Homemade Dog Ear Cleaner

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Homemade Dog Ear Cleaner

There are many different kinds of homemade cleansing remedies with the purpose for human use, but there are just as many homemade remedies for your furry friends as well! But which ones work the best for a dog’s ears, and which ones are safest? Your dog’s ears are very sensitive and you want to be extremely cautious when touching that area. Remember a dog’s hearing is much different than ours, along with their sense of smell.

They use their nose and ears differently than us humans! Ossicles in a canine’s ear, or little bones within their ear, vibrate and send signals to their brain in order for them to hear correctly. Those muscles are superior to human’s, which means canines can hear much higher and much lower sounds. That’s why they are super sensitive to the world’s noises, and can act out according to noise that we may not even hear ourselves!

But if you use the right homemade dog ear cleaner remedy, proceed with caution, use a gentle but firm touch, the job can be finished actually very quickly! Your dog will be clean, happy, and smelling fantastic after this method of ear cleansing! It is so simple once you know how to make homemade dog ear cleaner, and your dog will be happy too! They will be able to hear better too because those ossicles are able to vibrate and send the signals better and finally function properly.

Which is the best dog ear cleaner remedies?

So I found that for my two dogs, this witch hazel and apple cider vinegar mixture works the best. There are quite a few other remedies out there – believe me I’ve tried them all – and this one works the best and really cleanses both of my dogs’ ears! I’ll list the ingredients below, and be sure to use the proper ratios. A lot of times pet owners just use one or two of the ingredients and think it will work, but that will not be sufficient and will not be effective.

All of these ingredients together form a gentle, cleansing, and preventative homemade dog ear cleaner, that should be used at lease every time your dog gets a bath, and at most every week or two. So be sure to use all of the ingredients, because they all have a job of their own and a reason to be in this recipe. So how would you make homemade dog ear cleaner? Here is how to do it.

Homemade Dog Ear CleanerHere’s what you’ll need…
-¼ cup apple cider vinegar (White vinegar or apple cider vinegar)
-1/4 cup of water
-1 tablespoon of witch hazel
-2 tablespoons of boric acid
Mix all in a container and shake well. You may want to use a bowl or a bottle similar to a hair dye bottle to shake it up.

Like I mentioned before, each ingredient is important. Vinegar is and has always been a jaw-dropping and versatile cleanser, in the way it cleanses people, pets, fabrics, and other surfaces. It is the almighty natural cleaner, that really does the “dirty work” and gets in those crevices and hard to reach areas.

Witch hazel is a very unique ingredient. It is used and added to many different solutions, but for different reasons. It is in this remedy because it acts as a soothing agent for the dog’s comfort. It can be used for the cleaning and the removing of impurities as well, but it mainly acts as a gentle soother for your dog’s comfort. It is possible that vinegar could be a tiny bit harsh for your dog, because of the whole super sensitive dog ear issue. So the use of a soother with an ingredient like witch hazel, is to make your dog’s ear cleaning experience as comfortable as possible.

What is boric acid and why is it safe for dogs?

Boric acid is an unbelievable and all-natural mineral found from Mother Earth.

Why the use of boric acid for this remedy? What in the world is boric acid, and why would I put it in my puppy’s ears? Honestly, I could write an entire novel about boric acid, but I’ll try to keep it simple, sweet, and to the point. Boric acid is an acidic crystalline compound from borax that is used as an antiseptic, and is used in the manufacture of heat-resistant glass and enamels.

So again, why am I putting this stuff in my puppy’s ears? Well, it can act as a fungicide, and combats and prevents yeast infections. It is safe because it is only mildly acidic, a small amount, and it’s a fungus preventative. It comes from borax, well what is borax? It is from minerals found in dried salt-lake beds, so it is natural and made by Mother Earth. It comes from places like The Dead Sea, Salt Lake City Utah, or any other salty lake that has mineral build-up.

You can buy it online or from any health food store. So you have vinegar to cleanse, boric acid for preventative fungus infections, and witch hazel to soothe any discomfort that may result from the action of cleansing your dog’s ears. Sounds like The perfect home remedy!

Going to a vet VS using home remedies

Why not use what the vet gives you? Well, a veterinarian appointment is expensive on its own, not to mention afterward the purchasing of the prescription on top of the appointment. That expensive prescription would contain harsh ingredients like ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, and all kinds of terrible things in cleaners for surfaces and cleansing products for mammals.

So it is best to avoid all products that could potentially have these chemicals in them. It’s known in medical communities that these chemicals are absolutely found in these products, and they are super harmful to living things. Cancers like the brain, thyroid, and lymph nodes are the common forms of cancers that are caused by these harmful chemicals.

So companies, like the Honest Company, make products that are safe for all living things. It is very important, and the more people are aware of these things, the more action can be taken. If you wouldn’t use a product to clean your oven, then you wouldn’t want to use a product on your most beloved furry friend.

Dogs with floppy ears like basset hounds or poodles, need their ears cleaned about once a week. Dogs with ears that stick straight up, like a German Shepherd, can go a bit longer between cleanses. Obviously, because they always have the air to help clear out their ears.

If your dog or puppy has an ear infection, or if you suspect they may be suffering from an ear infection, then home remedies should not be used. Unfortunately, this dog ear cleaner is only useful when preventing infections, mites, and other issues. But any existing infections definitely should be treated with antibiotics, because it will be painful for your furry friend. But prevent your dog from ever getting an infection in the first place, by cleaning their ears once a week!

Ho to use the homemade dog ear cleaner

Homemade-Dog-Ear-CleanerJust try to relax your dog as much as you can, maybe catch it while it’s tired and sleepy. Maybe after a long walk, or after it’s been running around the yard for hours. Your dog can be sitting, laying down, or standing, but it needs to be as still as possible. Get cotton balls, swabs, or gauze and wrap it around your finger. Dip it into the mixture. Cleanse the outside of the ear first to get rid of any dirt, with gentle wipes and ultra gentles motions.

Remember those ossicle muscles! Throw out the used swabs. To get deeper inside the ear, use a large syringe style bottle, or something similar to a hair dye bottle. Squirt the solution into the ear and close the ear and gently rub. You can do these steps two or three times, and then allow your dog to shake or rattle its head. Doing this process outside may be smart, if you want to prevent any messes.

Final Verdict

This method or process prevents ear infections, yeast infections, ear mites, and any other ear issues that a dog may suffer from. The homemade dog ear cleaner solution is homemade, natural, safe, and very effective and your dog will be happy and healthy! There is no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on vet visits, pet shop, or anything that a company makes for your dog.

Why wait until your furry friend gets ear mites or an ear infection, and then treat the problem? If you use your home remedy every week or so, you will keep their ears hygienic and healthy. They won’t ever get ear issues with this vinegar/witch hazel cleanser and fungicide within the remedy!

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  1. Kate says:

    I’ve used half vinegar all the way down to a tablespoon in a four-ounce solution, and my dog absolutely hates it! You can tell it hurts her. Will witch hazel help with this, or should I try to find another recipe that eliminates vinegar? Problem is, vinegar recipes are all I can find online. Thanks for any advice.

  2. Great Pet Tips says:

    Yes, you can use witch hazel. That will help.

  3. Don ferris says:

    Why do you show alcohol and not show witch hazel. You don’t mention alcohol. Do I use alcohol and no water?


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