Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit Bulls

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Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit Bulls
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Dogs are chewers by nature. Besides, these pets need mental and physical stimulation, and failure to provide them with that can result in them creating their fun using your belongings. With a Pit bull, the situation can get worse, given that Pit bulls are power chewers that offer a strong bite, and therefore, able to destroy anything that comes along the way.

To avoid such situations, you should engage Pit bulls with the best indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers. Such toys should be designed in such a way that they can protect Pit bulls from choking and withstand their aggressiveness to help you get the best value for money, once you evade the recurring costs for constant replacement of the toys.

To help you locate durable and indestructible chew toys, let’s have a look at the ten best indestructible dog toys for Pit bulls. Before that, allow me to introduce you to the reasons Pit bulls are so hard on toys while compared to other dog breeds. This should give you an idea of the reasons any dog toy is not appropriate for use with Pit bulls.

Reasons why Pit bulls are so hard on toys

You might be wondering the reason you need to buy indestructible chew toys for Pit bulls, while other dog breeds can work with almost any chew toy available on the market. Ideally, there are several reasons to explain this. Read on.

# Pit bulls have a large head

Compared to dog breeds with a similar weight and size, Pit bulls have a large head and skull. The result of this is wider jaws, bigger teeth, and muscles. Because of the increased jaw power, Pit bulls apply more force and power while chewing, which means that they can destroy the most durable chew toys within a short time.

# Remarkable persistency of Pit bulls

Besides the large head sizes, Pit bulls are known to exhibit exceptional tenacity when it comes to tearing toys apart. In fact, this breed doesn’t give up on a fight despite suffering pain and injury. Hence, this spirit doesn’t allow them to abandon a task they had begun, which means that they are usually ready to persevere until the toy is completely damaged.

10 best indestructible dog toys for Pit bulls

1. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone

Tough Durable Nearly Indestructible Bone

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

Which is the best indestructible chew toy for Pit bulls? If you need an answer to this, I would recommend_ Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy. Recommended for extreme aggressive power chewers, it is a tough ad nearly indestructible bone. The bone is made of real bacon and pure FDA-compliant nylon to enhance strength.

Besides that, it comes in different sizes. To be specific, the large size is suitable for dogs up to 25lbs, the XL size for dogs up to 40lbs, XXL size for pets up to 80lbs, and the XXXL size for dogs up to 120lbs. Available in two flavor options, you can opt to get the steak or real bacon flavor depending on your dog’s preferred tastes.

The dog toy is safe to chew, thanks to the non-toxic and non-allergic materials. Better, if the pup creates granules of nylon while chewing, you can expect them to pass them without a problem further assuring you of safety. Featuring a dish-washer safe design, this chew toy is easy to clean and maintain for repeated use.


  • Big-bone size offers hours of countless chewing pleasure.
  • Non-allergic and safe.
  • Easy to pick up.
  • It lasts for long.


  • The extra-large size is heavy and makes much noise after dropping.
  • The toy can get rough while chewing and scratch the dog’s gums.
KONG - Extreme Dog Toy

2. KONG – Extreme Dog Toy

Toughest Natural Rubber | Chase and Fetch

Do you want to help your dog satisfy its instinctual needs for chewing? If that’s the case, I would like to recommend KONG – Extreme Dog Toy. It is one of the toughest chew toys available for Pit bulls. This toy comprises of tough rubber that endures the destructive behavior of power chewers to enhance longevity.

Another benefit of the extreme dog toy is the ability to double as a fetch toy. Ideally, the dynamic rubber, plus its unique shape, offer an unpredictable bounce upon falling. This sparks the chasing instincts of pets to fulfill your dog’s natural need to play.

KONG- Extreme dog toy features a unique shape and design that works with pet’s favorite treat. In particular, it features a hollow center to let you stuff in peanut butter, KONG Easy Treat, Ziggies, snacks, or kibble to encourage your pets to play. Easy to clean, this dog toy is dishwasher safe.

Besides that, you can freeze it after stuffing it with a treat. The benefit of this is the ability to offer long-lasting challenge when removing the stuffed food for extended playtime. The dog toy is made using globally-sourced materials to enhance safety without sacrificing durability. Besides the extreme rubber toys, the dog toy comes in three other styles. The puppy rubber is suitable for beginner chewers, senior rubber for aging chewers, and the classic rubber for average chewers.


  • The toy is easy to stuff with treats
  • It comes in a range of sizes.
  • The toy withstands tough chewing habits.


  • The XXL size is large and heavy.
  • The new toy features some rubber smell.

3. Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Chew Toys


Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Dog Chew Toys

Are you reading this article aiming to locate the best chew toy for starter puppies? If so, I would like to recommend Nylabone Puppy Starter Dog Chew Toys. These are teething puppy bones that help to ease the pain during the teething stage.

The chew toys come as a pack of three puppy bones. The bones are not only durable and entertaining, but they can play a role in teaching your pups good chewing habits, because of the sturdy plastic materials and the bone-like structure.

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit comprises a power chew DuraChew chicken-flavored bone meant for puppies that are beginning to get their permanent teeth. Also, there is a soft chicken-flavored Puppy Bone meant for teething puppies. The Edibles lamb and apple puppy treat is designed for puppies aged 6months and older. As such, this kit is one of the best choices for a dog toy that is suitable for training your pups up to six months or older.


  • Sturdy material holds up well.
  • The cute colors attract your pet’s attention.
  • The package includes three toys that offer the best value for money.


  • The package doesn’t provide a clear idea about the recommended dog sizes and ages.
Nylabone Power Chew Textured Ring

4. Nylabone Power Chew Textured Ring

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Bison

Discourage the destructive chewing behavior of pets by engaging them with Nylabone Power Toy Bundle. The bundle comprises three chew toys. These include a large power chew textured ring, an extra-large power chew bone, and a dynamic power chew wishbone.

The large power chew textured ring features a unique circular shape and a savory bacon flavor. On the other hand, the extra-large power chew bone includes nubs and ridges. This design supports the dog’s dental health, while the allergen-free peanut butter flavor plays a role in attracting dogs’ interest to chew.

The dynamic power chew Wishbone features an ergonomic design for easy holding and chewing. Also, this chew toy is textured and designed to clean teeth and freshen the breath. Made using durable nylon, these toys can stand up to the most aggressive chewers. Better, the toys feature different sizes, shapes, flavors, and textures to help your pets locate the right chew toy to keep them fully engaged.


  • Thick, well made, and durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The toys come in different sizes, flavors, and styles.
  • The bundle pack comprises three toys.
  • A detailed sizing chart simplifies the process of choosing the right dog chew toy.


  • The toys get scratchy/sharp edges after months of chewing, and these end up scratching carpets and soft floors.
  • The toys pose some danger if you step on them.

5. EETOYS Dog Chew Toys

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Nearly Indestructible Tough Durable Hard Dog Toy

EETOYS Dog Chew Toys

A perfect substitute that will help to satisfy your dog’s desire to chomp and chew on furniture or hard material is EETOYS Dog Chew Toys. Uniquely processed, it is made using non-toxic polymer nylon. This material is safe and odorless so that you can get the toy for puppies or allergic dogs. Better, the processing process adopts a Smooth Scrape Technology. The technology enhances the strength and firmness of the polymer to protect the toy from breaking into halves while chewing on it.

Something else that makes the toys a perfect choice to the best indestructible dog toy for Pit bulls is the groove of the Chompin Dog Bone series. This design allows you to apply a thin layer of treat paste to prolong the playing time of your pet. Also, the dog toy resembles a real bone. This shape attracts a dog’s natural interest to use it, which makes the toy easy to hold and chew on.

EETOYS Dog Chew Toys come in different sizes and flavors. Because of this, you can expect to locate the right toy for various breeds. What’s more, the toys suit young and mature dogs. The reason behind this is the strong and bendable nylon that is soothing on a dog’s teeth. Designed to improve a dog’s dental hygiene, the chewing toy can clean the teeth and control plaque and tartar.


  • The toy is easy to clean.
  • Tiny pieces that chip off the toy pass safely through the digestive system.
  • The tough material is easy on the dog’s teeth.
  • Arc-shaped and easy to pick during play time.


  • Toy develops chew marks after a short period of chewing.
KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

6. KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy


Assist your dog in developing healthy chewing habits using KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy. The toy features a durable black rubber formula. This is suitable for power chewing dogs, given the ability to withstand tough chewing habits. Also, it features a hollow center. You can stuff treats into the hole, making it one of the best choices for stuffed toys for Pit bulls.

Another benefit of the toy is the ability to deliver an extreme bounce after a throw. As a result, it is an excellent choice for fun games and interactive play.  Also, the toy features a puncture-resistant design. This enhances safe play while offering continued play for dogs. Made for large pets or medium dogs, the toy is suitable for use with dogs with sizes ranging from 15-65lbs.


  • Tough natural rubber withstands tough chewing.
  • A hollow center can hold the treats.
  • Easy to clean up.


  • The toy is a little bit heavy.

7. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball


ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

Get ready to have fun and bond with your pets once you acquire Chuckit! Dog Ball. The ball entices play because of the high-impact bouncing. It is suitable when used as a fetch toy, given the lightweight and buoyant design. The rubber ball features a textured surface and a thick rubber core ideal for aggressive chewers. It is soft on a dog’s mouth to protect them from hurting.

Featuring a bright orange and blue design, the ball can attract the dog’s attention quickly. Better, the bright colors make it easy to spot in tall grass or the water to protect it from getting lost. Chuckit! Dog Ball comes in five size options. The sizes range from small to XX-large so that you can select the right size for different dogs. Also, the ball can bounce higher, last longer, float better, and stand out from the rest of the toys. Because of this, it is the ultimate choice for the best fetch toy for dogs.


  • The dog ball holds up to dirt and wipes clean easily.
  • It is easy to pick and carry.
  • Long-lasting dog ball.
  • Easy to throw, and the balls bounce high.


  • The sealing plug gets out after several months of chewing, and this risks the dog’s tongue to getting stuck because of the suction effect.
Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

8. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Dog-Friendly Design | Real Flavor

Help your dogs to relieve boredom as you discourage the destructive behavior of pets using Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy. This is a dog-friendly chew toy. It features a cleverly-designed shape so that dogs can pick it up and carry it easily. Also, the chew toy adopts 100% real food ingredients. This results in a chew toy that offers irresistible scent and flavor to attract the dog’s attention to chewing.

Another benefit of the chew toy is the infused 100% USA-sourced real bacon. This aids in enhancing the actual flavor so that dogs can maintain their interest in chewing it. Also, the chew toy is hard but not edible to guarantee its effectiveness and the safety of pets. Made available in different sizes, the small chew toy is suitable for dogs under 30lbs, the medium sizes for dogs under 60lbs, and the large toys for pets under 90lbs.


  • The chew toy offers an irresistible scent and flavor.
  • Deep grooves provide a good grip and bite.
  • Different sizes include tiny, small, medium, large, and giant sizes.


  • The toy becomes sharp after lots of chewing.

9. KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy


KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

Provide your dogs an ultimate chewing experience using KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy. This toy features a natural black rubber formula. The rubber is made in such a way that it is tough and able to withstand the chewing habits of determined chewers. What’s more, it features a hollow center. You can take advantage of this design to stuff the toy with your pet’s favorite treats for an even more enticing play.

Besides acquiring this product as a dog chew toy, you can get it as a fetch toy. The reason is the tough rubber shape that offers a reliable bounce for games of fetch. Also, the dog toy incorporates uniquely-shaped sidewalls. These walls plus the thick outer tread create a durable and elastic barrier to enhance the strength of the dog toy.


  • The toy is easy to stuff with treats.
  • Soft and safe to chew on.
  • Easy to pick and carry.
  • Durable and chew-proof materials.


  • Quite small for large dogs.
Nylabone Wishbone Power Chew Dog Toy

10. Nylabone Wishbone Power Chew Dog Toy

Long lasting chew toy challenges even the most aggressive chewers

Keep powerful chewers engaged and out of mischief with Nylabone Power Chew Toy. This is a long-lasting toy made using tough and durable nylon. This material challenges the most aggressive chewers, making it one of the most durable squeaky toys for Pit bulls. Another benefit of the toy is the raised bristles that occur during chewing. The bristles can clean the teeth for plaque and tartar control.

Nylabone Power Chew Toy can encourage positive chewing habits. The reason is the savory flavor that attracts your pet’s interest to chew on it. Also, the toy features three entertaining ends. Because of this, dogs can hold it easily and chew it comfortably.


  • The toy features a delicious flavor that dogs love.
  • It lasts long.
  • A dynamic arch shape is easy for dogs to grip.
  • The detailed size chart allows for easy selection of the right size.


  • The chewed parts can become sharp, posing a risk to the dogs.

How to choose durable chew toys for Pit bulls

1. Type

Dog chew toys are classified into three main categories. This is based on what they are designed to do and the problem they can solve.

2. Safety

A dog is more than a pet to most pet parents. Most people consider these furry friends as members of the family, the reason it is wise to ensure that everything you are introducing to him or her is safe. Therefore, choose a pet toy that features toxin-free materials. This is quite an important factor, given that most toys are made using rubber material. Ensure that the rubber is natural and not likely to cause harm to your pet.

Also, pick a toy that is not likely to be broken easily or chewed into small parts easily. The reason is to avoid chocking or causing intestinal blockage. If you are going to choose edible toys like bones, pick an option that will not splinter. After all, you do not want to have bone fragments cutting the gums of your dogs, or getting stuck into the stomach, windpipe, or intestines. So, pick wisely.

3. Durability

What is your dog’s chewing habits? Remember, different dogs exhibit different habits when it comes to chewing, and you will want to pick a dog toy that will withstand your dog’s chewsonality. That said, the toughest chew toy for Pit bulls should be worth the money you invest in it, having in mind that dog chew toys are not designed to last forever. So, pick a chew toy that will last, but this should not be very hard to cause damage to your dog’s teeth. Also, avoid toys made using fabric since Pit bulls can tear and shred such materials easily.

4. Size

Dog chew toys come in different sizes to suit different-sized dogs. So, what’s the size of your Pit bull? Note that you should not buy a toy that is too small since this can result in blockage or choking. Besides, do not buy toys that are too big. Big toys do not offer a good bite resulting in their unreliability. So, choose dog chew toys according to the dog size they are recommended for. That way, you can be sure to get a dog chew toy that will not be swallowed or rendered useless.

5. Ease of cleaning

Besides durability, the best toys for Pit bull puppies should be easy to clean. After all, you do not want to purchase a chew toy that will harbor dirt and saliva, making it challenging for you to clean it. Therefore, opt for a toy that is easy to clean for the safety of your pups.

6. Ease of use

Well, dog toys need to be easy for your dog to understand how to use them. Otherwise, they might lose interest in them and leave them lying all day. Therefore, pick a toy that is easy for your dog to carry and pick after falling.


Toys to avoid when buying indestructible dog toys for Pit bulls

1. Rope toys

As we had stated earlier, Pit bulls do not give up when it comes to tearing toys apart. While rope toys are excellent for games of tugs, these toys pose a risk of tearing and wearing, thereby exposing threads and small pieces of rope. Such an act can be dangerous on dogs, given the risk of getting caught up in the stomach resulting in a rushed trip to a vet and expensive bills to correct the problem. To avoid such problems, it would be best to avoid such toys on Pit bulls, unless if you are planning to supervise your pets closely.

2. Small foam rubber balls

Also, you should not buy foam rubber balls when buying chew toys for Pit bulls. Remember, these breeds feature a large head and wide jaws, which increases the risk of tearing the balls and swallowing the small pieces. So, avoid tennis balls, basket balls, soccer balls, and foam rubber balls if you do not plan to supervise your Pit bull when playing.

3. Soft toys with stuffing

Given the fact that Pit bulls are serious toy testers, you shouldn’t expose these breeds to soft toys with stuffing in them. The reason is that Pit bulls can rip apart such toys in seconds, and this could be dangerous when your dog ingests the material. Also, avoid toys with beads, bells, and squeakers given the risk of swallowing and choking.


Measures to ensure a safe play of your Pit bulls

Despite purchasing a durable dog toy for Pit bulls, note that no toy is truly indestructible. A motivated dog can chew through metal, bones, or anything else you throw at them. Consequently, I would recommend keeping the following guidelines in mind to ensure a safe play of your Pit bulls.

1. Avoid toys that are easy to swallow

As stated earlier, Pit bulls are dogs with large heads and wide jaws. Thus, you will not want to purchase a chew toy that is easy to swallow. Therefore, look for dog toys that are large enough not to fit through the throat. Also, avoid toys that include small parts that disintegrate easily. A quick tip for purchasing the best chew toy is getting a toy that is big enough and not easy to swallow.

2. Take extra caution when giving toys with gaps

Some toys provide for significant gaps. These toys include ring-style toys, or string-type and belt-type toys. Unlike other toys, string-type toys can wrap and strangle your pets. Moreover, ring-type toys can cause your dog’s tongue to become stuck. Therefore, be careful while providing such toys, more importantly, to nervous or sensitive dogs.

3. Withdraw broken toys

Although some pet parents tend to assume the danger posed by broken toys, note that broken toys can cause some health problems on your pet. As a result, I would recommend immediate withdrawal of broken toys from your dog. In fact, supervise your Pit bull and take broken toys and dispose them immediately. That way, you can avoid exposing your Pit bull to chewing parts likely to lead to intestinal obstruction or pieces that will block the airway.

4. Supervise your Pit bull closely

Are you administering a chew toy for the first time? If this is the case, I would recommend that you supervise your dog’s behavior closely. After all, you never know how your Pit bull will respond. Therefore, observe how your pet is playing, and in case the Pit bull chokes, retrieve the toy and give it another try until he/she learns to use it.

5. Pay attention to wear indicators

As they wear, dog chew toys present some indicators to tell you it’s time to dump the chew toy. Some of the pointers include faded colors and disintegrating materials. If you happen to note such signs, note that it’s a potential sign of overuse, which means that the chew toy is likely to crumble. In such cases, replace the toy as soon as possible to eliminate potential harm.


Benefits of chew toys for Pit bulls

So, what are the benefits of chew toys on your Pit bull? There are lots of reasons to introduce a chew toy on dogs, some of which include:

1. To clean the teeth

To avoid tooth decay and other dental problems, you might want to use Chew toys. While chewing, the toys remove food bits left on the mouth to help in cleaning the teeth. Also, such toys can soothe gums, which is quite comforting for teething puppies.

2. Cut the boredom

Pit bulls tend to chew on your belongings as a result of boredom. To keep them occupied, providing them with chew toys is a great idea, given that this helps them forget about being unoccupied and therefore eliminate boredom.

3. Administer treats

Toys with hollow centers are an excellent choice for stuffing with kibble and treats. In fact, you can freeze such toys, which makes it more challenging for puppies to remove the treats. Such toys not only entertain your pets, but they keep him/her engaged to eliminate chances for destroying your belongings.


Which are the best types of dog chew toys for Pit bulls?

Given their love for chewing, I would recommend tough toys, including thickly-made dental chews, solid rubber toys, heavy-duty dental chews, thick, sturdy rope, and big toys that won’t choke the Pit bull.

Why do Pit bulls love to chew?

Pit bull love to chew for a variety of reasons. For instance, these pets chew to curb boredom, to clean their teeth, while playing and teething.

Do Pit bulls chew everything?

Yes, Pit bulls can chew on everything, including furniture and fabric. In fact, Pit bulls can endure pain more than other breeds, which means that they can become hurt while chewing but still hold onto the chewing.


Final Verdict

There you have it, the best indestructible dog toys for Pit bulls. Remember, no dog toy is completely indestructible. A focused and determined Pit bull can destroy anything that comes along the way, only that it takes some time to do so.

Therefore, I would recommend supervising your pets during play or playing with them when you are available. That way, you can avoid the risk of exposing your Pit bull to worn-out toys likely to cause physical damage or serious health issues in the future.


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