exercise plan will ensure that your pup grows properly and has everything they require to remain healthy. If you ensure they stay healthy, you don’t have to worry about their growth and size. Just enjoy their friendly company.

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