Pygmy marmoset as a pet

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Pygmy marmoset as a pet
Pygmy marmoset as a pet
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Pets make a great addition to a family. With them, you feel loved since they are always there to provide you with company. As a result, you will find people wanting to keep different types of pets to the point where you find that some of the animals that didn’t seem like pets can make good pets.

So, have you ever stumbled across a person who keeps a pygmy marmoset as a pet? If so, maybe you have been wondering if you can have a pygmy marmoset as a pet. To help you find out, we will discuss everything you need to know about a pygmy marmoset. Therefore, stick around so that you can get the answers you need.


What is a pygmy marmoset?

Also referred to as a finger monkey, tiny monkey, thumb monkey, or a miniature monkey, a pygmy marmoset is a small monkey located in the Amazon Basin in South America. The monkey is recognized as one of the smallest primates in the world since its weight revolves around 100grams where the female weighs 120grams and the male 140 grams. Regarding the height, the primate is 14 to 15 cm long with a tail that measures 15 -20 cms.

So should you domesticate pygmy monkies?

Theoretically, yes you can. However, you should note that the primates need a lot of care and attention when you keep them. Hence, you must be willing to sacrifice a lot of time so that you can accompany them.

On the other hand, the law doesn’t support keeping primates as pets. Therefore, in as much as you might be willing to sacrifice a lot of time to be with them, it is necessary for you to find out with the law that governs your location whether it is legal to get a pet pygmy marmoset.

What are some of the facts about pygmy marmosets?

Some of the things you need to know about pygmy monkies include:

Factors to consider before getting a pygmy marmoset monkey as a pet

Having gone through some of the facts of a pygmy marmoset what should you give a thought to before considering to get a pet pygmy marmoset?

  1. Cost

Before considering other factors, you will need to be sure that you can afford the initial price of a marmoset. Besides that, you will need to factor in its maintenance costs; that is the cost of the food, its medications (if any), it’s housing, among other factors.

Typically, some of the costs that you should be ready to incur when you are considering a Pygmy Marmoset for a pet include a purchase price that ranges from $1500- $4000, a diet cost ranging at about $100 a month, and a rise in electrical bills since its enclosure requires 24 hours of heating to maintain it warm.

More to that, you will need some emergency cash which will go to a veterinary incase the marmoset gets ill. However, it would also be a good idea to consider regular checkups since you do not want to lose your pet due to an illness that went unnoticed. Therefore, be sure to spend some cash looking for a vet who will provide regular care for the little cutie since you do not want to lose your pet within days or months of acquiring him.

  2. Housing

Second, you will need to consider the housing of your Pygmy Marmoset. Here, you should note that these exotic pets need their own enclosure or cage and such a place should be warm enough to ensure that the marmoset will survive. Therefore, think about purchasing a nest box or constructing one for the finger monkey. More to that, note that you will need a heater to provide warmth for the finger monkey, logs that will provide a place for it to climb as well as toys, and swings that will provide a place to play and relax.

As you purchase the marmoset pet, remember to inquire from the seller if he does include a cage in the order since this might as well reduce the need to get a cage separately.

  3. Diet

Pygmy marmoset as a petAs I had stated earlier, pygmy monkies are a great fun of the tree sap. In fact, these primates use their nails and teeth to dig into the trees so that they can take the sap. Besides that, the monkeys eat small insects and the gum found on trees. This means that it can be challenging to feed them in captivity when you want them to stick to the diet they are used to while in the wild.

The good thing about these primates, however, is that they can easily adjust to the condition you put them up to. As a result, you change their diet slightly where you can feed them with protein from cooked chicken, insects, or boiled eggs. In addition to that, you can feed them with dry pellets, seeds, veggies, fruits, supplementary vitamins, and baby food. Also, do not forget to provide them with clean water to ensure that their digestion is running properly.

  4. Care and attention

How much time are you willing to sacrifice so that you can provide your pygmy marmoset with the care and attention it needs? Note that these pets require a lot of care and attention where you can expect to feed a baby pygmy marmoset every two hours. Therefore, before getting a pygmy marmoset as a pet, it would be best for you to consider the time you are willing to sacrifice to be with this pet since the little monkeys can turn into a raging toddler as soon as it begins to feel neglected emotionally. If you are a busy person and do not think that you will afford much time, then it would be best to get another pet since you do not want the marmoset to hurt him/herself for the sake of your attention.

  5. Health

Last but not least, you will need to contemplate about the health of your pet pygmy marmoset. As such, it would be best if you would consider finding the best vet who will attend to the marmoset when he/she is ill. Therefore, before getting a pygmy marmoset, be sure to have identified a vet who will be willing to treat the finger monkey since these primates are sensitive to sicknesses and colds.


Final Verdict

Having discussed the facts of a pygmy marmoset and the factors you need to consider before getting one for a pet, we can conclude by saying that you can definitely have a pygmy marmoset pet.

However, note that this is subject to your state laws and if such laws allow you to have a domesticated pygmy marmoset. Apart from that, you will need to determine if you can afford its purchase price as well as the maintenance fee, and also determine if you have the time that is required to provide the pet with the care and attention he/she requires.

If your state’s law prohibit you from getting a pygmy marmoset, avoid this pet and opt for alternative pets. Moreso, if you cannot afford the cost of maintaining a pygmy marmoset, avoid it at all costs since you do not want to waste a lot of money to purchase it only to kill it within days or months. Having said that, I believe that you now have the answers you needed to whether you can keep a finger monkey as a pet. Feel free to share the article if you liked it so that it can be of help to others who were in the position you were before reading this piece.

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