7 Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

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7 Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Dog
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Walking is one of the best ways for you and your dog to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. However, it is nice to sometimes spice things up, especially if you have active dogs like Bordoodle puppies and Golden Retrievers at home. So how do you add a little excitement to your everyday exercise routine?

1. Teach Your Pooch Doga

Anyone who does yoga knows that it’s a nice activity on its own. When a dog is added to the mix, it becomes even more enjoyable.

Doga is a combination of yoga and dogs. It is a concept founded by U.S. yoga instructor, Suzi Teitelman, for mutual comfort and bonding. The practice is a lot like traditional yoga but with slight modifications to allow canines to participate. It still includes breathing control, mind and body relaxation, and simple meditation.

If your pooch is a little out of shape or a bit on the heavy side, Doga can be a great exercise for it. It will help your canine build muscle, lose fat, and improve its blood circulation. Much like yoga, this practice lets your dog stretch, helping it improve its flexibility and range of motion.

2. Go Swimming Together

Fun Ways to Exercise with Your DogFun fact: one minute of swimming for a dog is equivalent to four minutes of running. Hitting the water with your dog can do a lot for both you and its overall health. This is because swimming works every muscle group in the body.

For dogs, swimming can be a safe way to burn calories and increase metabolism without the risk of injury. This is because they are supported by the buoyancy of the water. Furthermore, this activity helps improve a dog’s cardiovascular fitness by strengthening its heart and lungs. Finally, swimming allows dogs off-leash freedom which is something they do not always get to experience.

3. Take Your Dog Hiking

In addition to daily walks around your neighbourhood or the local park, hiking is a great form of exercise for you and your pooch. It not only allows the two of you to spend quality time together but also keeps you both mentally and physically stimulated.

This activity is perfect for people who love to explore and dogs that enjoy sniffing out new places. Getting out into the countryside or woods introduces you and your pooch to new sights and smells, offering a new kind of excitement.

The variation in terrain allows for increased movement, so both humans and pets use up more energy. You can choose from flat and short trails or ascents and descents. Either way, you and your pup will get all the exercise needed for the day.

4. Introduce Your Pooch to Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

If you love strolling through calm waters, take your dog paddleboarding. It is much easier for canines to get in and out of SUPs than canoes and kayaks, making paddleboarding a good choice for an activity. Your dog will surely enjoy the peacefulness of leisure paddling and the beautiful views that come with getting on a board.

Surprisingly, teaching your pooch to balance on an SUP is much easier than it seems. With a little bit of practice and some simple training program, your furry friend will be ready for the sport in just a few weeks.

For dogs, paddleboarding is challenging both physically and mentally. This is because they need to learn to stay on the SUP and exert more energy trying to keep their balance. By doing so, they get to use their core and leg muscles, which is good exercise.

Likewise, SUP is a total body workout for humans. With a dog perched on their board, they will need to be more mindful of their movements. They will also need to adjust their balance while making an extra effort with their paddle strokes.

5. Play Fetch with Your Dog

For most dogs, retrieving objects comes naturally. This is because they already have the instinct to catch and bring back successful hunts to their families. However, not all dogs learn how to fetch immediately. But because canines love to chase things, teaching them how to fetch is not difficult.

If you are looking for an activity that you can do with your pooch in your backyard, fetch is a wonderful choice. Not only is it an easy game to play with your dog, but it is also a great way to bond with your pet. Dogs like to keep their humans happy while also showing off their athletic prowess. By going after a frisbee or ball, they can easily burn off some energy.

6. Run with Your Pooch

Fun Ways to Exercise with Your DogFor some people, running is an appealing form of exercise because it does not cost anything. However, when a person has been running alone for some time, it becomes less enjoyable. This is why running with your dog is never a bad idea.

Most canines are highly motivated and will always want to be beside you in any activity. They do not have excuses to stay at home during bad weather and will even be the ones to drag you out the door. By making your pooch your running partner, you allow it to push your body to a new pace. Your once monotonous and slow runs will become a thing of the past.

As for your dog, regular runs will help it maintain its weight and improve its endurance. This is because running will allow your pooch to use the different muscles in its body while burning off energy.

7. Play Tug of War with Your Dog

Tug of War is a wonderful way to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically. When played the right way, this game builds confidence, promotes impulse control, and strengthens the human-canine bond.

The trick to playing this game with your pooch is making sure that you choose the right tug toy. You will want to use a toy that is long enough and easy on a dog’s teeth and gums. The best toys are usually made of a material that is durable and flexible.


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