When to Put a Dog Down With a Torn ACL?

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When to Put a Dog Down With a Torn ACL?
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Dogs are a great companion for every pet owner. We have altogether different comfort and affection with our dog friends. However, there are times when we have to make some most challenging decisions. Putting a dog down turns out to be the most painful decision for a pet owner. A decision that they must have not even thought of even in their wildest dreams. Torn ACL in dogs forces you to put them to sleep to release them from the pain.

The matter of concern is when to put a dog down with a Torn ACL? Usually, pet owners feel disturbed to decide whether they really want to put down their pups with torn ACL. Experts say it is better to consult a vet if there is a torn ACL in dogs.

For your better understanding and information, we have prepared a detailed blog for you. Let us start with understanding what Torn ACL is in dogs?


What is a Torn ACL in Dogs?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a state of defection where the hinds of dog legs are affected. In a canine term, ACL is referred to as Cranial Canine Ligament (CCL). Commonly, veterinarians refer to it as ACL for easy understanding and reference.

ACL is a ligament in the former section of the knee of your dog. They are correctly located between the tibias and the femurs. Femurs are located on the top bone of the knee, and Tibias are located on the bottom of the knee bone. ACL is a condition where the ligament is situated between the femurs and tibias, tears out.

While performing any activity, the ACL gets continuous pressure from the tibias and the femur. This doesn’t need to be caused due to performing activities. Some health problems too can cause this defection in the hind legs of your dog. Some of the significant health conditions that cause torn ACL in dogs are;

These conditions will create severe pain, disable them from standing up, running, or walking in their routine life. Experiencing these conditions requires immediate assistance and examination of a vet. As per the severity of the ligament condition, the expert will advise you of surgery or other treatment solution for your dog.

Now let us understand when to take the tough decision of putting your dog down.

When to Put a Dog Down with a Torn ACL?

When to Put a Dog Down With a Torn ACL?It is not an option you would like to choose. However, there are times when we are left helpless and have to make some tough decisions that are better for our little angels. There are medications and the final surgery option that can help your dog recover from ACL. However, these medications and treatments won’t work for a longer time when your dog starts aging.

The pain that your dog is experiencing in a Torn ACL is just unimaginable. We can’t even imagine how painful it is when your dog is having while performing different activities or sitting idle or trying to sleep. Not every pet owner can afford to get the surgery done for their dogs to get relieved from this server and discomforting pain.

It is unnecessary that surgery can eliminate the problem, and your dog will lead a happy and comfortable life. There are some restrictions even after surgery. Some dogs have severe damage in their ligament, which is not curable even after surgery. Thus, the owner has to take this tough decision of euthanizing their dear friend in Torn ACL.

As per experts, here are some conditions that advise an owner to put a dog down:

These are some of the significant reasons and conditions for putting a dog down with a Torn ACL under the vet’s recommendation and assistance.


The Final Good-Bye

We know it is tough to give your dog a final goodbye. Torn ACLs in dogs are very painful and discomforting. It is self-evident. We can’t see our dog in pain. When we have no options and solutions left for their happy and healthy life, it is better to let them go. It is one of the most challenging decisions to make, but they will be at peace after all. Reach out to a vet and seek their advice and suggestions for making the correct decision.


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