What Does It Mean When a Dog Sits on You?

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What Does It Mean When a Dog Sits on You?
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Is your lap really the comfiest spot around? Smartly Pet says that if to your dog it is, then that could be for several reasons. Sure, most of these reasons you probably won’t mind, but some, in particular, could be a cause for concern. Plus, as much as we love cuddling with our furry companions, sometimes we’re just not in the mood.

Today, we’ll look at why your canine friend opts to sit on you rather than beside you. This way, you’ll know when to encourage and discourage your pet from doing so.

8 Reasons Dogs Sit on You

While a dog sitting on you isn’t all that bad, you want to know why they could be doing so. After all, there’s a perfectly warm space beside you that’s begging to be sat on.

1. Affection

Your dog probably just misses you and wants to cuddle. Being on the receiving end of such behavior every time you get home from work, you probably already know this. It’s just been a long day for you and your dog; that’s all.

Also, if affection is how you reward your dog’s good behavior, it further cements why it wants to sit on top of or beside you.

2. Dominance

Reasons Dogs Sit on YouIf a new dog is sitting on you not five seconds after being welcomed into your home, then it could be asserting dominance. Note that this type of behavior is more common among males than females.

By sitting on you, your dog feels more in control. This could be its way of coping with a new environment. Your canine friend will usually sit on your lap and bark or growl at all the other canine inhabitants of the house. That’s perfectly normal and okay, as long as no one gets hurt.

However, if such behavior becomes more frequent and even escalates to aggression, then it could be time to consult your veterinarian. The good thing is, this is usually just a phase that most dogs get out of their systems in a few days or weeks.

3. Breed Behavior

In some instances, it’s the bloodline that dictates a dog’s lap-sitting tendencies. You could own a very affectionate breed that feels the need to be right next to or on top of you at all times. Examples are large breeds like Saint Bernards and Great Danes.

Often called gentle giants, these dogs don’t have to be invited twice to position on your lap. They’re also known to favor children more than adults.

As such, you don’t want to leave these large canines with your little kids unsupervised. They may not intend to hurt your children but could still end up doing so by sitting on their tiny laps.

4. Territorial Tendencies

Yes, your dog could be marking you as their territory. Dogs do things like lie on the sofa, under the dining table, and their spot by the front door to spread their scent. It’s their way of telling everybody in the house that’s their space. So, when they sit on you, they could also be telling you that you belong to them.

You probably won’t mind this behavior initially, but you want to keep an eye on triggers. Your dog could be doing it more because you introduced a new pup to the pack.

The situation may make your canine friend feel the need to sit on you instead of on top of you, which it normally does. In this case, you want to give your dog some extra attention, so he or she doesn’t end up marking everything inside the house.

5. Play

Your dogs sometimes sit on you because they want to have fun. Their call for attention could escalate to lying and rolling around your lap. This could be an opportunity to engage in some light wrestling with your furry companion.

You’re probably being reminded of the lack of attention you’ve been giving your best friend because of school or work. So, grab the opportunity while it sits on top of you.

6. Security

Reasons Dogs Sit on YouDogs feel secure when they know where you are. You’re the reason they’re loved, fed, and sheltered. With this in mind, it makes sense that your dog would sit on your lap. He or she wants to know any time you attempt to go anywhere.

In reality, this is mostly for their security than yours. They want to know if it’s time for dinner or their afternoon walk.

That said, some breeds do want to be aware of your whereabouts for your safety. For them, being on your lap means keeping you from going anywhere you might get hurt.

7. Cuddle Time

TV time just isn’t the same without your furry baby on your lap. Don’t you wish your dog was there to cuddle with you?

Sometimes dogs lie on your lap because they know how much you both enjoy it. It’s because they know this type of close physical contact is a normal occurrence between both of you and is part of your routines.

Dogs know when you’ve had a bad day and will be there to offer up some cuddles. They’ll sit on your lap as you watch a movie and eat some popcorn.

8. Comfort

Dogs could simply feel that the most comfortable space in the house is your lap. In fact, your lap is so comfy that your dog easily falls asleep while lying on you. Or, your dog could be trying to recreate pack sleeping behavior where dogs lie on one another.


Your Dog’s Reasons for Sitting on You

At the end of the day, your dog’s inclination to sit on you could stem from many different reasons, most of which make sense and are not a cause for concern. Your dog is just being affectionate and wants some attention.

If you don’t want this type of behavior to be normal, train your canine to sit beside you instead. Remember that physical contact is still key to your dog’s health and well-being.


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