The Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Dog to Work

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The Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Dog to Work

These days, it almost feels like there is a dog everywhere you go. Statistics reveal that out of all pet owners, dog owners make the largest percentage. As a result, more public places are being designed to be dog appropriate, which include workplaces. Many companies are allowing pets in their offices. And some like Amazon and Google use their dog-friendly policies as a recruiting strategy.

There are plenty of reasons why you should bring your pet to work. However, there are also some drawbacks to doing this. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of bringing your dog to work.


Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Having dogs in the office has many benefits for you, your employer as well as your pet. These include:

Stress Relief

Benefits of Taking Your Dog to WorkMost people treat their pets as their best friends. A hug with your best friend can help relieve stress. Having your dog by your side when a project isn’t going the way you hope or when a deadline is almost nearing and you’re nervous can help make you calmer.

Additionally, with your dog around, you’ll be forced to take small frequent breaks which helps reduce stress. How? When pressure is piling up and you feel overwhelmed, taking your dog out to the toilet, for instance, can help you relax and put things into perspective.

Even for non-dog owners, dogs at work can also help brighten their day. Many people, don’t own dogs not because they don’t want to. For some, their lifestyle doesn’t provide a good environment for a dog while others have a family member who’s allergic. But, having these pets at work can help them bond and make their day.

Easy Icebreakers

People in your office won’t resist greeting your canine co-worker. That means they’ll end up talking to you too. Dogs help individuals loosen up, feel warmer and friendlier. This thus creates an easy way of interacting with someone who you might have some difficulties talking to in the first place.

Additionally, since these furry friends create a positive relaxing effect, this will bring the entire company closer together. You’ll be surprised that even people you don’t talk with will offer to take your pet for a quick walk. As a result, it brings team cohesion and produces a productive environment.

Better Health

Experts say that people with dogs have better overall health than those who don’t own one. Taking your pet for a walk, a few times a week can help you shed pounds and this lowers obesity. Additionally, pets may help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and other chronic illnesses. In the long run, this will save you so much money in health care bills.

These benefits are magnified by taking your pet to work. He’ll help you remain active and stress-free all day and not just at home. For instance, having your pet at work will force you to get up more often and take him outside. This helps fight desk-based complications like bad posture, joint as well as back pain.

More Creativity and Money

Research says that having your canine friend makes one more creative at work. Presumably, with a supportive and friendly pal who lowers your stress levels, this can help you concentrate on your work fully and utilize your inner genius hence enabling you to come up with more accurate solutions or ideas for the issue at hand.

Saves You Money

Apart from the money that one can save in healthcare benefits, there are also other savings individuals get from having their dogs at work. After all, healthcare benefits accumulate over the years so most likely, you won’t notice them straight away.

Usually, dog owners put their dogs in doggy daycare or hire expert dog walkers to help in taking care of their dogs. Now, if you work in a company that provides a dog-friendly workplace, your pet will likely get all the social benefits of daycare for free. One can also commute or use their lunch break to ensure that their canine pal is getting enough exercise hence there’ll be no need of hiring a dog walker. Plus, you can even be motivated to walk to work alongside your pet, hence saving on transport costs.

Better Health and Boosted Confidence for Your Dog

Just like you love spending time with your dog, he also loves spending time with you. Bringing him to work is important for his health and happiness. Office going dogs get physical as well as mental exercises. You’ll walk with him every day, plus, they’ll receive love and affection from your workmates. This is way better than letting him sit at home.

Additionally, dogs who go to the office regularly meet many people. Therefore, they develop more confidence through socializing with humans as well as other dogs.


Cons of Bringing Your Dog to Work

You may be convinced that allowing dogs in workplaces is something that all employers should do. However, there are problems that come with bringing animals in the office including:

Messy Dogs

Dogs are naturally messy, at times dirty and can be gross. They may shed fur everywhere or even drool. Some colleagues may find this mess totally unappealing. But, having a lint brush and a stain remover can help control this mess.

Cons of Bringing Your Dog to Work

Disruptions and Distractions

Your dog may not fancy certain dogs. This can cause a dogfight at work which is not just disruptive, but dangerous too. Plus, it may harm relationships between co-workers, clients, etc.

Also, dog barking, snoring or wining when people are trying to concentrate is very distractive.

Time Requirements and Legal Issues

Note that your pet needs constant attention which can be hard to give especially when you’re running to meetings or have deadlines. Also, dog bites can lead to a costly lawsuit.


Final Thoughts

Well, several factors determine whether or not one should bring their canine pal to the office. It’s essential that you weigh out every pro and con before you show up with your dog at work. Additionally, one should politely ask their employers if this is possible. Certain reasons like hygiene, safety, allergies, fears, insurance, etc. may make the employer unable to offer the perk of bringing dogs in the office.

But, in most cases, employers do allow it but with some strict rules. For instance, they may require your pet to undergo pawthorisation to determine if they’re office ready. Even if they’re accepted, they may be still other regulations like regular check-ups, insurance as well as a probationary period.


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