Sleeping with your dog benefits

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Sleeping with your dog benefits
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If you are a light sleeper, you need to choose between your sleep and your precious.

If sleep never comes easy for you – even the slightest noise disrupts your nap – then you might be in a dilemma deciding whether or not, you should let your adorable fluffy friend sleep on the same bed or in the same room as you at night.

Well, if you are attached to your canine friend, there is very little that you can do about it.

I am sorry to say this, but chances are you will have to sacrifice your sleep. There is nothing much you can do about the growls your pup makes at night.

If you are not ready to sacrifice your snooze, it might be time to let go of your fluffy friend at night and escort them to their corner for rest.

Steps To Take When You Have A Dog Who’s Not Been Housebroken

Let us assume that your dog has made your bed theirs and cannot control him or herself at night.

Well, it is usually awesome as long as it is limited to just drooling. However, when a dog has little control over its bowel, chances are you will wake up to a horrible, stinky mess on your costco’s mattress in the morning. Waking up to such a scene is not a pleasant experience. Cleaning a mattress is no joke. It can be challenging. So, you either consider getting a waterproof mattress or using the crate.

 When Your Health is of Concern

Sleeping with your dog benefitsA lot of people are allergic to dust and pollens. If you are one of those people, you better weigh your options. Why? You never know if your dog carried pollens on him while he was outside playing before snuggling in your bedsheets.

If you are allergic or have allergenic health conditions like asthma or have breathing problems, then you will have to take drastic measures. Something you need to do is to ensure that your innocent pup sleeps as far from you as possible, and that is often outside your bedroom.

Does Your Dog Have Health Issues?

Apart from carrying pollen and dust into the house, your active pup could also be the source of various health issues. Dogs will develop zoonotic diseases and infections at some point in their lives. When that happens, be patient and wait until the problem subsides. In the meantime, you will have to ensure that they stay away from you until they are well.

Dogs can also develop allergies just like us. So, take the time to study your pup’s symptoms, the reasons why it has those symptoms, and what canine food can help with dog allergies.

 If Your Pup Does Not Like Your Bed Mate

If you own a dog, you know how they can be possessive of their owners, right? Sometimes, though, this instinct could escalate into a major problem.

It is in their nature, that is how they’re engineered to show that they care. Nevertheless, it is quite rare in most dogs.

If your dog guards your partner, especially out of bed, it might be time to let them know what they shouldn’t do. Consult a behavioral expert or dog trainer to help with your pet.

 Is Your Dog Pushy?

Pushy dogs need to be taught how to behave, and every dog trainer will tell you the same.

Even if it is the little things he does, it is essential that you teach him or her to wait for permission or instructions before he/she starts to think there is no need of that.

When it comes to your bedroom, it is vital that you set simple rules for your pup like making him or her wait until you are ready to hit the sheets.

Bedtime Isn’t Playtime

It is essential that you let your pup understand that they cannot just bring their toys into your bedroom or on the bed when it is time to sleep. While the act may seem innocent, but noisy, squeaky toys could disturb a peaceful night’s sleep.

What about your pup playing around while you are asleep? You do not want that either. So, it is time to set some rules about that too!


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