How to store dog food long term

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How to store dog food long term
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When picking out dog food at the store, look for bags or cans that have expiration dates that are far in the future. This helps ensure that the food you buy is as fresh as possible. Think of these dates as general guidelines. Don’t rely solely on them to determine whether or not the food is still good since a variety of factors can affect how quickly food spoils.

For instance, if the outer packaging has been torn or punctured, the food could spoil well before the expiration date arrives. Along with checking the “use by” date, you should also look at the packaging carefully to make sure that there aren’t any holes or tears. Look for signs of leaks or any areas that are bulging outward, as well.

If you notice a strange odour when you open a can or bag of food or if it just doesn’t look right, don’t continue feeding it to your dog. Most companies that make pet food are more than happy to refund your money if there is a problem with the food.


How to store dry dog food long term

How to store dry dog food long termThe way that you deal with the dog food after getting it home can dramatically affect its freshness and nutritional content. Food tends to break down more quickly when exposed to heat, high humidity levels, air, and light. To avoid problems, always store dry dog food in the packaging that it came in.

The food is packaged in bags that are specifically created to block these unwanted elements. Instead of tearing into the bag, open it neatly so that you can fold the top down and close it with a clip to keep air from getting in.

Take a look at to find the best storage solutions. Storage containers that are made out of glass, metal, or plastic can be beneficial for keeping pests like rodents and insects out of the dog food. Even if you use these containers, however, you should keep the food in its original bag.

Keep the container somewhere that is dry and cool. Avoid storing it directly on the floor. If you have a lot of dog food, consider purchasing a storage container that is mounted on casters or wheels so that you can easily move it around.

Try not to buy more food than your dog can eat in a six-week period. When measuring out food to put in the bowl, don’t add more than your dog can eat in a day. Feeding them smaller, more frequent meals makes it easier to keep an eye on their eating habits. It also helps prevent problems like obesity. Use dish soap to wash the bowls that you use for dry food on a weekly basis.


How to store Canned dog food long term

Dog food that is packaged in cans has a surprisingly long shelf life, often lasting for years when properly stored. When purchasing canned food, don’t buy more cans than your dog can eat before the expiration date. Canned food that has been opened should be refrigerated and should be used within seven days of opening it.

If the entire can won’t be consumed within a week, you can freeze individual servings. These servings can then be thawed out whenever you need them. If you put wet food out in a dish and your dog doesn’t eat it all, you should throw it away after four hours. Make sure the dish is washed thoroughly before you add more food.

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Dog food can cost a lot of money. Protect your investment by storing the food properly. Not only will it help eliminate waste but it will also ensure that your dog is getting the fresh, nutritious food that they need.

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