What Are Some Pet Hotel Options in Dallas?

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What Are Some Pet Hotel Options in Dallas?
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If you need to board your pet in Dallas, you’re fortunate to have plenty of choices. Dallas features every different kind of pet hotel, from basic boarding facilities to top-end luxury doggie ‘spas’.

There are hundreds of places to choose from for looking after your friend while you’re away. Here you’ll find a selection of places that have received top marks from customers – so this is a perfect place to start your search.

Of course, it comes down to what you feel is best for your pet, and you’ll definitely want to visit first.

In any case, what follows is a variety of Dallas pet hotels that goes from highbrow to cheap and cheerful.

Pet hospitals

Pet Hotel Options in DallasSeveral pet hospitals can offer good care for your pet. While not having all of the facilities that some of the more luxurious pet spas offer, a pet hospital is ideal as a pet hotel if your furry friend has any medical needs that require surveillance or a lot of attention and care.

For instance, the Animal Hospital of Rowlett offers boarding as well as grooming facilities. Vets, of course, are always on hand. City Vet and Perky Paws provide similar facilities, with different sizes of kennels.

If your dog enjoys swimming, Vickery Place has a dedicated swimming area for your furry friend.

Day boarding facilities with overnight options

Several venues offer day boarding or overnight stays.

Places like All Dogs Unleashed, Woof City Pet Villa, or the Pooch Patio allow you to bring your dog in for a day visit, where your pup can socialize with other dogs and play with staff. At night your dog can rest in a clean and climate-controlled suite, with a team on hand 24/7.

The Pooch Patio has larger suites that can accommodate two dogs together (from the same household).

The advantage of places that offer day boarding is that you can take your dog there for a day to see how things go before committing to a more extended stay.

Pet hotels with training included

There are venues like Urban Paws and Paw Lofts, which offer not only large indoor and outdoor spaces, but you can ask for training or grooming as add-on services for your friend.

Urban Paws has townhomes with large windows and raised beds that offer your pup a view of the city while allowing plenty of play opportunities.

Dog hotels with extensive grounds

Like the Canine Country Inn, some places are situated on large plots of land that enable your dog to enjoy the outdoors. Many have large runs and feature climate-controlled buildings, with dogs receiving daily exercise and playtime.

Indoor dog parks

Pet Hotel Options in DallasIf you need something right in the city center, something like the Downtown Dog Dallas, Pet Resort Dallas, or the Classy Canine Daycare located centrally can be a good solution. These sizable indoor dog parks have playrooms for the dogs and comfortable bedding for the animals, chilled water, air purification, and frequent sanitization to keep germs away.

Some also have outdoor areas to give your dog the best of both worlds. Others include webcam systems so that you can keep an eye on your pup while you’re gone.

Multi-pet facilities

If you have other pets – perhaps a cat – places like Sparta will take cats and dogs.

Veterinary hospitals that offer the board are also good places to go if you have a multispecies family, as they take just about any pet. However,  if your dog wants lots of exercise, check the facilities, as often hospitals can have smaller kennels than other pet hotel options.

Luxury options

The Pooch Hotel, the Boarding Bungalow, Barking Hound Village, Underdog Kennels, and other top-of-the-range dog hotels offer many additional upmarket facilities. You can potentially choose from luxury bedding, flat-screen TVs, spa baths, a webcam hookup, dedicated chef, room service, DVD players, background music, and a choice of suite themes so that your doggie gets his or her favorite decor.

These luxury venues will often group dogs for playtime based on temperament, and some will upload pictures to social media so that you can check in on your pet and share photos of their vacation as well as yours!

Final thoughts

Pet hotels have come a long way from what they used to be – most places will keep your pup safe, happy, and healthy. Before you make your final choice, however, it’s essential to visit to ensure that you get a good feel for the place. Be sure to bring a list of questions, and inspect all areas for cleanliness and safety. Observe how the staff interact with the guests and look to see if the dogs are happy.

Luckily there’s no shortage of pet hotel options in Dallas!

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