Keeping dogs outside in winter

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Keeping dogs outside in winter

Winter is the coldest season of the year Winter wind make the environment dull and chilly. Due to severe weather conditions sometimes, it becomes difficult to get out from homes. Like human beings, dogs may also find difficulty during the winter season. Some dog owners have the misconception about their dogs that they can spend their time easily outside during winter as dogs have a coat of fur. But it is necessary to take proper care when keeping dogs outside in winter. Let’s take a look how the dog owners can look after their outdoor dogs during winter.

Comfortable temperature ranges for dogs

First of all, dog owners should know about the temperature that their dogs can endure. Many dog owners think that their dogs can tolerate the cold better than human as they have a coat of fur. But these fur-coated animals can have severe health problems from cold weather. Generally, 45°F temperature will not be a problem. If the temperature falls below 32°F, dog owners should pay attention to their dog’s well-being when keeping their dogs outside in winter. It will be best to pay attention to their behaviors during cold weather and take proper care.

Preventing health issues

Like human beings dogs also need extra care during winter. Owners should keep their dogs dry and warm else they may attack by severe problems like Frostbite and Hypothermia. These will occur if they spend too much time outside in the cold. The dog’s ears, paws, and tail can get cold and also damage their tissue. Frostbite and hypothermia can be life-threatening and protecting dogs from these are essential.  So, they need to keep warm when keeping outside. Avoid trimming, cutting fur and give shorter baths with warm water if necessary and dry properly.

Food tips for outdoor dogs

Outdoor dogs require extra calories and nutrition during winter. So, give extra food to your outdoor dogs for extra calories. It will help them to generate body heat to keep warm. Always provide them with fresh food and unfrozen water. It will be better to give them raw meat which will help them to get extra energy during the winter season. Dogs cannot take frozen water so check the water bowls regularly.  It will be better parched a heated water bowl.


Cold weather can cause many skin problems to outdoor dogs. Like, your dogs may have irritated skin or other skin problems. To prevent this, skin and coat supplements can be added to the dog’s food. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help to moisture dog’s skin and coat. Dog owners also can apply coconut oil to their dog’s ears, paws, or tail if needed.

Paw care

Keeping dogs outside in winterPaw care is must during winter for outdoor dogs. While walking outside during winter the weather and cold surface can cause many problems on their paw pads. Ice and snow can cut their paw skin. Salt and chemicals that people pour to the sidewalks can burn their pads. To prevent this do not let them walk on sidewalks and streets. Before going walk, apply balm or Vaseline to their paws which may be helpful for them. Check their paw pads carefully when they come back from outside. If they have furry feet, check if there any ice balls and clear them properly. After walks, remove all salts, chemicals, ice from their feet, wash and dry their paws properly. Dog owners also can use booties to protect their dog’s paws.

Give proper shelter when keeping dogs outside

Outdoor dogs need dry, warm home during winter. Their house must be large enough that they can stand up and lie down comfortably. Make sure that the house can protect the dogs from the winter wind. Do not let them sleep on the cold floor. Raise their bed from the floor and also use blankets as bedding material for additional warmth. Clean the doghouse properly and change their bedding regularly which is very important during winter.

Keep these little things in mind when keeping dogs outside in winter and ensure their safety. Enjoy the winter season with your best buddy.

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