How to Make Dog Cooling Mat

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How to Make Dog Cooling Mat

Dogs, actually most of the dogs generally hate hot weather. It creates trouble for them. They don’t even want to walk or play. The reason is the weather really wipes them out. So, they always search for a cool place. He just wants to cool down and be relaxed and that’s why we should make comfort for them that can cool them down easily.

The cooling mat works great in this case. There are several kinds of dog cooling mat available in the market. You can also get those kinds of products online. But what about the DIY dog cooling mat? Isn’t that too cute if you made a thing for the comfort of your dog with your own hands? YES! It will be fun. But first, you have to get some knowledge about it. To grab some DIY knowledge, let’s dive into the deeper section and see how the mat is being made.


DIY Dog Cooling Mat

diy dog cooling matThere isn’t a single process for making this mat. You can find the easiest and effective ways on different kinds of sites. You can make the cooling mat for your dog by adding lots of ideas. The main concern is to make a comfortable place for the dog and try to reduce the discomfort and bothering they suffer.

Above all, check the method which is the best and easy one for you to make. So, let’s get started!




Step 1

Take the fleece mattress and fold in half and stitch the edges in order to create a structure of the pad. Then take the pad and place it but before doing it, cut out strips to make several pockets.

Step 2

Then take ice packs and place it to the places according to the pockets. You have to make those pockets depending on the size of the mattress. Now, take some strips and pin them well in a proper place. You have to place it on the bottom side of that pad.

Step 3

After that, you have to sew the sides especially the bottom as well as the side edges. Then take the pad and lay this out with the bottom side and also layout a row of some ice packs which you collected before.

Step 4

After that, hold it and mark the sewing lines after each ice pack. Then sew the marked lines very gently. You have to make sure that you can catch the top edge which you have folded earlier. If you can do that, it will be helpful to complete the total process easily.

Step 5

Make sure you sew the marked lines well. Then you have to get the ice packs from the freezer and attach it with the pockets. For doing so, take ice packs and tuck it into the pockets. Then turn over the pad and slightly put it down. That’s it!


  1. Avoid taking the very old mattress or that kind of a mattress that is being used for so long. The reason is the quality of a very used fabric might be a rough one and the dog won’t like that kind of roughness. Thus it creates trouble for the dog’s comfort.
  2. Though the mat is washable, make sure you have washed well before doing any DIY onto it. Moreover, you also have to wash it after every use. Unless it will get unhygienic and dirty which is not good for pet health.
  3. Make sure you won’t sew all the edges of the towel. It is because that will make no sense. If you lock all the edges then the intension will not get fulfilled. You have to leave an opening side so that the dog can go through and go out of it easily.


  1. Always have patience. It is because, without it, you can’t be able to do anything. So, if you want to make something for your loving doggo and also for increasing its comfort, then you must have patience and have to do those things with it.
  2. Make sure that the mattress you are using for your DIY must have a good quality of materials. This is absolutely the most important thing to be concerned about. It is because if the products you are using are not of good quality, no matter how wonderful you make it, it will be as uncomfortable as before. So, must make sure of that thing.
  3. You can use extra padding for ensuring more comfort. And for that, you can take those extra pads and sew it like the same way you will do with the single padding process. So, that’s how you can help the dogs to get more comfort by staying on that mat.

Final Thoughts

There’s a saying, “The more you share, the more you grow.” If you share things following the “Sharing is Caring” method, you won’t lose much but you will help those animals of you or others as well by giving them an extra comfort. Moreover, using old material won’t harm you anyway. So, what can be the best thing than that?

And for your lovable doggo, you absolutely can do it. It won’t cost anything but your little effort. And though many pets and outsider animals are suffering from the weather changing problems, this will be the best way to protect them from those environment issues they are having. Further, if they get total comfort then they will want to play and do other normal things which normal and healthy dogs do. Thus, their health will also be secured by this and they start to grow.

So, help every doggo to grow, protect them in any possible way and basically love them!


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