Consider This Before Going Out To Buy Dog Grooming Shears

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Consider This Before Going Out To Buy Dog Grooming Shears

Have you ever thought of grooming your dog at home? Answering positively means that you are up for the challenge.

Grooming your pet in the comfort of your lovely home is not something to be scared of. You only need a little practice and within no time you will be feeling and working like a professional. Dog owners also get a chance of spending more time with their beloved four-legged companions to create stronger bonds.

If you want the process to go on smoothly, you must be armed with the proper tools for the job. These include pet shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs, clippers, and many more. Absent from the list are sheared which play an important role in the grooming process.

You must search through the best shears for dog grooming available in the market to get the one that will work out best for your dog breed and coat.  To make sure this happens, here is a list of factors you must consider before going out to buy the dog shears.

Type of shears

Generally, you will have to pick between thinning and texture shears. While both may look alike in design, they exist to offer different results.

Handle choice

Dog Grooming ShearsShears work in a similar manner as scissors. To ensure that you are comfortable working with the product, you must select a handle type that you are most comfortable with. Options you can work with in regards to this include fixed thumb and rotating thumb.

The fixed thumb alternative allows you to assume a relaxed position as you strive to create a more natural looking cut. The revolving thumb allows groomers to rotate their thumbs without losing the grip. This makes it possible for users to cut on top of the head or in any other location.

Quality craftsmanship

It is recommended that you only go for shears that are made of quality materials. The steel used on the pair you get should be able to stand the test of time to deliver excellent results while serving you for many years.

The type of blade

While searching for the ideal blade, you will come across different types of blades. The most common are:

Maintenance requirements

Before owning a pair of sheers, it is recommended that you find out the maintenance demands so that you are able to use them for long properly. With most, you will just need to clean after using. You can also oil the screw area on the shears.

Different sizes perform varying functions

Many people believe the myth that you have to only use one size to achieve results. Truthfully, you can get shorter ones that cut hair in hand and longer ones for other techniques where you do not have to hold the hair in hand.

Shop from a well-established brand

The availability of numerous options in the market means that it is possible to come across some sub-standard ones. Avoid newly established or new brands because you may end up with the worst shears.

Always go for brands with a good reputation. Keep in mind that high prices do not necessarily mean that you are getting quality. It could be that the dealer just wants to make a lot of profit. Ensure that the shears you are buying come with high-end features that you will benefit from.  To protect yourself as a consumer, look for brands that offer a money back guarantee or a solid warranty.

Price comparisons

As soon as you are aware of the brand to work with, do not be in a hurry to buy the product. Take some time and compare different prices from different stores. Doing it online can give you faster results that can help you know the amount of money to budget for. You should also be keen looking out for special deals and discounts to take advantage of money-saving deals.

Seek expert advice

If you are totally confused when shopping for the dog grooming shears, it will not hurt to be meek and ask for expert advice. You can talk to a professional groomer who may have all the information you need to make a decision that you can live with.

Alternatively, read reviews online to know the shears that people are raving about and the ones that the masses advice against. While doing this it is important to get shears that will work well for the specific coat you will be dealing with.

New arrivals

Companies are always looking for ways to improve the products that they release to the market. It is safe to say that new arrivals are bound to have better features than the ones that existed in the past.

For this reason, when going out to shop for dog shears, it is usually better to consider the new additions to the market. These are bound to perform better than the older versions.

It is never advisable to go looking for any grooming product blindly. The same principle applies to buy dog shears. Trust that the information above will set you out on the right path to getting the perfect pair of shears. It is the only way you will have an enjoyable experience cutting your furry buddies’ fur.

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