Dog Ticks: How to Prevent Them

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Dog Ticks: How to Prevent Them
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Did you know that there are over 850 species of ticks in the world?

While there are only around 90 types that live in America, it’s still unsettling having to deal with them. Not only are ticks creepy crawlies, but they can also carry lots of harmful diseases.

It may be easy to protect yourself by covering up with clothes and checking yourself after spending time outdoors, but ticks on dogs are a different story. Keep reading to learn effective ways you can prevent dog ticks to keep your furry friend safe.

Use Medication to Prevent Tick Bites on Dogs

How to Prevent Dog TicksFrom pills to shampoos and sprays, there are plenty of different products on the market that are designed to repel ticks so they’re not tempted to bite. Many pet owners prefer to give their pet a pill once a month since other options like collars or powders can make it unsafe to pet or handle them for a while. Since each dog is unique, it’s best to discuss these options and your preferences with the vet so you can find the right solution.

Maintain a Safe Yard for Them

One of the easiest ways you can rid your yard of ticks is to keep the grass mowed and maintain your shrubs. Ticks flourish in lush, green spaces, which means they can hop from your lawn to your dog if you’re not careful. Anyone who lives in an area with a high tick population should also consider calling pest control to get a preventative lawn treatment.

Go for Leashed Walks in Clear Areas

It’s always wise to keep your dog on a leash for various safety reasons, ticks included. Since dogs are curious creatures, their instincts can send them on an investigation in areas that could be filled with fleas. By keeping a close eye on them, you’ll be able to choose a clear path to reduce the risk.

Always Inspect Their Fur After Outdoor Playtime

Once you’re done going for a walk or playing outside, you should get into the habit of combing through their fur to make sure you don’t spot any ticks. Your dog is sure to appreciate this extra attention, too.

Learn How to Remove Ticks From Dogs Just in Case

If you ever do find a suspicious brown dog tick, stay calm and grab some tweezers. Grab the tick and gently pull it out in a straight, steady manner to ensure the entire tick is removed. Keep an eye on your dog and if you notice strange symptoms, go to an emergency vet so they can receive proper treatment.


Now You Know How to Prevent Dog Ticks

Dog ticks can be a pet owner’s worst nightmare, which is why prevention is key. By following this guide, you can have peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to protect their health.

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