Dangers of pesticides to pets and other animals

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Dangers of pesticides to pets and other animals
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The dangers of pesticides are well known. These highly toxic chemicals are designed to be as lethal as possible. This is so they can annihilate vermin quickly and so easily. But what does that mean for your pets if you need pest control in your home? First and foremost, this means taking every possible precaution to keep your beloved animals safe.

Pesticides are extremely harmful to your pets and other animals. For this reason pesticides should only be used by responsible professionals.

Avoiding unnecessary harm to pet animals

When improperly used, pesticides cause unwanted harm beyond the pests they are intended to treat. This is why proper pest companies use a special type of trap. These traps are tamper proof. Your pet cannot gain access to the bait inside. A responsible pest controller will also come and collect any full traps. This reduces the risk of your cat or dog eating a poisoned rodent.

When pesticides are sprayed in a residential property, it is also vital to make sure your pets are not in the house. Pesticides can seriously affect their health. This is more obvious when it comes to cats and dogs. However, sometimes people forget that smaller caged animals and even fish in tanks can be adversely affected.

Pesticide sprays can make your pets very sick. So make sure you take the right precautions with pesticides around pets and think ahead when planning a pest control treatment in your London home.

What you also have to realise is that pesticides don’t simply harm your pets. There are dozens of media stories were pets were inadvertently killed by them. This is why it’s absolutely critical that you hire a professional who knows what they are doing. The last thing you want is for your pets to die just because you were trying to get rid of pests!

What are the dangers of pesticides to other animals?

Dangers of pesticides to petsPesticides can have a devastating effect on wild animals too. This is a huge problem, because, besides killing wild animals, their species can be endangered. Wildlife which is exposed to pesticides may experience problems like endocrine disruption. Pesticides are also known to cause problems with reproduction.

What’s more, these chemicals can create issues such as kidney and liver damage, birth defects, and also neurotoxicity. There are even examples where animals were found to have developed hermaphroditic deformities.

Many pesticides also have a negative impact on the ability of wildlife to survive. For example, they are shown to harm birds ability to fly, sing and attract mates. With bees, pesticides are proven to affect their mobility, navigation, and feeding. Others dangers of pesticides include the loss of biodiversity. One example of this is when beneficial predators are harmed. Another example is when pollinators like bees are killed by pesticides.

Some pest control companies don’t see it this way

Unfortunately, the majority of pest technicians are unconcerned about the dangers of pesticides. They take very few precautions when using them. In fact, some of these companies are deeply unethical. They think nothing of dumping chemical waste out in the open countryside outside London where they ignore the potential dangers of doing so.

As you can, see the dangers of pesticides are something we should all be concerned with. But what can you do about this? To be honest there’s almost nothing you can do, besides using a reputable pest control company, like Best Pest Control who operate throughout London.

You see, the reason why pest control companies don’t bother with proper pesticide use is basically down to profits. It takes time and effort to properly use and dispose of pesticides. This time could be spend at another job, which is why they don’t bother to do it. Then there’s the effort required to properly train their technicians.

Again, this takes time which they feel is better spent doing more jobs. A responsible company will do things differently. This might sound hard to believe but some firms genuinely care about the environment, and are highly aware of the dangers of pesticides and their negative impact on animals.

Most people have an idea of how stringent health and safety laws are. Well, environmental laws are just as harsh. The government understands the dangers of pesticide, for humans, for domestic pets and for animals in the wider environment. This is why there are dozens of laws regarding their usage. And another reason why pest control firms must make the effort to use them correctly.

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