Male Vs. Female Golden Retrievers: Which One Is Better for You?

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Male Vs. Female Golden Retrievers: Which One Is Better for You?
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The Golden Retriever is an amazing dog, no doubt about that.  However, most potential dog owners find it somehow confusing to choose between the male and female Golden Retrievers. There’s always a question of differences between the genders, and which one is the best for pet parents.

Maybe you’re looking for a new dog, or you already have one and keep on wondering whether one gender is considerably better than the other. Maybe you’re even wondering which one is more aggressive, more dominant, or even more territorial than the other.

Whatever the case, this article will cover the ins and outs of the difference between male and female Golden Retrievers in an attempt to determine which is better. Let’s begin, shall we?


Differences: Male Vs. Female Golden Retrievers

1. Appearance differences

There is usually not much of a difference as far as the appearance is concerned. The males, however, appear to be a little bit more muscular, but it’s not much of a difference, really. Most new owners won’t even differentiate between a male and female Golden, especially when the dogs are at a distance.

If put side by side, however, someone who has owned Golden Retrievers for years should find it easy to identify the male and female. As mentioned above, males appear to be a little bit thicker and fuller compared to the female which have a slenderer look. In addition, a male’s face will appear to be fuller and, his paws should look thicker and wider.

2. Height and weight

Male Vs. Female Golden RetrieversThe other major factor that potential pet parents are always interested in is the size and weight of their dog.  There is some difference between the male and female Golden Retrievers, but it’s not that much to really affect your decision on which gender is best for you.

The average male is 22-24 inches in height and the females are typically 20-22 inches tall. That’s not much of a difference, as you can see. But what about the weight? Is the difference enough to set these genders so far apart from each other?

Well, it’s not really the case considering that females weigh anywhere from 55-70bs, whereas a typical male weighs anywhere from 65 to 75 lbs.

3. Behavior differences

One of the factors that seem to have quite a difference between male and female Golden Retrievers is their behavior. Male Goldies that are not neutered tend to a tad more aggressive compared to females. However, there are several ways to put this issue under control.

If you’re contemplating buying a male Golden Retriever, you might want to have them neutered if they show signs of aggression. This is something that most dog owners with male Goldies swear by. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the result varies from one dog to the other. The surrounding environment can also affect the behavior of your dog.

It’s not a guarantee that a non-neutered male puppy will become aggressive once they reach their adulthood. Most professionals even give an assurance that temperament has nothing to do with the gender of your dog.

Both female and male Golden Retrievers are equally active, playful, loving, and loyal. Female Goldies are known to be affected by their owner’s moods and feelings. However, they just might not be devoted to you the way males are. According to zoologists, female Golden Retrievers simply love you, whereas male Goldies are in love with you.

4. Training

Male Vs. Female Golden Retrievers TrainingAs you raise your pup, you could make or break him depending on how you train or have him trained. As such, most potential dog owners are so interested in knowing which gender is easier to train for best results.

Several reports from across the entire world – most from reputable sources – suggest that females are considerably easier to train. It’s thought that males are somehow notorious and are more likely to lose interest if not engaged in “positive training”.

The reality, however, is that none of the genders is unarguably easier to train than the other. Where differences exist between male and female Golden Retriever training, they are significantly subtle. Such differences reduce further if the pooch was spayed or neutered while young.

All in all, how good your pup responds to training depends on your personal relationship with them and how easy it is for you to establish effective communication with your dog. You should use positive training methods as well as an upbeat and cheerful voice during any training sessions for best results.

5. Maturity differences

As far as differences in maturity are concerned, you should pay attention to the physical and mental maturity. Females have a quicker mental maturity compared to males, which have a longer “puppy” stage. Most people, however, love this delay in males while other detest it – it’s all a matter of preference.

Typically, a 1-year-old female Golden will act like a 1½ – 2 yrs. old male. This makes it a little bit easier to obedience train the females than males. A 12-week-old female is typically capable of being as well obedience-trained as a 14-week old male.

As for physical maturity, on the other hand, males take the lead, especially when it comes to bladder control. As such, a male Golden Retriever should be easier to spot train, potty train, and crate train. The differences in physical and mental maturity are, however, minute for someone who is not super sensitive to the slightest details.

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So, what are the general differences?

The bottom line is that Golden Retrievers don’t have significant general differences in gender, but they might as well be worth noting. These differences are that females seem to be stubborn, independent, and territorial compared to males.

Males, on the other hand, will be more attentive, affectionate, and more attached to you as their owner. They are also easy to motivate with praise and food. As if that’s not enough, they are considerably eager to please their master, and this contributes to easier training, though not by much.


What should you know before getting a Golden Retriever?

Male Vs. Female Golden RetrieversIf you’re contemplating a Golden Retriever as a family dog, you’re on the right track. It’s no doubt that this pooch breed has all the qualities of true family dogs. They are easy to become friends with, and have a desire to be part of whatever their owner is doing – a definition of valuable companions.

Before getting a male or female Goldie, here is what you should know about their general personality:


Final Verdict

If you are wondering which gender is right for you as far as Golden Retrievers are concerned, the right answer is that both genders are fine. The differences between the two are subtle in a way that they shouldn’t really affect your choice.

Choosing the gender of your dog, as such, should be purely based on your preferences and what you believe is the best choice. Besides, there is no difference in some of the most important factors such as life expectancy. For a Golden Retriever, all that matters is getting a healthy dog with the qualities you desire.


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