can I give my dog amoxicillin

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can I give my dog amoxicillin
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Every dog owner wants their fur baby to be at their best health, as that means peace of mind not only for the pet but the owner as well. As far as health matters are concerned, you’ve got to be well-informed to avoid making the wrong decisions that can hurt your pooch. That’s why you need to be vigilant when administering any meds to Fido.

Giving your dog antibiotics: what do you need to know?

Amoxicillin for dogs and other antibiotics are extremely common for the treatment of infections in humans and dogs alike, but even then, there is still some level of uncertainty. Most are the times when you don’t know what to do whether or not Fido has an infection. A useful rule of thumb in such a case is that you should consider consulting a vet since antibiotics should only be administered when necessary.

We all know that giving the wrong medication or perhaps even the right one but in incorrect amounts can, at the very least, cause some unwanted reaction or even end up being fatal in severe cases. Nevertheless, antibiotics are the best solution as far as preventing bacterial infections is concerned. If you are a great researcher, you are most likely aware that antibiotics have, in several cases, extended pets’ lives before.

Key to effectiveness

One thing we must appreciate is that antibiotic therapy has only one goal – to eliminate bacterial infections before Fido’s body develops tolerance to the med. In such a case, there is only one thing that needs to be stressed – correct dosage and duration for safe and effective results.  That’s why you never want to administer pet amoxicillin or any other antibiotic without strictly following the vet’s guidelines.

One more thing: Always keep in mind that different dog breeds are more than likely to react differently to medication, so keep a watchful eye at all times. Also, you must avoid combining meds without consulting a vet first, since some drug interactions can end up being harmful.

Now that you have the basics of antibiotics administration let’s dive deeper and learn more about amoxicillin as a pet antibiotic.


Amoxicillin for dogs

Can I give my dog amoxicillinOne of the drugs that raise lots of concerns among pet owners is amoxicillin, as most people are not sure whether the medication is safe at all for pooches. Before we go into much detail about this drug and whether it’s safe for your fur baby, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the basics.

So, amoxicillin for dogs is like an advanced version of penicillin antibiotic, hyped for being useful in several ways as well as being able to withstand stomach acids better compared to naturally-occurring penicillin. Pet amoxicillin is usually recommended by veterinarians at times as it can prevent bacterial infections in pets by disrupting the formation of cell walls on bacteria.

Some of the bacterial infections that pet amoxicillin can deal with include those affecting the mouth, skin, digestive tract, urinary, respiratory tract, and others. However, before making any decision to use amoxicillin for dogs, it’s evident that you need to consult a vet and have them advise you appropriately so that your fur baby won’t end up in a medical emergency room or even worse. ‘

Amoxicillin Brand names and other names

Amoxicillin for veterinary use is available as Robamox® (Fort Dodge), Amoxi-Tabs® (Pfizer), and Amoxi-Drops® (Pfizer). These meds are typically supplied by several drug companies, with different trade names and a variety of generic formulations.

What are the main types of amoxicillin?

Pet amoxicillin is typically available in three forms: the liquid, tablet, and injectable forms. The injectable type is the most recommended for pooches who have poor digestion ability or are extremely sick. The liquid and tablet type can be administered to dogs who are capable of handling them. Don’t forget to shake liquid amoxicillin before giving it to your furry friend.

What are some of the uses?

Pet amoxicillin, which is, in some cases the normal amoxicillin used by humans can be administered to your dog without any dangerous effects as long as it’s in the right dosage. The medication has several uses and can be beneficial to your dog in the following cases:


Considerations when using amoxicillin

Depending on how severe the condition is, the vet might recommend using amoxicillin in high or low dosage. Three times (high dosage) is more common when the infection is quite serious, so the bottom line is that you’ll need to consult a vet so that they can decide whether the dog requires the high end or low end of the scale.

Another major consideration when using pet amoxicillin is safety. The medication is typically considered to be safe for puppies as well as senior dogs, but not for pregnant or nursing dogs as the small puppies might end up with defects. Also, always keep in mind that amoxicillin is ONLY for bacterial infections, not viral or parasitic infections.

Time frame is also a significant consideration that has to be made when giving your dog amoxicillin. In most cases, the med is administered for 7 – 10 days so that it’s effective in eliminating all harmful bacteria. If you stop giving pet amoxicillin before the recommended period is over, a relapse might occur, and if done severally, resistance might be the result.

Additionally, if liquid amoxicillin for dogs is opened and not administered within 14 days, consider tossing it out, to be on the safer side.

Can I give my dog human amoxicillin?

Some medication is suitable for both human and veterinary use, and amoxicillin is one of them. Though it’s not hazardous to administer human amoxicillin to dogs most of the time, some veterinarians advise dog parents to stick to veterinary-specific medicine. If, for any reason you want to give human medication to Fido, be on the lookout for xylitol, as it can be toxic to dogs.


Amoxicillin dosage for dogs

Can I give my dog amoxicillinAdministering the right dosage to your dog should always be a top priority in all cases, to avoid any complication, including loss of life, that may result from improper use of drugs. Amoxicillin dosage for dogs is typically reliant on the weight of your dog and is, in most cases, measured in mg of amoxicillin per pound of weight.

Other than ensuring that you stick to the recommended amoxicillin dosage for dogs at all times, you also have to be within the correct time intervals so that the medicine can work as it is supposed to. The correct amoxicillin dosage for Fido should be between 5mg and 10mg per lb, administered 2 to 3 times a day, depending on the advice given by the vet.

Keep in mind, however, that the duration of administration will depend on the condition being dealt with, the response of your dog to the drugs, as well as the development of any unwanted effects. Once you start administering the meds, be sure to complete the prescription unless advised otherwise by the vet.

Even if you think that Fido is feeling better or has already recovered, you’ll still need to stick to the treatment plan to avoid relapse or maybe even development of resistance.

What are the side effects of pet amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin often has some side effects when administered to pooches, and digestive tract upset is the most common. It’s not advisable to give amoxicillin to dogs who have shown clinical signs of intolerance or even allergic reactions before. The most common symptoms of intolerance include:

While an allergic reaction can be signified by:

In addition, anaphylaxis (a potentially fatal kind of allergic reaction) can also occur causing issues like low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, seizures, and even coma. If your dog exhibits any signs of intolerance or allergic reactions, it’s always a great idea to consult your vet. They might decide to adjust the dosage or even discontinue the drug, but never stop administering medication to Fido without consulting the vet.

Where can you buy pet amoxicillin

There are lots of online vet supplies stores (that may depend on your location) and pharmacies that sell amoxicillin for dogs, so it’s not that challenging to get such meds for Fido. Even though buying pet amoxicillin is quite an easy task, you should always prioritize seeking professional advice from a vet to avoid making wrong decisions.


Over to you,

From the information above, it’s quite evident that amoxicillin can be administered to dogs, but you will need a great deal of knowledge to make any decision about that. Even though amoxicillin for dogs might not seem harmful, you never know what awaits you, especially if the pooch has been taking other meds before.

As such, it’s undeniably imperative that you consult your vet if you suspect that your furbaby has a bacterial infection. Even when your vet recommends amoxicillin, you still need to watch Fido closely so that you can inform your vet early enough in case of any unexpected reactions.

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