Best dog crate for separation anxiety


Best dog crate for separation anxiety
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No doubt, Dog is one of the most social animals.  They suffer for separation anxiety when you leave them alone at home. How you will deal with this problem? On the other hand, What happens when you want a convenient solution for accommodating your pet and with sufficient space for moving around? Well, We highly recommend few best dog crate for separation anxiety as the best place for you to start. As an experienced authority niche platform, we are mainly concerned with providing our visitors with practical solutions.

Taking good care of your pet is an imperative. This not only includes providing a healthy diet and hygiene, but it also includes investing in practical pet solutions. These pet care solutions have been designed to provide various benefits. Simply put, these things make it easy for you to take your pet anywhere you go. These things also provide a personal, cave-like space for your dog to call his own. Which is best solution for separation anxiety.

Furthermore, these best pet crates can also be used for potty training, housebreaking, and control unwanted tendencies. Whether it’s a trip, vet visit, vacation or simply setting up a quiet retreat at home, these things are perfect. We chose pet crates that have practical design features to suit your needs.

How to choose best dog crate for separation anxiety

Material construction

There are various types of materials that are used to design pet crates. Some of the common ones include metal, PVC, heavy duty fabric and more. Metal crates tend to be more durable, though they are often hair that materials such as plastic. Generally, choose a pet crate that comes with material that is both durable and compact as well. This is especially true if you have a pet that is stubborn or if you travel a lot.

The size of your pet

Pet crates are available in different sizes and design structures. As a result, ensure that you consider the size of your pet since this will play a major role in comfort. You can use a breed size chart to determine the specific size of your dog. The crate should also provide enough space for a pet even as they grow. You can use tools such as divider panels to customize the interior sections.

Safety features

Since these best pet crates are likely to be used indoors than outdoors, ensure that they are incorporated with suitable safety features. For instance, some common features include latches, mesh construction and more. These safety features make it simple to move your pet around the house without causing injury or damage to your upholstery.


Furthermore, a good pet crate is also highly portable, and it comes with features to suit your mobility needs. Ensure that you choose a pet crate that is simple to take down and set up for convenient user experience. Furthermore, the crate should also be equipped with features such as ergonomic handles. This will make it simple to transport the pet, especially during long-distance journeys.

Crate accessories

Another equally important aspect of choosing a good crate for your pet is to ensure that you also evaluate the accessories. The availability of crate accessories means that you can customize the pet crate to suit your needs. Also, you can also use the accessories to perform DIY repair procedures. This includes aspects such as the crate cover, pet plates, bedding, divider panels and more.

Other considerations

12 Best Dog Crate Reviews for separation anxiety

1. AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate

Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Best dog crate reviews - AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Ideal for both adult dogs and puppies, the Amazonbasics folding metal dog crate provides optimal convenience. You can use this best metal dog crate or various purposes including potty training and for reinforcing other rules. It also acts as a safe and secure spot for you to relax your pet which provide release from separation anxiety.

This best amazon basics metal dog crate comes with dual swing open doors and a traditional door front structure. With its unique double door design, this unit provides easy access to your pet, and it keeps everything within reach. It also has a two side bolt latch on each door to provide secure and safe containment.

Besides that, this dog crate is also simple to set up with seconds with no tools. All you need to do is to lay the folded crate flat and then unfold other sections. With its removable and washable plastic pan that sits at the bottom of the crate, this provides optimal user convenience.

It also comes with a small strip of dividers with a small aperture in between each bar and the bottom perimeter. This ideal for preventing the pup from injuring their paws through the bars. In fact, the well-designed paw protector is ideal for added peace of mind as you consider the safety of pet.


  • This dog crate comes with a double door design for convenient access
  • It also has two slide bolt latches on each door for improved access
  • The sturdy metal construction folds flat for convenient storage


  • This pet crate takes time to set up
Best dog crate reviews - IRIS Pet Playpen with Door, 24-Inch

2. IRIS Pet Playpen with Door

Iris White Four Panel Exercise Pen with Door

The IRIS Pet Playpen is training enclosure and relaxing solution for your dogs. It comes with a heavy-duty molded plastic design that can last for several years. Besides that, this portable pet pen is compact and simple to assemble. Thanks to the inclusion of safety features, this pet crate is ideal for any indoor setting.

Designed to be both compact and portable at the same time, this playpen is the perfect solution for pets needs. It has also been designed to provide as much as 8 square feet of space for play pets.

Taking the indoor pet part apart is also a simple process, which makes it simple to store and transport. With its plastic panel design, the playpen does well to interlock securely with full-length rods. This feature is backed by non-skid rubber feet which protect the floor.

Further lending to the superior design of the playpen is that it allows users to position the playpen in different shapes. This is in relation to your pets needs and space. As a result, this makes it perfect for your puppy or small pets as well.


  • This dog crate comes with a heavy-duty molded design
  • It is also lightweight and very portable
  • Users can position the playpen in different positions


  • This pet crate is susceptible to high impact forces or falls

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates

Best dog crate reviews - Midwest icrate double door 42

Become a better caregiver for your pet by investing in the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate. It can be used as a training system that provides security, comfort, and safety. Besides that, the playpen also has secure latches, double satin finish, removable plastic and more. As a result it’s one of the best crate for dog with separation anxiety.

This dog crate is also compact and simple to store, It sets up and folds down within no time and with no tools required. Users will also appreciate that it has simple to attach plastic handles which make it simple to transport. With the inclusion of a unique pan stop design, this dog crate is simple to remove and to clean as well. It also has rounded corners and safe, secure bolt latches which ensure pet safety.

The iCrate dog crate also features a free divider panel for use as your pet grows. All you need to do is to choose the appropriate crate size to suit your pets adult needs. Additionally, the divider panel also makes it simple to adjust the length of your pets living area.


  • This playpen comes with a versatile divider panel for added convenience
  • It also has rounded corners and latches for added safety
  • The playpen has a durable metal construction


  • This best crate for pets is not suitable for large pets
Best dog crate reviews - Better World Pets Dog Bed

4. Midwest foldable metal pet playpen

MidWest Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, 8 Panels

Do you want that your puppies grow out of separation anxiety?  Than Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Playpen is perfect solution for you.  This playpen has an attractive, sturdy and practical design. It comes with a unique 2-foot wide panel, and it can be placed in various configurations. Each pen creates a 16 square foot enclosed area, and it can also fold flat for convenient storage benefits.

This dog crate has a unique step-through design which comprises of two secure slide bolt latches. This provides a convenient and simple entrance for your pet. As a result, you can easily provide care such as filling water and food bowls. This playpen is also simple to assemble by unfolding the panels and clipping them together. Additionally, users can also configure the playpen in various configurations for added convenience.

The Midwest Exercise pen can also be folded flat to provide convenient storage benefits. In fact, each pen comprises of unique ground stakes which work to secure the unit to the ground. It also has unique corner stabilizers that provide added rigidity and help to maintain the pens configuration.


  • This playpen has a double latch step through door access
  • It also 16 square feet panels and enclosed area
  • The dog crate has six ground anchors and corner stabilizers


  • The fabric is susceptible to scratching and damage

5. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate sky kennel pet carrier

Best dog crate reviews - Petmate Sky Kennel

The petmate sky kennel comes with a vaulted door design that provides optimal comfort and security. It also has unique safety features and a durable design that can last for several years. Besides that, this playpen is also portable and simple to set up. Best of all, it is compact sized, and it leaves a small footprint in your home space.

Similar to all the forms of high quality dog crates available, this pet pen is suitable for various applications. It is suitable for travels or perhaps for creating the perfect retreat for your pet at home. The durable plastic is also appealing to complement the decor of your home. Further lending to the superior design of this pet pen is that it comes with secure door latches that are simple to operate.

Additionally, users will also appreciate the four-way ventilation structure which improves performance. This pet crate is also simple to adjust to suit the size and mobility needs of our pet. Users can adjust it to suit large or small pets. It is also simple to set up and take down, which makes it ideal for travel purposes.


  • This pet crate has a heavy duty plastic construction
  • It also has secure door latches for added convenience
  • The pet crate is simple to assemble


  • The pet crate takes a lot of time to set up
Best dog crate reviews - Paw pals folding metal dog crate

6. Paw pals folding metal dog crate

Paws & Pals Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

The PawPals folding metal dog crate has been designed using a commercial quality material for optimal performance. Similar to all high-quality crates, this unit has a durable and secure design. Besides that, it also has options such as multiple doors for convenient access benefits. The crate is also finished with a durable coating for improved performance.

Designed using high tensile strength wire, this dog crate provides long-lasting performance benefits. It has been welded into a unique tight mesh pattern which makes it particularly ideal for pets. The care also has several doors that lock easily and with a unique slide bolt latch.

The playpen also has a durable black electro-coat finish, which makes it corrosion and rust resistant even in extreme climates. This feature is backed by a lightweight and unique slide-out tray that is produced using durable ABS plastic.

Taking things to the next level, this playpen also rounded edges, which help to ensure your pet is contained in a safe environment. As a result, you can have peace of mind that your pet won’t get injured by any metals. Also included is a dynamic divider panel that makes it simple to adjust the size of the play area.


  • This playpen comes with rounded edges
  • It also has a durable black coat finish and ABS plastic construction
  • The dog tray is made using high tensile metal


  • Cleaning the interior sections is difficult for some users

7. Prevue pet products pet playpen

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Playpen 40090

Best dog crate reviews - Prevue pet products multi-color small pet playpen

The large double door metal dog crate by Midwest for pets is ideal for any type of dog breed with separation anxiety. It has a durable and compact design, which makes it easy to take your pet wherever you go. Additionally, it also comes with practical safety features such as the leak-proof roof and plastic pan.

This pet crate comes with a unique drop pin construction which is durable and safe as well. It can accommodate the large breed dogs, and you don’t need to perform any additional adjustments. This pet crate has a proprietary L bar design. Thus runs along the middle of the top panel of the crate. This L Bar does well to ensure the panels don’t bow inside.

The heavy-duty design means that it can be used for several years. The latches on the door are durable, and they also act as automatic safety features. Midwest homes have also done well to ensure that this pet crate has a two-door configuration for convenience. This makes it simple to gain access to your pet, especially when providing meals or when cleaning.


  • This dog crate is perfect for all dog sizes
  • It comes with a heavy duty and durable design
  • It also has slide bolt latches and drop pin construction


  • This pet crate is difficult to set up for some users
Best dog crate reviews - Midwest solution series ginormous double door dog crate

8. Midwest ginormus dog crate

Midwest Solution Series Double Door Dog Crate

Discover the excellence of the Midwest Solution Series Ginormous Double Door Dog crate that is designed to suit the needs of large pets. It comes with a durable, heavy-duty metal and two configuration design. Besides that, this pet crate can also be customized in various designs for the perfect experience.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this unit relates to the overall design construction. In particular, this unit has a four drop pin construction that ensures a durable and robust crate assembly to keep your pet secure. With the inclusion of front and side doors that have safety features, this pet crate provides convenient access benefits. It also has secure slide bolt latches in each door for improved security and protection.

The pet crate also has an L-hook that is a proprietary and new feature in playpens. This works to reduce the effects of sides of the pet crate from compromising the safety of your pet. Midwest manufacturers have also done well to ensure that it maintains stable base even as you travel.


  • This pet crate has a patented L hook design
  • It also comes with a secure slide in bolt latches
  • The heavy duty design makes it ideal for large pets


  • The latches on the door are prone to damage

9. AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load pet carrier

Best dog crate reviews - AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

Whether it’s an adorable graceful tabby or an adorable Yorkie, the Amazonbasics tow door top load pet kennel is the perfect solution. It has been designed to help you ensure your pet is secure and comfortable as you move. In fact, the 23-inch kennel is ideal for anything from long trips to hiking trails and more.

Thanks to the thoughtful design, this pet kennel comes with two doors. One is placed on the front and on the top, which provides dynamic options for pet transport. Besides that, the easy entry structure is ideal for promoting a less stressful experience.

Thanks to the durable plastic construction with a steel wire front door, this best crate provides optimal performance for your needs. In fact, it will provide optimal security, visibility, and strength for your unique pet storage needs. It also has plenty ventilation on the sides and the back section as well.

The top and bottom section of the kennel can be integrated together by using special latches. This includes using screws for improved reinforcement, and the top of the kennel provides easy access benefits.


  • This unit comes with a top door that can be opened in any direction for convenience
  • It is also made using durable plastic and steel wires
  • The included screws can be used for improved door security


  • The pet crate requires durable safety latches
Best dog crate reviews - Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

10. Petnation indoor/outdoor pet home

Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

The Petnation port-a-crate e2 Indoor pet home lets you take your best friend anywhere you go. To be specific, this portable dog crate is the ideal solution for trips, visits and even family vacations. It has a unique design which makes it a durable enclosure for your pets needs. Similar to all types of high-quality pet crates, this unit is made using heavy duty weave mesh fabric and steel. This does well to provide superior strength and support benefits for the fabric of the dog crate.

Each model comprises of a water-resistant material construction which allows for easy and quick clean up benefits. In fact, all you need to do is to clean up the pet waste and then wipe down using a stain remover. The fully washable cover is also removable from the steel frame for added convenience.

This dog crate also has exceptional safety features for added convenience. This includes a compact, non-toxic design that causes to harm to your pet. It also has uniquely rounded corners that contain no sharp materials.


  • This petnation port crate has water-resistant material
  • It also has a heavy-duty design
  • The pet crate is also simple to set up


  • The fabric construction is prone to damage

11. Carlson compact metal dog crate

Carlson Pet Products Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Best dog crate reviews - carlson compact single door metal dog crate

If you pet suffer for separation anxiety, give him a place to feel safe and secure by using the Carlson Compact Single door metal crate. It has a durable design and users can configure the crate in various stances for convenience. Carlson manufacturers have also done well to include safety features such as latches and rounded edges.

This dog crate has been designed using steel which makes it durable and secure for your needs. In particular, the unique interlocking design of the metal mesh does well to provide a secure area for hosting your pet. It also has a secure bolt locking system to ensure that your pet is safe at all times. To top it off, this unit also has rounded edges and corners which guarantee added safety. The inclusion of the ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport.

Taking things to the next level, this pet crate is also simple to assemble. In fact, you don’t need any additional experience or tools to set up the crate. It sets up within minutes, and it provides ample space for your pet to adjust.


  • This best pet crate is simple to assemble
  • It also has a durable steel construction
  • The secure bolt latching provides added safety


  • Setting up the crate is not simple for some users
Best dog crate reviews - Noztonoz of-krate indoor/outdoor pet home

12. Noztonoz of-krate pet home

NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Realize what it takes to meet your pet care needs by investing in the Noztonoz Sof Krate Indoor pet home. This unit will allow you take your best friend with you wherever you go. It is also simple to set up and with durable materials to provide long lasting performance.

Make life easier for your pets with the durable and well-ventilated design structure of this pet crate. In particular, it has a special mesh construction that makes it easy for you to observe your pet. The heavy duty mesh material can also last for several years.

Thanks to the basic design structure of this pet crate, it is also simple to set up in seconds anywhere you want to go. You don’t need any special skills or resources to assemble this pet crate. The manufacturers have also done well to ensure that its compact for portability benefits.

The inclusion of rounded corners work well to protect your auto interior, and it also reduces the likelihood of injury. Users will also appreciate the convenient design that allows for easy storage, and it also sets up in seconds.


  • This pet crate is durable and well ventilated
  • It also comprises of a durable mesh fabric construction
  • The crate has rounded corners, and it allows for simple storage


  • The rounded corners are not durable enough


What is the best crate for a dog with separation anxiety?

It depend on various factor like the nature, size and anxiety level of your pet. But a good crate should be large enough for pace around. You have to ensure comfortable padding or flooring for your furry friend for sound sleep

What should I consider before purchasing the crate for dog with separation anxiety?

You need to consider various factors to suit your unique pet care needs. This includes pet size and your needs for the crate as well. Ensure that you consider these factors before making any investment.

Are any safety features on these pet crates?

Yes, all these units are available with safety features especially since pets tend to be very negligent. More so, the safety features can also be customized for added convenience.

Is it possible to travel with this crate to other countries?

Yes, provided that you have all the appropriate documentation for your pet, it is totally safe and practical. Ensure that all these documents are legitimate and verified.

Do I need additional tools or skills to set up the crate?

No, the crates are simple to setup and are available with instructional manuals. In fact, the unique designs of most crates mean that you can set up within minutes.

Are crates good for dogs with separation anxiety?

Yes, it helps a lot for most of the pet. But it can also add more stress and anxiety to your dog. In that case they need crate training


Final Verdict

All things considered, there is no space for poor decision making especially when it comes to taking good care of your pet. Making informed choices always has its inherent benefits. This is why we have prepared these best dog crate reviews. These things make it easy to get release from separation anxiety of your furry friend, and they also have various high-end features. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider investing in one of these units to enhance the lifestyle of your pet.

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