Is Neosporin Safe for Cats and Dogs?

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Is Neosporin Safe for Cats and Dogs?
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Oh no, you noticed a little scratch on your pet, or they were walking the woods and you saw that they were scarped with some thorns.  Is Neosporin safe for cats and dogs? Let’s find out the answer to this very important question…

What Is Neosporin?

Neosporin is a medicine made out of three different antibiotics: neomycin, polymyxin  B and bacitracin. These three allow Neosporin to efficiently and effectively prevent infections in smaller wounds, such as scrapes or cuts by killing bacteria on the skin.

can you use neosporin on dogs

Can I Use Neosporin on a Cat?

While Neosporin is safe to use on dogs, with approval from the vet, by research we found that it is not recommended to use it on cats. My vet told me that cats tend to have life-threatening anaplastic reactions to some ingredients of Neosporin (neomycin and polymyxin B . For that reason we wouldn’t advise you to use this antibiotic cream on a cat.

Can I Use Neosporin on a Dog?

Technically, yes you can use it on a dog; however this may not be the safest or best option for all dogs. Neosporin is usually safe for dogs, but there are still some risks. Risks come when you use this medicine incorrectly; one of them is hearing loss. Human drugs shouldn’t be used on dogs regularly, if at all. Do not ever try to self-treat your canine, without consulting with the vet first. Humans are lot bigger then dogs, not to mention that we have much different biology. This can cause problems in smaller dogs, but larger dogs can also feel this negative side- effects if treated without veterinarian supervision. If your dog is showing signs of infection it is crucial to take them to the vet immediately. They can treat infections more safely then you can at home.

What to Do If Your Dog Licked Neosporin?

In case your canine licks Neosporin don’t panic, there probably isn’t anything to be alarmed about. It might only cause smaller side-effects like such as upset stomach. However Neosporin can’t be of much help to your dog if he licks it off right away. Because of this you should think about testing out some methods that would prevent wound-licking. But if you didn’t apply it correctly and you put too much Neosporin on affected area you may have to deal with:

In some extreme cases your canine’s kidneys could be harmed. So be super careful that you put the right amount of this cream on, like your vet suggested.

How to Apply Neosporin on a Dog?

After consulting your vet you can put Neosporin on your dog the same way you would put it on yourself. Carefully clean the affected area by rinsing it with warm water and little bit of soap, in case it’s necessary. After wound is dry, you may apply thin layer of Neosporin on affected area and last step is to cover it with pet-approved bandage. Bandage is a great way to prevent more dirt or bacteria to enter the wound. And this will also stop your dog from being able to lick the affected area. You have to change the bondage couple of times a day and you’ll start seeing improvement within 24 to 78 hours.

Can I Treat Deep Wounds With Neosporin?

No, this cream is only to be used on smaller cuts and scratches. Neosporin can’t help you in case your Fido needs stiches. The only solution for deep wound is to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. But there is good news. Dogs heal very fast, which means that superficial wounds are nothing to be alarmed about. So do not use this cream for every little scratch you notice on your dog.

Final Verdict

You shouldn’t use Neosporin on a cat, it could potentially be life threatening. Dogs however can use it, but always check with the vet before trying out any human medicine on your dog.


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